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Chapter 17- Let's Get Together Yeah Yeah Yeah

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“Oh please Gerard, don’t act all happy to see me,” She said and I noticed she was drunk.

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Chapter 17- Let's Get Together Yeah Yeah Yeah

Gerard's POV

Maddie giggled as I rolled over on top of her and started tickling her nonstop, she burst into laughter and turned bright red then started crying.
“Stop it!” She shrieked but I didn’t and she tried to whack me away.
“NEVER!” I shouted and tickled her more, “You shouldn’t have told me you were ticklish!”
“STOP!” She yelled and I stopped but we both kept laughing, “Could you get off of me?” She asked and I shook my head no.
She wiggled her hips under me, “Please,” She said like a little child and gave me a puppy dog face.
“Maybe,” I said acting just as childish.
“Gerard!” She said then whimpered.
“Fine!” I said then kissed her quick on the lips and hopped off the bed and ran to the sofa, “Ha-ha! I kissed you! Whatcha gunna do about it!?” I shouted and she got off the bed and began walking over towards me.
“This,” She said and her voice had gone sexy as she walked over and sat on top of my crotch facing me.
“That’s not much,” I teased and she smiled at me then started giving me a lap dance, “Oh man, a lap dance, big whoop,” I said still teasing her even though I was really enjoying it, this was BY FAR the best lap dance I have ever gotten.
She stopped then gave me a smirk and said “What do you want then baby?” she still had the sexy tone in her voice. I smiled and licked my lips, “Are you always this horny?” She asked and I threw my head back laughing.
“No, you obviously haven’t met Frank,” I said and she laughed too, “Are you always this good at lap dances?”
“If I really like the person I am giving them to then yes,” She said and smiled at me.
“So if you are so good at lap dances what else are you good at?” I asked and she lifted one of her eyebrows.
“Why do you want to know?” She asked and I wiggled my hips just like she had when I was tickling her, “Oh that’s why,” She said grinning.
“What’s your favorite kind of lube?” I asked suddenly.
“Watermelon,” She said without hesitation and then she slapped a hand over her own mouth.
I started laughing my ass off and she playfully hit me, “That was so mean!” She shouted.
“Hey, you answered the question!” I said still laughing.
“YOU asked it!” She shouted and we both started laughing.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said and she shook her head at me.
“You are such a tard,” She said.
“Well that way I know what to use,” I said and she stiffened, “I was kidding!”
“Oh please,” She said and rolled her eyes.
“Well the reason why we were talking was to get to know each other and now I know that so consider it a good thing,” I said and she giggled.
“How long have we been talking anyways?” She asked and I glanced at my clock, it was midnight.
“Six hours,” I said and she smiled.
“It didn’t seem like six hours,” She said and I could tell she was happy that we had talked that long without one awkward silence. Or make-out session for that matter.
“You’re right it didn’t,” I said, “Should we go find the guys?”
She smiled then kissed me softly on the lips, her kiss was gentle and I took it as a small Thank You. She pulled away then took my hand and we walked out of my room.
I heard laughter as we walked down the stairs and I saw Ray and Bob wrestling in the living room with a seemingly very entertained Caitlin and Joyce watching. Maddie and I walked over and watched with them. Ray had Bob in a headlock until Bob started tickling Ray under the armpits and he squirmed away only to tackle Ray to the ground.
“Get up, Ray!” Caitlin cheered.
“My money is totally on Ray too,” I whispered to Caitlin and she laughed.
Mikey walked into the room with a bowl of chips and sat down next to Joyce and put his arm around her.
“What I miss?” He asked through chews.
“Bob escaped the headlock and tackled Ray,” Joyce said filling him in.
“Hey!” I shouted over everyone, “Where’s Frank?” I asked and Mikey pointed to the backroom without even really looking at me.
“Thanks,” I mumbled and started walking towards the backroom.
“Gerard,” Maddie said stopping me, “What if Frank and Jamia are like- doing stuff? You don’t want to interrupt,” She said and tugged on my hand.
“He interrupted us though,” I said and she smiled.
“That’s true,” She said.
“They probably are just talking,” I said and slid my hand out of her and walked to the door, “But in case they aren’t maybe you shouldn’t come with me,” I said and she nodded walking back over to the wrestling match.
I quietly opened the door and listened closely.
“Frankie, I want too though,” Jamia whined.
“Jams, we can’t, not only are we at Gerard’s house and he would fucking kill me if we did, but what do we do if you get pregnant?” Frank asked. PREGNANT?!
“Protection!” Jamia squealed but it made Frank laugh.
“Jams, condoms make my balls uncomfortable,” He said.
“Frankie! What if I get preggers! How incredibly pissed would my dad be? SUPER incredibly pissed!” She shrieked and I heard Frank shushing her.
“We can’t have sex tonight baby, I’m sorry,” He whispered.
“Frankie?” She asked quietly.
“Yeah Jams?” He said back.
“I love you,” She whispered so quietly I barely heard her.
“JAMIA!” Frank shouted and I heard the rustle of blankets.
“What?!” She asked.
“You make me so damn hard when you do that little cute thing,” He said and Jamia giggled.
