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Chapter 19- Angel

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“She’s naked!” Caitlin whispered/shouted at the same time.

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I lay silently by her shocked by what she said. I’m guessing by the absence of reaction Maddie started bawling.
Not knowing what to do I just kiss the back of her neck silently while Maddie cried herself out.
Finally she went silent and moved out of my arms to turn and face me.
“I think she’s trying to tell us something, I talked to Joyce and Caitlin they had dreams about her too.” Maddie said quietly and I nodded.
“I dreamt about her last night too, so did Bob,” I said and Maddie stared at me silently.
“I think I should go sleep downstairs with Joyce,” Maddie said quietly and moved to get up.
“No,” I said pulling her back down beside me.
“I want you to stay with me, I promised I wouldn’t leave you,” I said and she lay down beside me.
“Okay, but Gerard, if you can’t keep the promise, it’s alright,” She whispered and we stopped talking and fell into unconsciousness.

I was walking in a white corridor and there was mist around the ground so I couldn’t see where I was stepping but it was perfectly solid. I had no idea where I was supposed to be going but my feet seemed to have a good idea so I kept walking then sunlight came bursting into the corridor as it opened up into a giant Atrium filled with lines and lines of chairs in front of a small stage. There was somebody laying on the stage so I walked over to the first row and sat down on one of the chairs. I stared at the person and suddenly they rose from the ground as if pulled up by strings. I gasped at who I was looking at; it was Coraline.
I stood up to walk over to her but she put a hand up and I stopped abruptly even though I wanted to run to her.
“Sit,” She said softly and I breathed in her beautiful voice. I did what she told me to and she walked to the edge of the stage and sat down crossing her legs Indian style.
I noticed she was wearing her cute butt hugger jeans and a pretty purple t-shirt with her faded UGG’s. I smiled and remembered that this was her favorite outfit.
“Gerard, God let me call you here tonight,” She said softly and I sighed.
“I’m glad he did, I miss you,” I said and she smiled. It wasn’t the same though; her smile was ghost-like and eerie. She looked dead.
“I can’t call you here anymore though, because after tonight things are going to change.” She said and I felt a sharp pain in my chest.
“What’s going to change?” I asked and she shook her head no.
“I can’t tell you, because I don’t know. Only he knows,” She said gesturing to a statue of God holding his hands up towards the sky.
“Why’d you call me here tonight then?” I asked and she smiled faintly again.
“Because I need to talk to you about some things,” She said and when I didn’t answer she went on, “Gerard, I know you still love me and I still love you, but Maddie needs you and loves you more. You can’t stay in love with me forever, even if I’m not there,” She said softly and I wanted to cry.
“I love her too, but I love you, I don’t want to stop loving you, Coraline!” I shouted and made her wince.
“You’re going to have to, because if you don’t Maddie will die,” She said and I heard the painful truth in her words.
“Why?” I asked quietly.
“Without your love, she will do stupid things, and you will loose her too,” Coraline said softly and I held my head in my hands.
“Coral, how can I stop loving you?” I asked and I heard her sigh.
“You will find a way,” She said and I looked up at her.
“How?” I asked and she looked at the statue of God again.
“You are very close to his heart you know, he told me you are one of the angels he has sent to earth,” She said and I looked at the statue too, it made me want to cry more then ever.
“If I am an angel, why didn’t he tell me before now?” I asked.
“You’re supposed to find out,” She said softly.
“How could someone ever find that out?” I asked and she laughed.
“Through fate,” She said and I felt an eerie chill down my spine.
“Have you called other people too?” I asked and she nodded grimly.
“I wasn’t ready to die, Gerard. There were certain things I had to tell people, God told me what to do, he has been very generous,” Coraline said nodding as if agreeing to her own words.
“So you’ve met God?” I asked.
“Yes, he welcomed me into his eternal home, and now I am part of his family,” She said.
“Coral, if God loves you why did he let you die?” I asked and she was silent.
“He loves us all equally, no more than the other. He let me die because he loves me, he knew I would hate to live with such injuries so he made it easier,” She whispered.
