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After Brendon left to Australia with his new girlfriend, Ryan was left heart-broken and with no will to live.

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Ryan looked outside the pink curtains of his hotel room. The night sky was striking and in the darkness of his room the stroke of the moon lightened his face. His cheeks were rosy and wet for crying for days. His best friend had left him and his band and now he was gone to the other side of the sphere and Ryan was left alone.

He remembered the day Brendon told him he was going to move to Australia, leaving the band and his fellow friends aside for a woman he claimed to love. Every time he remembered the Australian bimbo his friend has preferred as the “ideal woman” it filled him with wrath and jealousy. He remembered her as a lofty white chick with fake everythings. Even her hair was dyed blue and pink and had lengthy extensions. She always dressed with this sickly short skirts and shirts that scarcely covered her chest. Even her eyes were an unnatural color, he guessed they were contacts but had never confirmed it.

Ryan had cried everyday almost at every hour, feeling ill, popping pills, smoking pot and doing what not other drug. He hadn’t left the hotel room he was in for weeks and had only showered when he was high enough he thought he was in a private beach with Brendon. Right now he was completely sober and it sucked. He was waiting for his dealer to come and bring him more precious drug but he hadn’t.

He looked around the hotel room and saw his laptop opened in a small wooden desk. Ryan took a chair and sat near the desk to do something online. As soon as he saw the wallpaper in his session, he burst into tears. It was a gorgeous pic of him and Brendon holding each others faces. He remembered Spencer taking it. That’s when it hit him.

He didn’t just miss Brendon; he was enraged that he had left him for that Australian whore. Envy blazed in his insides. He threw the luxurious laptop on the floor and its screen shattered in countless pieces. In that instant he felt like getting high and forgetting about the detest he had for that poor excuse of a woman and for Brendon Urie. But he couldn’t hate Brendon, he loved him. Brendon was everything he had and he wanted him back, even though he knew it was an impossible task.

He jumped on the bed and laid behind a life-size tiger plushy. He cried so hard, he felt blood would soon emerge from his eyes. His heart hurt, it hurt because of Brendon Urie. He heard someone knocking on the door. His dealer must have brought him his drug. He was thrilled and ran to open the door.

When he opened it, distress and ache filled his eyes. No dealer, instead there stood Brendon Urie, the love of his life. In that second, seen his immense chocolate eyes full of tenderness made Ryan realize that it was true. He loved Brendon Urie.

Brendon looked at the mess Ryan was made into. Was it his fault? Of course it was, he always knew Ryan felt something deeper for him than just an easy friendship. When he started noticing that, he was petrified his relationship with Ryan would fail, so he started avoiding him. But the more he avoided him the more he would get feeling towards him. Until one day he caught himself looking at Ryan, noticing every single detail in his face, noticing every single behavior he had. That’s when he started getting worried and found himself a girl that he thought could make him forget about him.

Now he was standing in front of Ryan, obviously his plan had failed. He looked at his gorgeous hazel eyes that looked heartbreaking. They looked like if they had cried for years. Brendon started getting closer to him and approached his hand to his face, holding it lightly. Ryan flinched and moved away from Brendon.

Ryan was hurting. Brendon had messed with him and now he was in front of him looking for an apology. Brendon got close again, this time Ryan didn’t move. The warmth of Brendon’s body made contrast with his bitter almost dead body. Brendon reached into his lips and Ryan let him kiss him. There were no words, just a deep obsessive kiss.

Brendon kissed Ryan like he had never kissed anyone. He felt his cold face getting warm and sensitive. As they kept kissing, Ryan ran his hand through Brendon’s hair and laughed a little. This made Brendon feel precious. After all he had done to Ryan, he was smiling. The sweetest laugh he had ever heard.


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