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Chapter 3- Desperate Measures

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who knew calculus could be so fun.

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Chapter Three- Desperate Measures

Gerard's POV

“If you hate your dad why don’t you just leave?” I asked as the bell rang and we walked together to our Calculus class.

“I have already tried, I have stayed at friend’s house and family member’s places, but he always finds me and brings me back home. I despise him a lot.” She said and we turned onto B hall and walked towards the Calculus room, “Do you mind if I go to my locker real quick?”

“No not at all,” I said and she stopped a couple lockers before the Calc room.

She twiddled with the lock and popped it open with ease. I looked inside and she had already decorated it with a couple of pictures held up by masking tape.

“Is that Molly?” I asked pointing to one of the pictures of them both in a bathroom stalls with two other guys playing monopoly and drinking 62 oz. slurpee’s.

Maddie looked up at the photo and laughed, “Yeah that was fun,” She said then went back to grabbing a couple books from her locker.

“Is that your -um- boyfriend?” I asked pointing to the guy she was sitting next to in the picture; she was looking at him and smiling while he was reaching for her hand.

“Oh him?” She said as she piled some books into her bad with difficulty. “Yeah, well, sort of.”

“Just wondering, but how can someone be ‘sort of’ your boyfriend?” I said and she closed her locker.

“Well I don’t know, he hasn’t exactly asked me to be his boyfriend, but when people ask if we’re dating we don’t deny it.” She said and we walked into the Calculus room.

“So what school does he go to?” I asked and we sat down at a table next to a couple of the band kids.

“Uh Blair Academy, I went there too, that’s how we met.” She said.

“Oh that’s cool, yeah my girlfriend graduated last year,” I said hoping she wouldn’t see right through my stupid lie.

“Oh, really? I want to meet her! Do you have a picture of her with you?” She asked hopping up and down in her chair.

“Uh I have one at home,” I said and she giggled.

“I want to see it! Bring it in tomorrow,” She said and the bell rang.

“Alright everyone settle down,” Ms. Shane said and people sat down but kept chatting away, “do not make me create a seating chart.”

“So today is the first day of calculus for some of you, I see many familiar faces from previous years, but there are others I don’t know. So when I say your name raise your hand and say something about yourself but don’t make it to long we don’t have all hour.” She said and everyone was quiet. “Alright, Natalie Amado?” And she went down the line in alphabetical order. And when she came to Maddie’s name she didn’t pause she just opened her eyes a little more.

“Wow she didn’t flinch or anything,” Maddie whispered to me.

“Do teachers usually flinch when it comes to your name?” I whispered back.

“Well yeah they usually aren’t used to seeing kids that are related to the principal or any other faculty member really,” She whispered and Ms. Shane shot us a stern look.

“Right,” I said and we stopped talking.

Once Ms. Shane had finished attendance she put down her pen and rubbed her eyes “So as you all know this is Calculus and a rather unknown fact is that after this year I am retiring.” She said with a sigh.

“Oh come on Ms. Shane, you don’t have to retire, you’re not even that old!” One of the kids in the right corner said.

“Shut up Parker; go kiss a different teacher’s ass please.” Said Ms. Shane and everyone laughed.

“Oh you know you’ll be missed, don’t make us admit it,” I said and the class chuckled.

“Gerard, out of the past three years of teaching you, I haven’t heard you say that much in all the years- combined.” Ms. Shane said and the class erupted in fresh laughter, “Oh every year I can always tell after the first day which class is going to be the best and which class is going to be the worst, I am thinking that this class will work out very well for all of us.”

“Well then let’s make it one hell of a year!” Maddie shouted and everyone cheered.

“BUT, I am afraid I cant just hand out A’s as much as I wish I could so we’re going to have to start learning,” The class let out a deep sigh, “tomorrow.” She said and my friend Angela made a ‘whoop’ noise and we began laughing again.

“So you all can talk to yourselves if you wish or we could play some games like freshman,” She said in a tempting voice.

“Oh come on Ms. Shane who do you think we are?” Said the ass-kisser kid.

“Well I am hoping you are intelligent, creative, responsible young adults, but what do I know I can’t even keep up with my own kid.” a voice said from the back of the room. Everyone’s head shot around and saw Mr. De Pauw walking towards the front of the class, I turned around and looked at Maddie, and she was slowly inching downwards as to hide from him. I tried to help her and put my body in front of her, hiding her from view.

“Oh Mr. De Pauw, I didn’t even hear you come in, why are we blessed with your presence?” Ms. Shane said standing up.

“Well I would like to speak with Mr. Gerard Way if that’s alright with you, and it’s Doctor now I had the pleasure to go back to college this summer,” He said and Ms. Shane. I turned around quickly and stared at Maddie with my eyes wide open. I don’t know! Maddie mouthed to me and shrugged her shoulders.

“Yes, you can see him. Gerard?” Ms. Shane said gesturing to Dr. De Pauw.

I grabbed my bag and slid off my chair following Dr. De Pauw out of the classroom.

I felt a certain knot in my chest rise and fall with my breaths. Why was Dr. De Pauw asking to see me? I followed him silently down the hall and then he turned right.

“Um Dr. De Pauw, with all due respect, aren’t you going the wrong way?” I said and he stopped and turned around.

“Not at all, Gerard,” He said and kept walking.

The knot in my chest rose up into my Adam’s apple. I slowly followed Dr. De Pauw but my suspicions got the better of me.

“Dr. De Pauw I’m not feeling to well, I think I am just going to go back to class,” I said and Dr. De Pauw turned around.

“Gerard wait, I don’t mean to be so… awkward, but I do need to talk to you about my daughter, Madison.” He said and I the knot in my throat began to tighten.

“What about her?” I managed to choke out.

“Well, she’s my only daughter and I want the best for her but she hasn’t been exactly growing like I had planned. Ever since I put her into private schools she has been acting up! She has been kicked out of every single private school, catholic school, and everything else in between! I need her to stay in this school or no other public school will accept her. I even had difficulty getting her into Belleville. Anyways, I can tell she thinks of you as a friend and if you could keep her in line for me, I would deeply appreciate it.” Dr. De Pauw said.
I could tell he was serious about this because his tone was desperate. But what was I to know about keeping people in line, as far as I knew I didn’t even turn out that great. So how was I supposed to make the rebel of the year chill out?

“I could try,” I said in full honesty.

“Well thank you Gerard,” Dr. De Pauw said letting out a sigh, “and this could have a positive impact on your GPA for this year.”

“Oh, cool,” I said. Wonderful, maybe I can scrape over the 3.0 line.

“That’s all I really had to ask Gerard, you can go back to your class if you would like,” Dr. De Pauw said.

“Oh yeah, bye then,” I said and turned around heading back to Calculus.

How was I going to tell Maddie that her father had asked me to basically babysit her this year? I am seriously regretting telling Dr. De Pauw that I would try, I should have told him the cold hard truth; his daughter is a menace and there is no way that any amounts of restraint can contain her. Or maybe I am exaggerating a bit.

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