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Chapter 20- Mama

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“GERARD!” All the guys shouted at once and I stood there like a deer in the middle of a pack of wolves.

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Chapter 20- Mama

Gerard's POV

All five of us jumped to our feet at once, “Caitlin, what are you talking about?” I asked her.
“Lookie!” She squealed and pointed to the ceiling.
I ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs and I heard the guy’s footsteps behind me. I pushed open my door and Maddie was still sleeping the way I had left her. I took another step in and I heard Ray’s soft laugh.
“What?!” I shot back at him in a whisper.
“You should have told us you fucked her last night, or this wouldn’t have happened,” He said and I peered at Maddie, she was sleeping softly and it did look like she was naked. She had the sheets modestly over her breasts and since she was wearing a strapless bra you could see a lot of skin.
“I didn’t though,” I said and quietly walked over to Maddie and brushed a strand of hair out of her face.
She began to stir and her eyes opened, she looked at me groggily then gave me a wary smile. Then her eyes shot open as she looked over my shoulder at the guys, she grabbed the sheets and pulled them to her chin as she scotched against my backboard.
“Wha-?” She began.
“Guys!” I shouted and she jumped.
I was amazed as they all filed out of my room without any other instructions.
“Gerard, what just happened?” Maddie asked and I smiled at her, she looked tired, but there was something about her that made her look beautiful all the time.
“Nothing, they thought you were naked,” I said smiling and she gave me a confused look.
“So everyone came to see?” She asked and I knew I had offended her.
“No!” I shouted quickly, “Well Caitlin came downstairs after coming to wake you up saying you were naked and so we all… okay it sounds worse than it really is,” I said and I really wasn’t making the situation better.
“How can it sound better?” She asked.
I sighed, “I guess it can’t, but I promise we didn’t come up here to look at your naked body, although,” I said with a sneaky smile, “I wouldn’t mind.”
“In your dreams,” She said and sat up a little to stretch letting the sheet fall so I could see her extremely hot boobs in her extremely hot bra.
“You’re teasing me,” I said quietly still staring at her boobs.
“You like it,” She said with a smile and bit her bottom lip.
“I do,” I said and moved onto the bed putting my arms and legs around her trapping her against the bed, she smiled at me before I kissed her soft and deep.
I pulled away for a moment before kissing down her neck.
“You know,” She said breathlessly, “I like it when you’re on top.”
I smiled to myself and pressed my lips back against hers, I slowly slid my hand down the side of her body down her thigh and grabbing below it, then suddenly my body was wrenched from hers and thrown onto the ground. I felt a hot fist against the side of my face and the feeling of my skull cracking.
Maddie screamed a blood curdling scream as I moved to get up, but was knocked down again. I closed my eyes in pain, and held my head gingerly in my hands.
“DON’T TOUCH HER LIKE THAT!” Someone shouted over me and they sprayed spit onto my face.
“Dan! Get out!” Maddie yelled.
“What’re you doing here? Did you camp out in my closet?” I asked and opened my eyes to see Dan standing over me.
“No asshole,” Dan said and went to throw another punch, but Maddie hit him hard in the chest with both her fists and he fell back a couple steps.
“Don’t hurt him!” She shouted and I got up standing behind her.
Dan quickly closed the space between us, and reached his hand out to grab Maddie but I pushed her aside and nailed Dan right in the face before he saw it coming. He took a step back and looked at me in amazement, then all the guys came running into the room and Dan made a run for the door to my small balcony. Ray sprinted after him, but Dan had a better head start and he wrenched open the door and leapt over the ledge, I walked over towards Ray and we both watched him run through the backyards away from our house.
“He won’t ever give up will he,” Maddie said and it was a statement rather than a question.
“Apparently not and whenever he shows up you are always naked,” Bob said as he stared at Maddie’s shirtless body. I quickly walked over to Maddie and put my arms around her protecting her from the guy’s greedy stares.
“I’m not naked this time,” Maddie whispered in my ear so only I could hear her.
“We should leave,” Ray said tearing his gaze from Maddie and shepherding the guys out of the room.
“I don’t mind the guys seeing me in my bra and underwear, I mean it’s just like them seeing me in a swim suit,” She said as I held her in my arms.
“I don’t like them seeing you like this,” I said sternly and she smiled slyly.
“Are you jealous?” She asked still smiling and I stiffened.
“It’s not any of their business to see you like this, you should feel violated,” I said and her smile faded.
“I shouldn’t feel violated, their my friends and it’s just like a swim suit,” She said smoothly then added, “But I kind of like this whole protection thing, you’re really sexy looking when you get all puffed up.”
I smiled at this, and kissed her softly on the lips.
“You alright?” She asked me and pulled away from my embrace to examine my cheek.
“Hurts a little,” I lied.
“We should get you something,” She said and pulled me towards the door.
“Get some clothes on first,” I said and she giggled.
“Oh yeah, I forgot,” She said smiling.
“Here let me get you something,” I said and went to my closet. I pulled out an old, grey faded power ranger’s shirt I kept around from when I was in middle school and a pair of Sarah’s old red shorts. Sarah. I thought, she was a friend with benefits I used to have and we always had clothes at each others houses just incase, I’m sure Maddie wouldn’t mind, hell I wouldn’t even tell her. I walked out of the closet with the clothes, and handed them to Maddie who was sitting on my bed.
