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Chapter 4- Not Breaking The Chain

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when is the first day of school ever going to end?

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Chapter Three- Not Breaking The Chain
This is what I imagine Molly Smith to look like.

Gerard's POV

I walked back to class and but before I got there the bell had rung. I turned around and began walking to lunch without Maddie; I was sort of dreading when she was going to ask what happened. I probably shouldn’t tell her what happened; she would most likely go hay wire and end up getting herself expelled. I probably have to lie to her again, and personally I hate lying I don’t even know why I lied to her about having a girlfriend and I would have to bring in a fake picture of her to school tomorrow. Great. My senior year has already been cursed to be horrible.

“Gee!” I heard Maddie scream from behind. I whirled around and saw her running through the crowd to catch up with me, “Hey,” she said once she caught up, “So what did my father say to you?”

“Oh not much, just talking about my grades,” I said and gulped down yet another lie.

“I don’t mean to sound accusatory or anything, but it’s the beginning of the year you haven’t gotten any grades yet.” She said and we turned the corner to head down to the cafeteria.

“Yeah well he was just trying to ‘encourage’ me to do better this year or he might hold me back,” I said looking forward and avoiding her eyes.

“I told you my dad’s an asshole,” She said and I heard the real sincerity in her voice.

“Oh its okay, he gives those kinds of talks to everyone who purposely fails.” I said and we entered the cafeteria.

“GERARD! Here, over here!” I heard Frank yell. I looked over and saw Frank standing up at a table full of girls. I looked at Maddie and she had her eyebrows raised.

“Um that’s my friend Frank,” I said and we began walking over to him. I saw Frank smile and he sat down with the girls. I saw his mouth move as he said something and all the girls laughed.

“Hey Frank,” I said as we walked over, “what are you doing?”

“These are my friends!” Frank said and he put his arm around the girl who was sitting next to him and she giggled.

“Well Frankie we sit over there,” I said pointing to the table in the far left hand corner of the room.

“That’s the loser table,” One of the girls said.

“Pardon me, but I do believe you’re being a little judgmental seeing as you’re a stupid freshman,” Maddie said and the girl gave her a look of disgust.

“Hey Frank and Gerard, what are you guys doing over here?” Ray said as him and Bob walked up with their lunches.

“Just meeting Franks new friends, who think we’re losers,” I said; both Ray and Bob smiled.

“They’re girls,” Mikey said in a surprised voice as he walked up.

“Yeah and apparently we’re losers Mikey, who knew.” Bob said sarcastically.

“Oh well if they are freshman girls who think we’re losers, ditch ‘em, they won’t make good friends.” Mikey said stuffing a fry in his mouth and walking to our table.
We all looked at each other, then to Frank, “Agreed,” we all said and left to join Mikey.

“Do you think he’ll come with us?” Maddie asked looking over her shoulder.

“Eh Frank’s a dick, you never know what he’ll do,” I said shrugging and we all sat down to eat.

“And who are you?” Bob asked looking at Maddie in amazement.

“Oh I’m Maddie, I just transferred to this school,” She said and Ray’s jaw dropped.

“Madison De Pauw?” Ray asked.

“No way,” Mikey said.

“Way,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Dude that must stink being DP’s daughter, he’s such a-“

“Wonderful man, best principal ever, right Mikey?” Bob said interrupting him.

“Don’t lie” (I swallowed my spit rather difficultly) “my dad’s horrible, I hate him.” She said opening her brown bag a pulling out a sandwich.

“Oh thank god, because he’s a total fun-sucker,” Ray said with a mouth full of chicken nuggets.

“Dude, don’t talk with your mouth full that’s disgusting,” I said and Ray swallowed a huge gulp.

“Sorry mom,” He said playfully and he rolled his eyes.

“So what do you guys have after lunch?” Mikey asked.

“Uh Maddie and I have photo and AP literature.” I said and Bob snorted.

“What?” Maddie said looking at me with a confused expression.

“You guys have classes together?” Ray said with his eyebrows raised.

“Yeah every one except second hour,” I said and Mikey whistled.

“What? I don’t get it,” Maddie said as Ray sniggered.