“I wanna see this,” She said and I heard the sound of Franks pants zipper.
“Jamia, no!” Frank shouted at her again.
“Please,” She said with a kiddy tone and then heard her giggle.
“I hate you!” He shouted.
“What?! It’s totally not my fault I turn you on,” She said and Frank whimpered.
“Please put you’re clothes back on,” Frank said. HER CLOTHES WERE OFF?!
“Come on I am still in my clothes technically,” She said and Frank whimpered again.
“Jamia, please go put clothes on before I rip your thong off and-,” Frank stopped and I heard him moan.
“Come on Frank, I know you want more,” She whispered.
“Yes, I do,” Frank said and he sounded hypnotized, “No! Jamia! No! Stop!”
“Let me get that shirt off for you,” She said.
“Jamia, stop! I can’t do this,” He shouted.
“Frankie, don’t ignore it, you want to do me. Real hard too,” She whispered seductively, “So just do it.”
“No,” Frank moaned and I opened the door all the way.
Jamia was grinding her ass up against Frank’s crotch. She was wearing her bra and thong, while Frank was still in his boxers while his shirt was thrown by the computer and his pants were around his ankles. Frank’s hands were on her waist pulling her closer to him; his eyes were closed so he didn’t seem to notice I had walked in.
I coughed; Frank’s eyes shot open and he ran over to me pushing me out of the room and closing the door in my face.
“FRANK!” I shouted and banged on the door.
“Gerard! Go away!” He shouted through the door.
“Frank! Please do this somewhere else!” I shouted and Frank opened the door a tiny bit.
“We usually don’t do this,” He said quietly.
“Okay?” I said.
“Jamia and I just missed each other and we hadn’t done it in a while and I promised her we would tonight but then things happened, and Jamia isn’t a whore or anything I mean just when we get each other going we say things that we don’t really mean and well we both wanted it really badly tonight so don’t think anything of Jamia,” Frank said in a rush and took a deep breath afterwards.
“Frank, I don’t care if you fuck your girlfriend, just not in my house,” I said and Frank sighed.
“Okay, thanks,” He said then shut the door again.
I walked back over to Maddie and grabbed her around the waist resting my chin on her shoulder as she watched Ray and Bob.
“They were doing stuff weren’t they,” Maddie whispered for only my ears to hear.
“Yeah they were,” I said and she smiled to herself.
“Oh man, I am tired,” Bob said as he laid flat on his back on the carpet.
“Me too, quits?” Ray asked and Bob nodded his head.
Joyce yawned, “I think it’s time for bed,” She said and Caitlin nodded then stood up and stretched like a cat.
“Where are we all going to sleep?” Jamia asked and I jumped. I hadn’t noticed they had come out from the backroom. Frank had his arm around her shoulders and Jamia looked upset.
“Well that’s for you all to choose,” I said and they all nodded.
“Jamia and I will take the backroom,” Frank said and Jamia looked surprised.
“I shotty my room!” Mikey said and everyone laughed.
“Shotty acknowledged,” I said and Mikey took Joyce’s hand.
“I could stay in the basement,” Caitlin said and I nodded.
“Can I take the guestroom?” Bob asked and Ray opened his mouth to protest but closed it again.
“Yes Ray?” I said and he jumped not knowing I had seen him.
“Uh, I will take the couches,” He said and rubbed the back of his neck and looked down at his shoes.
I took a glance at Caitlin and I saw the hurt in her eyes.
“So it’s all good then?” I asked and Caitlin’s head shot up.
“What about Joyce?” Caitlin asked and everyone stared at Joyce then down to her and Mikeys hands, “She can stay with me,” Caitlin said and I heard a bitchy tone in her voice.
“Caitlin, I am going to stay with Mikey, okay?” Joyce said calmly and Caitlin’s lip pursed.
“Okay, well while you are fucking him, try to show sympathy and not throw him away like every other guy!” Caitlin shouted and stomped down the basement stairs.
Joyce looked utterly surprised by Caitlin’s outburst and just stood still as we all looked at her. Finally she turned to Mikey and said, “I really don’t do that,” But Mikey snatched his hand away from Joyce’s grip and shook his head at her.
“I really like you Mikey! Caitlin is just jealous that Ray wouldn’t ask her to sleep in the same bed with him! Honest!” Joyce cried but Mikey still shook his head.
“I should have known better then to mess around with you,” He said and bolted up the stairs. We all jumped when he slammed his door shut and Joyce started to cry silently.
“I’ll go talk to Caitlin,” Ray said escaping from the scene and walking down into the basement.
“Come here Joyce,” Maddie said taking Joyce into a hug.
Bob took a step back then slowly started making his way up to the guest bedroom, he waved to me and I gave him the finger then he disappeared from around the corner leaving me standing awkwardly next to the dramatic scene.
“I really do like him though,” Joyce sobbed into Maddie’s shoulder.
“Honey, he will realize it soon enough,” Maddie said soothingly running her hand through Joyce’s hair.
“I hate Caitlin for this,” Joyce said and I was taken aback by what she had just said.
“Joyce, you really don’t hate her, you just hate what she did, it will all blow over soon.” Then there was a hard knock on the door and I walked over opening it. Molly came running in along with four other girls.
“Molly? What the fuck?” I said and she looked at me with a cocky expression.
“Oh please Gerard, don’t act all happy to see me,” She said and I noticed she was drunk.

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