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Never Say Never

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Senior year for Gerard and Ray at Belleville High School, no doubts it's going to be a crazy one. With a hott new girl and Frank as a freshman chaos has a new name: My Chemical Romance.

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Chapter UNO! Senioritis Already?
Hope you guys like the story! Don't know where i am going with this one so let's hope for the best! Rate and Review pretty please!

Gerard’s POV

I looked into my mirror as I tried to flatten my dark hair and make my pale skin look blemish free, I sighed then pulled out my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth. Today was my first day of senior year, joy. I hate school it’s so gay there’s not a point at all. I don’t have a girlfriend, I fail pretty much every class, and I am a freak to everyone other then my very small amount of friends.


“Yeah, I’m coming!” I shouted and shoved my wet toothbrush into the cabinet then ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs.

“Bye mom!” I shouted over my shoulder and ran towards the door.

“Gerard Arthur, wait!” She shouted back and I came skidding to a halt.

“Yeah, mom?” I asked as she jogged over to the door.

“Don’t forget your lunch money,” She said and shoved a ten in my hand and patted my shoulder.

“Right, I’m a senior and my mom still has to remind me to bring my lunch money.” I said rolling my eyes and running out the door right as Ray’s black Volvo c30 pulled up and he honked the horn.

“Hey guys,” I said as I jumped in Ray’s car and buckled my seatbelt.

“Hey man,” Frank said hitting me on the shoulder, “senior year eh? You’re lucky you are leaving.” He said shaking his head downward.

“Ha ha freshman,” Mikey said smiling to himself.

“Don’t worry Frankie, we all went through freshman year, of course me and Gerard didn’t have older friends to pick on us, ickle Frankie.” Ray said and everyone started laughing and Frank attempted to hit him.

“Hey no hitting the driver!” Bob shouted and Frank retreated.

“It’s going to be so weird without you guys next year,” Mikey said looking from me to Ray.

“Its okay man, we’re not going out of state for college we always want to keep the band together.” I said and Mikey looked a little bit more hopeful.

“Yeah but not having you in school with us is going to be too different.” Bob said and I realized I was going to miss them just as much.

“We’ll miss you guys,” Ray said and he pulled into Belleville High School, it was an incredibly ugly high school with blue and gold as its retarded school colors. I opened the car door and stepped out and sighed, another year going to waste.

“Wow is it big,” Frank said as he stumbled out of the car.

“What a freshie,” Bob said rolling his eyes.

“Come on Frank, I’ll show you to your first class,” I said grabbing his class schedule out of his hands then linking arms with him and half dragging him all the way to his biology class.

Once we had stopped Frank peered inside the small brown classroom then turned to me. “I hate school,” He said and took his schedule back and slumped into the room.

“See you at lunch!” I shouted then took a manila envelope out of my back pocket and tore open the seal. I had AP Chemistry first hour, then European History second hour, independent study third hour, calculus fourth hour, lunch, photography fifth hour, and AP literature sixth hour. The warning bell rung and I started heading for class, its not like I had very many friends to talk to on the way so I just walked all the way there.

The ugly brown hallways were full of students, they were laughing and smiling and talking about their absolutely brilliant summer, well whatever it’s not like I cared.

“GERARD!” I heard someone shout and I turned around. A tall guy with black long hair and glasses ran through the crowd over towards me, he was wearing a light pink shirt and tight black jeans on with a pair of Swedes.

“Hey Mitchell,” I said and we started walking together through the crowded hall.

“Good summer?” He asked and I nodded, “What do you have first hour? I haven’t seen anyone so I don’t know who’s in my classes.”

“Uh AP Chem, how ‘bout you?” I said turning right down a less crowded hall.

“Crap, I got AP Bio, well at least they’re right next to each other,” He said sounding a bit hopeful.

“Yeah I guess,” I said, Mitchell wasn’t exactly the most fun person ever.

“Did you hear about that girl?” Mitchell asked as we walked down the hall.

“What girl?” I asked turning towards him, even though Mitchell was virtually useless he did know a lot about females.

“A new girl, her name is Madison; she’s the principal’s daughter.” He said with his eyebrows raised.

“THAT’S got to suck,” I said, Mr. De Pauw was by far the worst principal this schools ever seen, “So she’s a freshman?” I asked.

“Senior, she got kicked out of every private school in Jersey, so she had to go public,” Mitchell said in an impressed tone.

“No way,” I said this girl sounded way cooler then Mr. De Pauw, who acts like he’s got a guitar shoved up his ass.

