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Chapter 2- Another Person in the Flame

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Day 1 of senior year cont.

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Chapter Dos- Another Person in the Flame. Hope you guys like it so far!
I am going to add two links of what i imagine Maddie and Mitchell to look like.
And yes, Mitchell Davis is a real person and he has a youtube page, he's funny check him out.
Maddie (minus the piercings)-

Gerard's POV

I turned around and walked all the way down B hall then turned onto A hall and down towards F hall where my European History class would be, the hall started to fill up with students and it became harder to walk to class.

“Hey deadman,” Drew said slapping his hand down on my shoulder and putting all his weight on me.

“Ouch, hi Drew,” I said pushing his hand off and he smiled.

“So you like Madison?” He said and I dodged out of the way of a tall African American kid coming our way.

“She’s nice I guess, but I don’t like her, I don’t even know her that well.” I said but I knew I hadn’t convinced Drew.

“Yeah right, she’s hott man and if there was any girl you’d be interested in it’d be her, but it’s too late for you because she is mine, later deadman,” Drew said and walked up behind an extremely pretty girl and tickled her to which she screamed and playfully punched Drew in the arm.

“What was that about?” Ray said coming up behind me and making me jump.

“Jesus Ray! You scared the shit out of me!” I shouted at him.

“Sorry,” He said and we walked together to European History, “So I heard DP’s daughter is going to school here now, and she’s pretty bamf.”

“Yeah she’s really cool,” I said and we walked into European History.

“You’ve met her then?” Ray asked as we chose seats in the back right corner of the class.

“Mhm she was in my AP Chem class,” I said and sat down.

“Let’s get out our notebooks,” Ray said and he laid his German 4 book down and started searching through his backpack.

“Um… why should we?” I asked staring at him and his frizzy hair.

“Read the board Getard,” Ray said amusingly and I squinted up at the whiteboard.

Please get out a piece of paper we are going to be taking notes. It read and I sighed and grabbed a navy blue notebook out of my bag. The rest of the class filed in and the teacher shut the door before the bell rang.

“Hello I will be your European History teacher, my name is Mr. Paquette.” He said, Mr. Paquette had a very monotonous voice. He was a rather squat, old man with glasses and a grey sweater vest with beige pants and a pair of old loafers.

“This guy sounds like Professor Binns,” Ray whispered to me.

“Who?” I asked and he gave me a look of astonishment.

“You obviously didn’t read all the Harry Potter books.” Ray said shaking his head.

“Obviously not,” I replied.

“Um you two in the corner, please don’t talk,” He said pointing to me and Ray; we mumbled “Sorry” and he continued.

“Today I would like you too summarize the lecture I am about to give you, list the main points and describe them in detail,” The whole class sighed, “It’s your senior year I think you all know well enough who are your friends, now European History is very complex and interesting, many wars and historical events have happened in Europe or because of Europe. Now the first thing we are going to be learning about…”

My eyes began to droop and I laid my head down onto my hand, it was impossible to be awake during his class at 8:30 in the morning, he began to babble on about European History and I heard Ray’s pencil scribbling furiously. I closed my eyes and before I knew it I had passed out.


My eyes shot open and I stumbled out of my chair. Everyone was gathering their notebooks and putting them back in their bags heading for the door.

“You know,” Ray said helping me to my feet, “If you stopped sleeping in class maybe you wouldn’t fail.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” I asked picking up my bag and my empty notebook.

“Didn’t realize you were sleeping until the bell rang,” Ray said and we headed for the door, “You can borrow my notes though.” Ray said ripping them out of his notebook and handing them to me.

“Thanks,” I said yawning.

“So when do you have lunch?” Ray asked and I pulled out my schedule again.

“Uh after fourth hour, how bout you?” I asked and we turned onto D hall.

“Same, I think we all have the same lunch this year, well I don’t know about Frankie but we’ll have to see, later.” Ray said and turned right, I turned left and walked down to the library where my Independent Study class would be.

“Hey Gee,” Maddie said walking up next to me.

“Hey Maddie, what’s up?” I asked and opened the door to the library letting Maddie in first, she walked by and I got a whiff of her perfume; it smelt amazing.

“Not much, excited for Independent Study?” She asked and giggled.

“Only class we don’t have to learn anything and the good thing is only seniors are allowed in this class because they think we have all this homework and shit, yeah right.” I said walking to the very back of the large and windowed library where we took my two favorite seats at a round table.

“So what do we do in here?” She asked and plopped down into a chair.

“Goof around, last year my friend Matt used to sneak me and Ray in here and we would pop the glass out of that window,” I said pointing to the old window that had now been welded shut because of us, “and drive out to Taco Bell to get Grande meals at like ten in the morning then still eat whole pizza’s at lunch.” I said and laughed at all the old memories, “One time when we were out Matt’s car broke down so we had to push it all the way back to his house then run as fast as we could back to the school, Ray threw up so much god it seemed like he was drunk.” I looked at Maddie and her eyes were sparkling.

