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Chapter 21- Never Say Never

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“Forever is code for never,” She said quietly and I closed my eyes.

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Chapter 21- Never Say Never

Gerard's POV

“How could you not tell us Zero to Sixty was the band?” Ray shouted at me and began pacing.
“Sorry,” Was all I could manage.
“We are seriously in for some shit now! How the hell are we supposed to keep up with them?” Bob asked and I just shrugged.
“Time to go,” Jamia said and all the girls ran out the door and I heard the soft sound of a car engine.
“Fuck,” Frank said and plopped down on my couch.
“What? They’re just another band!” I said and they all shot me angry looks.
“JUST ANOTHER BAND?! Their fucking rocking the charts right now! They have been for the past TWO MONTHS! And now they want US of all bands to play with THEM on tour? People will boo us!” Mikey said and I suddenly felt completely lost.
“This is not my fault, I mean I agreed, that’s it and they just want to hear us play,” I said and Bob shook his head at me.
“How can we play in front of them?” Bob asked and I could tell he was nervous.
“I don’t think I can remember any of the chords,” Frank said quietly.
“Hey guys we’ll just play like no one is watching, like rehearsal just with an audience.” I said.
“A really famous audience,” Mikey added.
“Come on, it’s just four girls who can play instruments and sing, big whoop de fucking do,” I said and Ray smacked me.
“They are THE big whoop de fucking do!” He shouted and went back to pacing.
“You really fucked up this time,” Mikey said and gave me a pissed look.
“I’m sorry, okay! I didn’t know how big they were! I thought I was doing what was in our best interests! I didn’t know! Now shut the hell up and when they get here let’s play like we do every other day of our lives!” I shouted and they all exchanged a look.
“It’s not like we weren’t going to play,” Frank said softly.
“Yeah we’re just nervous, I mean it is Zero to Sixty,” Bob said and Mikey nodded.
“I heard they are so hot too,” He added and Ray whistled.
“Speaking of hot, what’s going on with you and Maddie?” Frank asked and everyone’s attention was on me.
“She’s my girlfriend,” I said simply and Frank rolled his eyes.
“If she’s your girlfriend of three days, why are you sleeping together while she’s practically nude?” Frank asked.
“She was in clothes!” I shouted defensively.
“Barely, so have you fucked?” Frank asked.
“No, we are taking things slow,” I said and Bob scoffed.
“Making out in the woods on the first day you met her is slow?” He asked and I gave him a look of surprise.
“THEY MADE ME TELL I SWEAR!” Frank shouted suddenly, throwing up his hands in surrender and moved out of an arms reach.
“Don’t blame Frank, we did make him tell,” Ray said and Mikey laughed to himself.
“You gotta love tying someone up and shining a light in their face for a good hour, it never gets old,” He said and started laughing again.
“Yeah and when you were done I was almost blind, thank you for that,” Frank said and we all laughed.
“Well I wasn’t going to blame Frank, but yeah so we didn’t take it slow at first, but now we are,” I said firmly.
“That Dan kid is a guy to watch out for,” Ray said suddenly.
“Yeah he’s really dangerous, and I have a feeling we will be seeing much more of him in due time,” Bob said and I nodded.
“Why can’t he just move on?” Mikey asked and I shrugged.
“That guys one big asshole,” Frank said.
“Guys, I’m scared he is going to hurt Maddie,” I said and they all went silent, “Today when he came in, she told him to go away and she pushed him away from me and he snapped and tried to grab her, what if next time I can’t stop him? What if Maddie gets hurt?” I said and I finally said what I had been feeling since he first came here. Dan was serious bad news, and he could without a doubt hurt Maddie too easily. I was scared for her life, what if he came back and hurt her really badly? What if he killed her? The thought stuck in my brain, Coraline said she would do something stupid if I didn’t love her, what if Dan was that something stupid.
“We have to be more careful from now on, we have to keep all the doors and windows locked and someone has to be with Maddie all the time,” Ray said and I new Maddie wouldn’t like this idea.
“She’ll feel like a prisoner,” I said.
”Not if we don’t tell her what’s going on,” Frank said and I could swear I saw the gears turning in his head, “Yeah, and since she is staying here and you guys are together it just makes things easier!”
“He is onto something,” Ray said.
“Yeah just stay with her all the time, or when you can’t one of us will,” Bob said.
“Okay, okay, but we can’t tell anyone, not even our ‘lovers’,” I said and Ray turned pink.
“So now we know what’s going on with Maddie and Gee, what’s up with you and Caitlin?” Mikey asked and Ray turned a darker red.
“Nothing,” He said trying to hide his smile.
“LIAR!” Frank shouted.
“I just like her that’s all,” Ray said quietly.
“She likes you too,” I said and his head shot up.
“Really?” He asked and I rolled my eyes.
“Is it not obvious?” I asked Bob sarcastically and he laughed.
“What happened last night? You never came upstairs to sleep on the couch,” Mikey said and Ray smiled.
“We talked and she vented, then she fell asleep,” Ray said and the tone in his voice said there was something more.
“AND?” Frank said loudly.
“That’s it,” He said.
“Okay so let me reenact this,” Frank said and walked over to me, “So I’m Caitlin and Gerard’s Ray,” Frank snuggled himself under my arm and laid his head on my chest, “Oh Ray,” He said in a high girlie voice, “If only Joyce understood how I feel, but at least you do, OH RAY I LOVE YOU!” Frank shouted and tried to kiss me but I yanked away from him.
“Frank, you’re an asshole,” Ray said.
“But it went like that,” Frank said and we all looked at Ray, he nodded.
“Yeah! Success!” Frank said giving me a high-five.
“She didn’t say she LOVED me, and we didn’t make out either,” Ray said over Frank’s victory shouts.