“Yeah, I heard she’s really hott too, skinny but not anorexic, beautiful but not self obsessed,” He said and began to drown on and on.

“Dude you make her sound perfect,” I said and walked over to my locker of four years.

“I heard she is,” Mitchell said leaning up against the locker next to mine.

“Dude I doubt it, no girl can be, it’s impossible,” I said twiddling with the lock then forcing the door open.

“Damn, you need a new locker,” Mitchell said moving away from my locker like it carried an infectious disease.

“Tell me about it,” I said grabbing my pencil case and a notebook and shoving them into my bag then slamming the door shut.

“We got about a minute before the bell rings, should we start heading to class?” Mitchell said looking at his really old and beat up watch.

“Yeah I guess so,” I said and we began walking down another hallway towards the science labs.

“So you and the band still together?” Mitchell asked kicking at the torn carpet.

“Yeah, and you ask like the bands my girlfriend,” I said turned the corner.

“Just wondering, you guys were really good that one time I heard you, but why would you play with an eighth grader?” He asked.

“Don’t rag on Frank; he’s like my best friend and a great guitarist. For your information, he’s a freshman now.” I said defensively.

“Oh sorry,” Mitchell said as the bell rang, and I walked into my AP Chemistry class just before the teacher shut the door.

“Almost late on the first day? Not a very good thing Mr.-?” The loud hawk like teacher asked me.

“Way, Gerard Way,” I said taking a seat next to a short blonde kid who began scootching as far away as he could.

“Ah Mr. Way, I’ve heard about you,” She said and progressed to pull a clipboard out of her desk and call off names, “Anna Berezovsky?”

She scrolled down the list of names and until, “Ashley Zeller” was marked present did she set down her clipboard and start talking about herself.

“Hello, I’m Mrs. Banjanin; I am your AP Chemistry teacher, if your schedule doesn’t say AP Chem on it then, please, leave.” She said and glanced sideways over to me and I rolled my eyes, “Anyways today I want you guys to -“ she broke off abruptly as the class door opened again and a small girl with pinkish-red hair walked in and handed a light blue pass to Mrs. Banjanin and walked over to the table and took the empty seat to my right. She was wearing a purple paramore t-shirt and turquoise skinny jeans with a pair of black low tops that she had drawn a checkerboard design on.

“Your name isn’t on here,” Mrs. Banjanin said to the girl.

“Oh, I’m sorry I guess the prince didn’t right it down,” She said in a monotonous voice as she picked at her nail polish.

“The prince?” Mrs. Banjanin asked with her eyebrows raised so high that her forehead had been reduced to wrinkles.

“Yeah you know top dog, big boss, owner of the school and what not?” The girl said looking up at Mrs. Banjanin.

“You mean the principal? Mr. De Pauw?” Mrs. Banjanin said crumpling up the pass and tossing it lightly into the wastebasket.

“Actually its Doctor De Pauw, he went to college over the summer, thank you Jesus.” The girl said tilting her head towards the ceiling and I laughed, Mrs. Banjanin gave me a sharp look and I managed to hide it with a cough.

“What’s your name?” Mrs. Banjanin said reaching for her clipboard.

“Madison De Pauw,” She said in a British accent, “you don’t have to call me doctor because I obviously didn’t go to college this summer.”

“You’re Doctor De Pauw’s daughter?” Mrs. Banjanin asked and her forehead was wrinkles once again.

“Yes ma’am,” She said and spun around in her chair.

“Oh, well it’s nice to meet you Madison,” Mrs. Banjanin said and scribbled furiously on her clipboard.

“Well as I was saying I would like for you to do is introduce yourself to the people on your right then to your left, carry on.” She said and sat down in her chair and started typing on her computer.

I turned to my right to find Madison staring at me directly.

“Whud up doe?” She said slapping her hand into mine and shaking it.

“Um not much,” I said as she released my hand and it dropped down onto my lap.

“So you got a name ghost?” She said to me and she tilted her head sideways.

“Oh I’m Gerard Way,” I said and her head shot straight up.

“Like My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way?” She said and I noticed her stunning green eyes.

“Oh yeah, you know about us?” I asked looking down at my trainers.

“Yeah I heard you guys play once, you’re pretty tight.” She said grabbing my chin in her palm and bringing it up towards her face, “You have amazing vocals.”

I began to blush deeply and she giggled, letting go of my chin and I sat upward more.

“So why does Doctor DP got you going to public school?” I asked and she giggled again.

“Let’s just say that when you live in a world of preps, being a rebel is the best thing you can be,” She said rolling her eyes and spinning in her chair again.