“So you guys will have a lot of getting-to-know-each-other time, then?” Mikey said and Bob giggled quietly.

“Oh, I know where this is going; well to let you guys know it isn’t like that, we both are seeing other people and it wouldn’t work, okay?” Maddie said, violently chomping on her sandwich.

“You bof are seeing otter people?” Ray said with his eyebrows raised.


“Jesus Gerard, calm the fuck down,” Frank said plopping down next to me.

“Frank!” We all said in unison.

“Guys! And lady,” Frank said acknowledging Maddie.

“It’s Maddie,” I said and Frank gave me his ‘sexy’ look.

“De Pauw,” Ray said making his eyebrows do the wave.

“Oh, well it’s good to meet you,” Frank said and Maddie’s phone began to vibrate. Frank mouthed to me: Fucking the Principals daughter? To which I violently shook my head no. Nice! Frank mouthed again and I rolled my eyes.

She pulled it out of her pocket and slid it open, I tried to read who the text was from but the words were too small. Maddie quickly typed her response and hit the center button.

“Is it alright if I have a friend joining us?” Maddie asked putting her phone back in her pocket.

“Yeah sure, but we’re the losers remember?” I said twiddling my thumbs.

“Ha, it’s fine,” She said and took a bite out of her sandwich.

“So are you still anorexic Getard?” Bob asked while shoveling more food into his mouth.

“Careful Bob, put any more food in your mouth and it might explode.” Mikey said and we all laughed.

“But Bob makes a good point,” Ray said, “You need to eat this year.”

“Yeah I will eat,” There was a short pause at which everyone looked at me, “on Mondays and Fridays of course.”

“A step up from last year isn’t it?” Molly said and I jumped. I turned around and there she was, Molly Smith.

“Hey Molls,” Maddie said smiling and scootching over towards me so she could sit next to her.

“Hey Mads, and Frankie! I haven’t seen you in forever, how are you?” She said sitting down and reaching for her milk jug.

“I’m, uh, good?” He said looking down and blushing really hard.

Molly giggled, “Hey Gerard,” She said softly, “How are you?”

“Just peachy,” I said and scooted over more towards Frank.

“So, Mads, what do you have after lunch?” Molly said.

“Uh photo and AP lit, how about you?” She asked pulling an apple out of her brown bag.

“AP Chem and AP lit! At least we have one class together!” Molly said bouncing in her seat.

“Hey I have AP lit with you guys too,” Ray said looking at his schedule again.

“Party!” Maddie said twirling her pointer finger around in the air.

“I think Bob and I are in your photo class,” Mikey said looking at his schedule.

“No way,” I said grabbing it from Mikey’s hands.

“Yeah,” Bob said unfolding his schedule.

I read Mikey’s schedule and sure enough we all had photo together.

“That’s crazy!” Maddie said and I gave Mikey back his schedule.

“Sure is, photo’s going to be the best class ever this year,” Bob said and put his schedule back in his bag.

“It’s great we all have lunch together though, last year only Me, Gerard, and Matt had lunch together.” Ray said looking a tad unhappy.

“Yeah I miss Matt,” Frank said sighing.

“You didn’t go to this school last year, Frank,” I said with a skeptic look.

“I still knew Matt,” Frank said reproachfully.

“When is Matt coming back to visit us?” Mikey asked.

“Whenever he can, I suppose, he’s busy with college,” I said and the mood at the table changed like it had the day Matt left for Michigan State.

“He said he would come back during Thanksgiving and Christmas,” Bob said then the bell rung for us to start heading back for class.

We all stood up and those who had eaten lunch threw the remains away and we all started heading towards the double doors that lead to the hallway.

“Who’s Matt?” Maddie whispered in my ear giving me goosebumps.

“Well he was our drummer before he left for college, now we have Bob, Bob was our manager until he became our present drummer,” I said and Ray shouted to us all.

“Meet me in the parking lot at 2:25 come later and I am leaving you to walk home.” Ray said and everyone nodded.

“You know I could drive you home if you want,” Maddie said, “I’m taking Molly too.”

“Oh it’s alright Ray has been my ride since sophomore year, cant break the chain now,” I said and shrugged.

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