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Chapter 16- Time To Talk

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“I love you too,” I said and bent my head to kiss her. She leaned closer to me too then snapped her head back.

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Chapter 16- Time To Talk

Gerard's POV

“Don’t hurt her!” Was the first thing that came out of my mouth and the guy laughed?
“Why would I hurt her? I love her,” He said and I gave him a confused look.
“What are you doing then?” I asked and he chuckled shaking his head at me.
“You’re the asshole who took her from me aren’t you?” He asked and when I didn’t respond he tightened his grip around her throat and she winced painfully and whimpered tapping him on the arm.
“Let go of her!” I shouted and he shook his head no.
“Not until she gets back together with me,” He said and Maddie slipped on the wet towel that pooled at her feet and now he was only holding her up by his strength.
“You’ll kill her!” I shouted as Maddie gasped for air and started turning pale.
“Dan!” She gasped hoarsely and he let her go making her fall to her knees.
“What is it baby?” He asked going down on his knees next to her and putting his arm around her like he hadn’t almost just choked her to death.
She stood up shakily and walked over to me, I put my arm around her naked shoulders and she wrapped hers around my waist.
“I won’t get back together with you,” She said nervously and Dan stood up; he looked seriously pissed.
“Fine,” He said shaking his head, “You know I was always good to you, and what did you do? Fuck every guy at Blair, and now your starting at a new school with the same reputation. I thought I could be able to help you, make you love me too, but apparently all that time and effort I put in for you went to waste. It hurts to love you Maddie,” Then he turned to me, “And you’ll learn that.” Then he reached into his pocket and Maddie began trembling.
He pulled out a black gun and pointed it at my face, “Problem is, it hurts more to not love her, and you make that impossible. So I think this might be my fix it button,” He said and pulled back the hammer.
“No!” Maddie cried, “Dan! If you kill him I will never talk to you ever again, I will move out of state, change my name, phone number, everything! If you kill him you will never see me ever again!”
“Why do you care so much about him?!” Dan shouted and the gun dipped a little bit.
“Because, he’s not like you or anyone else, Dan. I love him, and that’s not his fault, it’s mine. So if you’re going to kill anyone tonight it should be me,” She said letting go of me and taking a step forward.
He lifted the gun again and pointed it at her, but it stepped in front of her.
“No way, if you kill her you have to kill me too,” I said and she poked my back but I ignored it.
“Fine, I’ll kill both of you,” He said and lifted the gun one more time. I closed my eyes readying myself.
“HELL NO YOU WON’T!” Ray said and he came running into the room and smashed my trash can against Dan’s head and grabbed the gun.
“Go, Maddie, Go!” I shouted and she ran from the room. I walked over to Ray and he was literally beating the shit out of Dan, “Ray! Ray, stop it!” I shouted pulling him away from Dan.
“Fucking asshole,” Ray said and spit down on the unconscious Dan.
“Wow, thanks man,” I said patting Ray on the shoulder and he nodded.
“So what do we do with him?” I asked and Bob, Mikey, and Frank all came bursting into my room.
“WHERE IS THIS MOTHER FUCKER?” Frank said jumping over my table and did some retarded ninja moves.
“He’s dealt with,” Ray said and moved out of the way so they could all see.
“Damn, that looks like it hurt,” Mikey said and we all laughed.
“Yeah well we knew something was up when we saw Maddie running naked down the stairs in complete hysterics,” Bob said and Frank whistled.
“She was pretty hot,” Frank said and they all nodded in agreement.
“Hey!” I said hitting Frank and he laughed.
“Just kidding man,” He said and I rolled my eyes.
“So what happened?” Bob asked and the all went silent and looked at me.
“I’ll tell you all downstairs when everyone can hear it,” I said and they all nodded. I led them out of my room and down the stairs; Joyce, Caitlin, and Jamia had their arms around Maddie calming her down. They had wrapped one of the blankets around her and once she saw us coming down she sprinted over to me and flung herself into my arms.