“That sounds like fun, too bad they closed that window up,” She said turning to stare at it.

“Yeah, we were so pissed when they did,” I said and a large man with black-grey hair called everyone to attention.

“Excuse me seniors! Welcome back to Belleville High for your senior year here! Lets hope you will make the best out of it,” He said and a couple people clapped, “I will call the attendance and if you are not on the list you will be in major trouble, I know younger classmates would love to have a free period, but they get to wait. Um how about, Mitchell Davis?” Doctor De Pauw said and looked up to find Mitchell, “Here!” Mitchell shouted from a couple rows up and his hand flew in the air.

“Nice to see you again, Mitchell,” Doctor De Pauw said and glanced back at the clipboard.

“Oh this is going to be fun,” Maddie whispered to me and Doctor De Pauw read her name off the list, “PRESENT!” She shouted and Doctor De Pauw grinned at her and she ignored him.

“What a stupid little fuck,” Maddie said and turned around in her chair turning her back on her father.

“You don’t like him much?” I said paying attention to Doctor De Pauw, waiting for him to call my name.

“No, he is so stupid he could have just marked me present, he knows I am here,” She said sounding furious.

“Well knowing your track record I think he was expecting you to run out five minutes into the day,” I said and she laughed.

“He has every entrance secured, don’t worry even if I tried to go anywhere I couldn’t, he took my car keys the moment I came into the building.” She said and kicked at her back pack.

“Gerard Way?” Doctor De Pauw said and I chanted back at him “Here!”

Doctor De Pauw marked me as present then set down the paper and looked at us all, “Use your time wisely,” He said then took a seat at the front desk next to our librarian, Mrs. Wenzel.

“Got any homework yet?” I asked Maddie and she reached for her backpack.

“Nope, do you have any?” She asked while searching for something.

“Nah teachers never assign homework the first day.” I said and watched her grab a notebook and a mechanical pencil out of her bag.

“You write music?” Maddie asked as she opened her notebook and began flipping pages.

“Yeah for the band, why do you ask?” I said and she tossed the notebook over to me to see notes and lyrics scrawled across the page.

I was once whole
Until you broke me down
And now I can’t (I can’t) find my way around.

And I’ll be, forever broken
Always shattered
Never together
Just torn and tattered
No one can fix me
No way, no how
Always lost
No way to save me now. (oh)

I trusted you, with my life
But just threw it away
And now I have nothing, nothing to say to you.
I lost the game, I lost all my faith.
And now, oh now,

And I’ll be, forever broken
Always shattered
Never together
Just torn and tattered
No one can fix me
No way, no how
Always lost
No way to save me now.

Once you told me we had lost
My heart began to throb
There was nothing I could do,
I was falling.
And now I have nothing to say
So we should turn the other way

And I’ll be, forever broken
Always shattered
Never together
Just torn and tattered
No one can fix me
No way, no how
Always lost
No way to save me now.

No way to save me, no way,
No way to save me, now.

“Wow,” I said.

“Ugh it sucks,” She said snatching it out of my hands and frantically shoved it back into her backpack.

“No, no!” I said grabbing her hands then reaching gently into her backpack and pulling it out again, “It was really good.”

“Don’t lie,” She said as she stared down into her backpack.

“I’m not lying! I swear I wouldn’t lie to you. Why do you write music? Beautiful music if I might add.” I said and she blushed.

“For no good reason, it’s an outlet.” She said and flipped through the other pages that were filled with notes and lyrics.

“Looks like you write an awful lot.” I said and she reached for the notebook.

“Yeah I suppose, pops adds a lot of pressure to my life. He is always jumping down my throat about every little-“

“Hey Maddie how’s your first day so far?” Doctor De Pauw said and we both jumped.

“Speak of the devil,” Maddie muttered under her breath, “Um fine daddy thanks.”

“I see you’re hanging out with Gerard, he’s a -um- nice boy.” Doctor De Pauw said as he looked from me to Maddie and then to our hands which were on top of each other while Maddie was trying to get the notebook.

“Yea he’s really excellent thanks daddy,” Maddie said confidently.

“Well don’t you all have studying to do?” Doctor De Pauw said in a rather serious voice.

“No sir, it’s the first day of school, sir.” I said quietly and Doctor De Pauw gave me a surprising look.

“Well then, carry on.” He said and turned on his heel.

“Sorry about that,” Maddie said and grabbed the notebook and stuffed it hastily inside her backpack.

“Oh it’s fine, parents don’t usually like me.” I said as I twiddled my thumbs.

“I like you though and so what if my pops hates you it’s not like HE has a good taste in human beings.” She said and rolled her eyes.

“You really hate your dad don’t you?” I said and she let out a sigh.

“Yes, I do.”

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