“What do you have the rest of the day?” I asked and she pulled out a folded piece of paper from her pocket and tossed it to me.

I unfolded it and read it to myself. AP Chemistry first hour (she had written fuck next to it), AP World History (sucks monkey balls), independent study (is where I have sex), Calculus (is fucking gay), lunch (is fucking sweet), photography (ehh), and AP Literature six hour (fuck literature).

“We have every class together except second hour,” I said folding the paper and giving it back to her.

“Sweet! At least I will have Uno friends in some of my classes,” She said and Mrs. Banjanin told us to introduce ourselves to the person on our left.

I swiveled my chair around and faced the short blonde kid, “Hi” I said in a soft voice.
He looked up at me through a pair of Harry Potter glasses with a horrified look and all the color drained from his face, “Hello” He choked out in a small hoarse voice.

“I’m Gerard Way, what’s your name-?” FUCKER I almost said.

“Thomas Eisenhower,” He said quietly and hid behind a mass pile of books on his desk.

“Are you a freshman Tom?” I asked him and he peered over his books.

“Yes,” He said and sunk lower in his chair.

“What are you doing in an AP Chemistry class then?” I asked and looked at his books; every single one of them had the words ‘Advanced Placement’ on them.

“I tested out of regular classes,” He said in his tiny voice.

“Damn you must be smart.” I said still looking at his books.

“It was rather easy,” He said sitting up a little straighter.

“Not for me, you must be a super genius, that’s really cool man.” I said and Tom’s face began to get color.

“Thank you, but you will find that I am just as smart as everyone else in this class,” He said in a regular voice.

“Okay Tom, after about one week you will figure out that everyone else is as dumb as buttfuck.” I said and Mrs. Banjanin brought the class to her attention.

“Well we only have about ten minutes left of class so you can talk to the other students, and the seats your sitting in now are the seats you will have for the rest of the semester.” She said and I turned to Madison once again.

“How’s nerdy?” She asked nodding her heads towards Tom.

“He’s nice, scared shitless of me, but nice,” I said, “And the guy next to you?”

“Jock,” She said rolling her eyes, she was really pretty like Mitchell had said. She was skinny and average height, but a good couple inches shorter then me; she had beautiful eyes and pretty hair.

“So does Frank go to Belleville now?” She asked.

“Um yeah, you know Frank?” I asked trying not to stare.
“Sort of, my friend Molly Smith goes to school here and she knows Frank, that’s how I knew about your band.” She said and the kid who was sitting next to her threw a wad of paper at her head, but she ignored it.

“Oh yeah I think I’ve met Molly,” In fact I had made out with her at a party once.

“She thinks you’re a good kisser,” Madison said laughing at my jaw drop.

“Oh,” I said and began packing up my things.

“So Gee do you have a cell on you?” Madison asked me.

“Um yeah,” I said and pulled out my old phone that Mikey and I shared.

“Nice phone,” She said taking it from me, her hand was really cold, and it gave me goosebumps, “You don’t mind if I add my number, do you?”

“No-not at all,” I said and she began to type away on my phone.

“Add your number,” She said whipping out her shiny silver phone and sliding it across the table.
I picked it up; her background was a picture of Molly and herself in front of a “Welcome to Hell” sign. I laughed and clicked the contacts button which opened up then quickly added my number and saved it as “Gerard ‘Ghost’ Way.” I looked up from her phone and she was holding mine out, we quickly traded phones and then the bell rang.

“Have a good day!” Mrs. Banjanin shouted over the class as we made a stampede for the door.

“Do you know where AP World is?” She asked me as we waited to get out of the class.

“Uh it’s all the way down this hall, which is B hall, then turning right and you should take C hall all the way down till you see a girl’s bathroom and it’s the door right after it.” I said and she nodded.

“I can take you there,” A tall muscular kid said, “Sometimes deadman here doesn’t always make sense.” Drew said hitting his brain and his friends laughed. Drew was the jock, he was popular and ‘hott’ and everything girls liked, he calls me deadman because I’m so pale.

“Oh it’s okay Drew I can manage,” Madison said and slipped out the door, I quickly ran after her and nudged her in the back.

“Wait Madison,” I said and tripped over my shoelace but caught myself before tumbling to the ground.

“You can call me Maddie,” She said and I nodded.

“Right, so you aren’t into Drew?” I asked and she stopped walking.

“He’s a jerk,” She said and started walking again.

“Oh, yeah right, well my class is the other way, so I will see you in I.S.?” I asked.

“Yeah, see you later Gee.” She said and began walking the opposite way. Gee, I liked that nickname.

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