“Coraline, if he gave you the choice of whether or not to come back to earth, would you?” I asked and she was quiet for a long time.
“I would only go back to earth if he asked me too, if he gave me the choice I would not,” She said and I closed my eyes.
“I thought you missed me, and your dad, and your brother though,” I said.
“I do, but sometimes it’s best to just let go,” She said and I opened my eyes. She was standing in front of me and that’s when I noticed she wasn’t solid. She quivered in the air like mist, and the light shined through her translucent skin. She wasn’t white like you would imagine a ghost too look, she still had all the color in her face and clothes.
“You need to love her,” She said softly, “Do it for me.”
I nodded, “I will, but I won’t stop loving you.”
“You have too,” She said and her voice sounded distant.
“Why?” I shouted at her afraid she wouldn’t be able to hear me.
“She’ll die,” Coraline said and her voice drifted away with the white Atrium and the stage and I was left in the darkness. Then I realized it wasn't completely dark, I peared up and saw a glowing light above my head. Could it really be a Halo?

I woke up, and stared at the back of Maddie’s head; her pinkish-red hair fell onto the pillow and surrounded her head beautifully. I smiled and quietly got out of the bed and pulled a kiss t-shirt along with some baggy shorts. I walked over to the bed and kissed Maddie’s forehead before heading down the stairs.
I quietly walked down the stairs, it was bright outside and we still didn’t have any power. As I walked down the stairs I jumped as I saw Mikey sitting on the coffee table directly across from the couch that Joyce was sleeping on. I stopped walking and watched him grab a blanket and put on top of her. He sighed then kissed her forehead and went back to sitting on the table and staring at her.
“A little creepy don’t you think?” I whispered and Mikey jumped, but shook his head at me then kept looking at her.
“I thought she really liked me,” He said quietly.
“She really does, she told us so yesterday,” I said and he looked up at me hopefully then sighed.
“She may have told you that, but she probably doesn’t mean it,” He said and I saw the tears swimming in his eyes.
“I think she does,” I said and Mikey didn’t respond, “Just talk to her.”
I said then went to the kitchen. I walked to the cupboard and grabbed a box of Count Chocula cereal and dumped some in a bowl. As I munched on my cereal I glanced back into the living room and saw Mikey playing with Joyce’s hair between his fingers. Damn the boy really likes her, I thought to myself.
Then Joyce’s body shot up and Mikey fell back off the coffee table in surprise. I stifled a laugh by chewing on more cereal and I watched Mikey get up and sit back onto the coffee table.
“Hi,” I heard Joyce say and I stopped chewing to listen in on their conversation.
“Oh yeah, hi,” She said and Mikey stood up to walk away.
“We should talk,” Joyce said and Mikey nodded but still stood.
“I really like you Mikey, and I’m sorry Caitlin said that, I just think she was jealous,” Joyce said softly.
“Joyce you didn’t like me before yesterday though, and you just kind of jumped on me,” Mikey said and Joyce exhaled loudly and seemed to deflate.
“No I didn’t like you, but now that I’ve gotten to know you a little bit better I do,” She said.
“I’ve liked you for a long time,” Mikey said quietly and I was surprised, Mikey doesn’t usually fall for the super polite, sort of preppy-ish girls.
“That’s so flattering,” She said and I rolled my eyes. That was something Joyce would say.
“Yeah well it’s just the truth, and I really don’t appreciate it if you are just using me, so if you are just tell me I wont get mad,” Mikey said but he sure did sound a bit mad.
“I’m not using you, I promise,” Joyce said and held out her pinky.
“Um, what?” Mikey said taking a step back.
“Pinky promise, silly!” Joyce squealed and Mikey laughed then look her pinky in his.
“So are we going out now?” Mikey asked and Joyce thought about it for a moment.
“Well you never really asked,” She said and I heard a playful tone in her voice.
Mikey laughed, “I’m sorry, Joyce McLeay would you honor me and be my girlfriend?” Mikey said and put his hand over his heart.
“Of course, silly!” She said giggling.