“Are you alright?” She asked me once she let go of a rather right hug might I say.
“Yeah I’m alright, how’re you?” I asked touching her cheek making her blush.
“I’m fine, a little shaken, but I’m fine,” She said and I smiled.
“What happened up there?” Jamia asked nodding towards the ceiling and I grabbed Maddie’s hand and walked over towards the girls sitting down on the couch with Maddie next to me.
All the guys followed my lead and we piled into my living room, everyone was staring at us again.
“Remember when I said my ex-boyfriend lit the school on fire?” I asked and everyone nodded, “Well that was him, he came here to get back at Gerard for-“ She cut off abruptly and looked at me.
“Maddie and I are going out,” I said and Joyce hopped up in down in her chair.
“I knew it!” She shouted, “I totally knew it!” She said and everyone laughed.
“Way to go bro,” Mikey said punching me in the arm.
“Back to the story!” Caitlin said and Maddie nodded.
“Well he wanted to get back at Gerard for ‘taking’ me from him, so he snuck into the bathroom and waited for Gerard to come looking for me. He told me that he was going to kill Gerard and make me watch, he said that he loved me and was only doing this for the best. Then when Gerard walked in and they fought verbally for a while, and then Dan began to choke me. Finally he let me go and I went to Gerard, Dan told us he was going to kill Gerard, but I said I wouldn’t converse with Dan ever again if he did. So he was going to kill me-“
“But I couldn’t let that happen so I said you’re going to have to kill us both, and he agreed. Then Ray ran in and beat the crap outta him,” I said and everyone laughed.
“My hero,” Caitlin said and Ray beamed.
“So what do we do with him?” Bob asked and I shrugged.
“Turn him into the police I suppose, I mean he did break and enter our home,” I said and everyone nodded.
“Can I go get some clothes on first?” Maddie asked and I laughed.
“Yeah let me help you,” I said and we stood up, Frank wolf whistled and they all laughed at us as I grabbed Maddie around the waist and tucked her under my arm as we walked up the stairs.
I opened my door and let her in first before I closed it, she giggled.
“What?” I asked and she turned around.
“Are you going to watch me change?” She asked and I felt my face grow hot.
“Not if you don’t want me to,” I said and turned around facing the wall, she giggled again.
“I don’t mind,” She said and I heard the blanket she was holding to cover herself up fall to the ground.
I sighed, “Maddie, wait!” I almost shouted and I had to hold myself from turning around.
“What?” She asked calmly.
“Dan! We shouldn’t be in here,” I said and I heard her opening the bathroom door and I couldn’t help it anymore. I whirled around to see her standing in her underwear and my old wife beater peering into my bathroom.
I ran over to her and grabbed her around the waist flinging her backwards away from the bathroom, I looked in and the bathroom was empty.
“Where’d he go?” I asked peering at the blood puddle he left behind.
“He probably scrammed once you guys left, I wouldn’t want to stay after getting the shit beat out of me,” She said and I chuckled.
“Yeah you’re right,” I said and noticed the window was open letting a cool breeze in.
“Looks like the rain is dying down,” She said and I felt her leaning against my back as I stood in the doorway of the bathroom.
“Yeah, but it’s supposed to start up again around midnight tonight,” I said and turned around so I was facing her.
“Oh,” She said smiling at me, “Interesting.”
“You should get your clothes on,” I said leaning my head down towards hers.
“You should help me,” She said and I smiled kissing her on the lips softly. She took my hand and we walked over to the pile of clothes still on the floor she grabbed the sweat pants and put them on over her underwear, I took the sweatshirt and she put her arms through it and I guided her head through the opening. (Did that not just sound sexual? Yeah I think it did.)
“Maybe next time you can help me too,” She said leaning against me and I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her close.