“Thanks,” She said pulling them on. The shirt was a little tight, but she looked really hot. It made her boobs look bigger and it came a centimeter above the shorts so I could see some skin. I smiled as she pulled the shorts on without question and folded them twice making them shorter, but not too short.
“What do ya think?” She asked and gave me a twirl.
“You look beautiful,” I said in awe as she giggled.
“Thank you,” She said and I took her hand as we walked out of my room and downstairs.
There was a stout man standing in the doorway with a large tool belt and some tackle box looking thing.
“Uh?” I said as we joined the crowd in my living room.
“Electrician,” Joyce said and I nodded.
“It seems like someone cut the electrical wire that connects your electricity to the service box,” He told Mikey and Bob.
“Wait, someone? Couldn’t it have been the storm?” Ray asked and the electrician shook his head no.
“That storm couldn’t have done this, whoever cut your wires had to have some heavy-duty wire cutters,” He said and proceeded to pull out a pair of large looking scissors, “Like these.”
“How long will it take you to fix the wires?” I asked and he looked at me, then to Maddie and frowned.
“Hello Madison,” He said and Maddie jumped.
“Oh, hi Mr. Conley,” Maddie said in a small voice.
“I didn’t know you and Dan had broken up, although the boy hadn’t even told me when he asked you out either,” Mr. Conley said glancing down at our interlocked hands.
“Oh yeah,” Maddie said looking down at her feet.
“Anyways, I should be able to fix the wires in an hour,” He said and I nodded.
“How much will we owe you?” I asked and he thought about it for a moment.
“I will mail you a bill,” He said and then gave us a curt nod and walked out of the doorway and around the house.
“Was that Dan’s dad?” Mikey asked and she nodded slowly.
“Well now we know who cut the power, what an asshole,” Frank said shaking his head.
“Yeah and then showing up again in Gerard’s room, this kid is insane!” Bob said and we all agreed.
“I wouldn’t say insane,” Everyone except Maddie that is, “He just doesn’t like to be dumped, he is usually the dumper.”
“Then its good he got a taste of his own medicine,” Joyce said sweetly and Mikey smiled putting his arm around her waist and pulling her closer to him.
“But now I don’t know how far he will go, he is scary when he gets angry,” Maddie said quietly then shuddered.
“He sounds like the hulk,” Ray said and I laughed.
“He hits like the hulk too,” I said and without thinking I touched my face.
“I’ll get some ice,” Caitlin said and walked into the kitchen.
“Hey did anyone call mom?” I asked and Mikey shook his head.
“You can use my phone,” Bob said and gave it to me; I punched in mom’s cell number and waited.
“Hello?” I heard my mom’s groggy voice say into her phone.
“Hey ma, it’s Gerard,” I said.
”Gerard! Oh honey! I’m sorry I didn’t come home when I said I would, some crazy things have been going on in the hospital and well I can’t leave.” She said and I was very confused.
“What crazy stuff?” I asked and I heard my mom sigh.
“I can’t tell you honey, but I promise I will try to get home as soon as I can,” She said and I had a feeling she didn’t want to talk.
“Mom, you said you can’t leave, why won’t they let you?” I asked firmly.
“Honey, this isn’t for you too know, I should be able to leave in a couple weeks or so,” She said, a couple weeks?
“Ma, are you hurt?” I asked afraid that she was.
“No! No, I’m not but we are working on something really important and I cant leave until we have some sort of results, now I have to go, be good,” She said then hung up.
I closed the phone and handed it to Bob, everyone was staring at me with wide eyes.
“Here’s some ice,” Caitlin said softly and handed me the baggie but I just held it in my lap.
“Where’s mom?” Mikey asked demandingly.
“She’s going to stay at work for the next couple weeks,” I said not meeting his eyes.
“Weeks? What could be so important that it could take weeks?” Mikey asked and I shrugged.
“I don’t know, but in the mean time we will have to be the mom for ourselves,” I said and Maddie was at my side.
“I’m not leaving until your mom gets home,” She said and I looked at her and saw the concern in her eyes.
“Me either,” Ray said moving over to me and putting his hand on my shoulder.
“I don’t think any of us are going too,” Frank said and everyone nodded in agreement.
“Guys I cant support all of you,” I said and Joyce shook her head.
“We will get money, with school gone we can work or get money from our parents, we aren’t going to leave you guys here alone,” She said and I smiled gratefully at her.
“Yeah, it’s going to work out fine, we can all take care of each other,” Bob said.
“Sounds good to me,” Mikey said and I nodded.
“First we need to get our own clothes,” Jamia said and I hadn’t even noticed she was there.
“Yeah I don’t think I want to stay in these clothes much longer,” Caitlin said gesturing to her outfit.
“Yeah, same here,” Joyce piped in.
“How about I take us ladies to our houses and get clothes and money and explain this to our parents, I mean I drove here in my car so it would be fine,” Caitlin said and Maddie sighed.
I looked at her in confusion, “My dad’s going to flip a shit,” She said I new she was right Dr. De Pauw would freak at this idea.
“If he gets mad you have a place to stay,” I said and she laughed.
“That’s comforting,” She said and I put my arm around her shoulder, “We should get going, I want to be here when Zero to Sixty shows up,” Maddie said pulling away from me and walking over to the front door.
“Wait Zero to Sixty is coming, here?” Bob asked and I nodded.
“GERARD!” All the guys shouted at once and I stood there like a deer in the middle of a pack of wolves.

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