Mikey bent over and kissed her lips softly, and then pulled away smiling like a fool.
“Puke,” I heard Bob say and yawn as he walked down the stairs.
“Shut up,” Mikey said and threw a nerf ball at him.
“Make me,” Bob yawned and he walked into the kitchen.
“Hey,” I said and Bob nodded at me then went to the fridge and opened it grabbing some waffles then going over to the toaster, “No power,” I reminded him.
“Dammit!” He shouted and threw the box on the floor with all his power.
“Hey, asshole I eat those when I have electricity! Now pick them up and put them in the freezer before they get mushy,” I said and he rolled his eyes at me.
“Yes mother,” He said and did what I told him to do.
“What time is it anyways?” I asked and Bob glanced at his watch.
“12:07, why?” He asked.
“Damn we slept long,” I said and Bob yawned again, “Obviously not long enough though.”
“Yeah,” He said nodding.
“Good morning,” Ray said as he and Caitlin walked into the room.
“Hey frizzy, how you doin?” Bob said and gestured to Ray’s even bigger then it normally was fro.
“It gets bigger over night,” He said and tried to flatten it.
“That’s what she said,” Caitlin said and we all started cracking up and Ray proceeded to poking her in the ribs making her giggle.
“You guys are so lame,” I said and shoved more cereal in my mouth.
“And you’re not?” Bob said and Ray laughed, “So where is your lover?”
“Seapen,” I mumbled with food in my mouth.
“I’ll go get her, I mean we’ve all slept long enough, but you guys could have stayed up later, I wouldn’t know,” Caitlin said smiling widely at me, and so did Bob and Ray. I rolled my eyes and chomped at them.
Caitlin giggled and touched my shoulder as she walked out of the kitchen to go get Maddie.
“Hey,” I said swallowing, “Do me a favor, get Mikey and Frank in here, make sure their ‘lovers’ stay out though, we’re going to have a band meeting.”
I had forgotten last night to tell them, so I figured I might as well warn them before we play today for Zero to Sixty. All the girls were pretty hot too, maybe Bob could date one. But that might turn out badly, what if they break up and it ruins our shot to go big? Whatever, I won’t let that happen.
“What are you thinking about?” Ray asked and I realized both of them were staring at me.
“Nothing, just go get the guys,” I said and Bob walked out.
“Okay, what’s up?” Ray asked once he was sure Bob was out of an ear-shot.
“Nothing I just got to talk to you guys,” I said and Ray gave me a quizzical look.
“Okay then, whatever helps you sleep at night,” He said and reached into the cereal box and pulled out a handful.
Mikey, Frank, and Bob walked in the kitchen and took seats around the island.
“Well?” Frank said and he looked rather groggy.
“So a band came by yesterday after you guys went to bed,” I said and when they didn’t say anything I went on, “They want us to tour with them.”
”So if they like us does that mean I don’t have to graduate from high school?” Frank asked and I laughed.
“I don’t know, they are apparently some big band and they heard about us and wanted to hear us play,” I said and Ray spoke up.
“When?” He asked and I felt really bad for agreeing and not consulting with the guys.
“Today, at two,” I said and all the guys rolled their eyes.
“Go figure,” Mikey said and took my bowl and began eating from it.
“We don’t have power!” Bob shouted and then I felt really bad.
“Shit,” I said and Frank hit me in the arm.
“You are a total asshole,” He said.
“Um, big break? Does that sound appealing to ANYONE?” I asked and they all calmed down.
“It’d be nice,” Ray said and everyone muttered their agreements.
“Yeah it would, but we don’t have power! What are we supposed to do?” Mikey asked.
“We should call the electrician,” Bob said and took out his phone and left the room.
“Wait, where’s mom?” Mikey asked and I remembered she had said she would be back at 10.
“Hm, I don’t know, I will call her when Bob’s done, I don’t feel like walking up to my room,” I said then heard Caitlin squeal from upstairs and then come running down the stairs and bound into the kitchen.
“She’s naked!” Caitlin whispered/shouted at the same time.
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