“Yeah I think I’d like that,” I said kissing her on the lips. I loved the way she felt in my arms, she was soft and small and I loved that about her. I flicked my tongue on her bottom lip asking for entrance and she opened her mouth without hesitation. I didn’t even have to fight her for dominance, she let me have it. I snaked my tongue around in her mouth, she tasted warm, not like anything in particular. I just got warmth from her. Then I lifted her up and guided her to the bed, I lay down below her letting her be on top. Her small, warm hands slid underneath my shirt and down onto my back holding herself firmly to me. I did the same, but I found her bra strap and began playing with it.
“Wait,” She said pulling away from me; she sounded breathless, “I just got dressed.”
I chuckled and didn’t respond I just kept kissing her and she too seemed to ignore her protest. I took one of my hands from her back and reached it down cupping her butt, pulling her closer to me so she was easier to kiss.
Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Frank entered the room without knocking.
“Hey man! Get out!” I said pulling my lips from Maddie’s and she looked utterly surprised. She started to shift her weight, but I held firmly onto her.
“Okay, whoa!” Frank said putting a hand up in front of his eyes.
“Get out!” I shouted again, but he didn’t move.
“Where’s RT?” Frank asked and Maddie gave me a confused look.
“You came in here to ask me where my fricken dog was!?” I shouted and Frank’s hand fell down onto his side.
“Could you at least stop groping her while we talk?” Frank asked and Maddie giggled.
“NO Frank! Now get out!” I shouted more forcefully.
“What’s going on?” Joyce asked as she popped into the room, “Oh! Are Gerard and Maddie making out?”
I sighed, “Yes, this subject has been covered, now will you please leave?”
“We should get a picture,” Mikey said walking in after Joyce then he began stuffing a bunch of gummy worms into his mouth.
“I’ll get my camera!” Joyce shouted and disappeared from view.
“What are we taking a picture of?” Ray asked as him and Caitlin walked into the room and began gawking at me and Maddie like everyone else.
“Aw! Way to go Maddie!” Caitlin said and began applauding making her blush.
“Will you all just-“
“I got my camera!” Joyce said bouncing back into the room and snapped a picture before I could say anything.
“Aw how cute!” She said and everyone joined around the camera to see, “But it would be cuter if you weren’t holding onto her butt, Gerard.” Joyce said and dissolved in giggles.
“Why wasn’t I invited to this powwow?” Bob asked walking into the room.
“NONE OF YOU WERE!” I shouted and Ray snorted.
“I can see why,” He said and I groaned laying my head back onto my pillow.
“I found Taco!” I heard Jamia shout from the stairs and all of them craned their necks to look.
“Thank you!” I shouted and Maddie laughed softly, “Now will you please get out!”
“Fine,” Frank said and they all filed out of my room. Caitlin was the last one out and she smiled at me then closed the door.
“You have a dog named Taco?” Maddie asked and I laughed.
“Yeah, he’s a Chihuahua, he looked like the dog from Taco Bell so we named him Taco,” I said and she smiled at me, “So where were we?” I asked and just as our lips met she pulled away.
“What?” I asked and she sighed.
“We make out a lot,” She said and I gave her a confused look, “Well it’s not that I don’t like it, because trust me I do, it’s just… maybe we’re moving too fast.”
“Do you think we are?” I asked her and she gave me a small pained expression.
“Yes,” She sighed then said in a rush, “it’s only been two days since I met you and yet I am in love with you!”
I laughed and she leaned away, I tightened my muscles and she stopped moving but didn’t get any closer.
“I love you too,” I said and lifted my head to kiss her. She leaned closer to me too then snapped her head back.
“No! Kissing me and making me feel is not the way to fix it! We need to get to know each other!” She shouted and rolled off of me and stood next to my bed.
“Yeah I know,” I sighed and then felt the absence of her heat and shuddered.
“Well what do we do first?” I asked and she stood there with her arms crossed glaring down at me.
“We could talk,” She suggested and I smiled. I patted the empty side of my bed and she gave me a warning look, but I rolled my eyes so she came and lay down next to me.
“What do you want to know?” I asked propping myself up on my elbow.

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