Then the door opened and the girls walked back in, they all were holding bags and I let out a sigh of relief. I got up to help Maddie and I noticed her tearstained cheeks.
“What happened?” I asked and she shook her head.
“Nothing,” She said and I took the bags from her hands placing them on the floor and grabbing her shoulders gently, she stared down at the ground.
“Did your dad give you a hard time?” I asked and she shook her head no.
“What’s the matter then?” I asked.
“If you don’t tell him Maddie, we will,” Caitlin said and I saw the hard look all three of them had.
I noticed Maddie’s eyes had filled with tears as she lifted up her shirt to expose her stomach, there was a giant bruise that covered from her ribs to her bellybutton, it was yellowish and turning purple.
“What happened?” Ray asked and was at her side in seconds.
Maddie was silent.
“Dan caught us on the way out of her house, apparently he had been waiting for her to come home, he tried to make her stay but when she said no he hit her and she fell, then he kicked her side,” Caitlin said and I saw tears forming in her eyes.
“I had my pepper spray in my purse, and I sprayed him in the face when he was trying to drag her to his car,” Joyce said quietly and Mikey pulled her into an embrace.
I looked down at Maddie and she had tears in her eyes, I noticed a small bruise forming on her chin too. I pushed down her shirt and hugged her gently careful of her bruise’s.
“He didn’t mean too,” Maddie sobbed into my chest.
All of a sudden the lights came back on, and I blinked adjusting to the light.
“Powers back,” Frank said softly.
“We should get ready, for Zero to Sixty,” Ray said and I nodded still not letting go of Maddie.
“We’ll be in the basement,” Bob said and I heard them all walk down to the basement. It wasn’t until I heard the door click closed did I let her go.
“I don’t want you to leave the house unless me or one of the guys is with you, understand?” I said demandingly and she took a step away from me.
“Why?” She asked.
I sighed, “Maddie, Dan is going to hurt you, I don’t want that to happen, you have to realize that. This is only the beginning,” I said and she looked hurt.
“Dan loves me, this is the only reason why he is doing this,” She said and I knew too well what I had to say.
“Maddie, I love you, and no matter what Dan says I will love you forever,” I said and she shook her head at me.
“Forever is code for never,” She said quietly and I closed my eyes.
“Never say never,” I said and the tears were back in her eyes.
I pulled her close and hugged her tightly, I rested my head on hers, and she took a deep breath before saying, “You still love Coraline, though.”
There was a short knock on the front door and we both jumped, I let her go and opened the door to see five people standing on my porch.
“Hiya,” Mo said waving.
“Hope you didn’t forget we were coming,” Addi said and smiled back at Mo.
“No of course not, come on in,” I said opening the door all the way and letting them walk in.
“So where are we doing this?” Said a stout man who followed them in.
“Oh Gerard this is our manager Brian, he wanted to come with us, you don’t mind do you?” Addi asked and I shook my head no.
“Great!” She said cheerily.
I closed the door, and stood back checking them all out. Addi was wearing lime green skinny jeans with a black and white striped shirt and a black vest with black converse, and then I noticed all of them were wearing the same black converse. She seemed to be the band leader type, she was the boldest out of all of them and they seemed to look at her like a mom.
Mo was wearing black skinny jeans with a purple zebra long-sleeved shirt with a bunch of bracelets and necklaces, she noticed I was looking at her and blushed. She pulled a strand of hair out of her face and I saw he pretty blue eyes again, today her hair was pulled half up half down and it was curly and a dark brown.
Now that I looked at Zo I could tell why she got the name Chaos. She was seriously fierce looking. Not only did her black and flaming red hair have something to do with it, but her face was thin and he cheek bones were high, she was definitely taller and thinner than all of them. She was wearing black pants that and a blood red tee shirt with a leather jacket that she had her hands dug deeply into her pockets.
Bella was the softest looking of them all; she seemed to give off a warm vibe standing there just smiling at us all. Her hair was a very bright turquoise and it fell all the way down to her waist even though it was pulled up into a pony tail. She was wearing black leggings, under a black and white striped dress and a black shirt underneath.
“So we’re going to play in our basement,” I said and the manager cocked an eyebrow at me.
“You play in your basement?” He asked.
“Well we practice there,” I said and walked over to the door and opened it for them.
“I like it,” Mo said, “We used to practice in a basement too if you don’t recall,” She said and Brian rolled his eyes.
“Yes and you would have stayed there too if I didn’t like you girls,” He said and was the first one down the stairs.
“Chill your old man balls Brian,” Addi said and Mo laughed.
“He’s such a piss-off,” Zo whispered to me before making her way down the stairs.
I smirked and let Maddie go first as we walked down and I closed the door behind me.
“Hey guys, their here,” I said and they had already noticed, they were all white and dead silent.
“Are they usually like this?” Bella asked sweetly.
“No, actually, I think they’re nervous,” I said and Frank blinked then ran to his guitar and picked it up and stood where he usually does when we practice.
“He’s cute,” Bella giggled and Jamia gave her the death glare.
“So are we going to hear you play, or not?” Brian asked sitting down on one of the couches.
“Yeah of course,” I said and the guys automatically unfroze themselves.
“What are we starting with?” Ray whispered to me, fuck I hadn’t thought about this part.
“Well, let’s start with what we usually start with,” I said hoping he would come up with something.
“Headfirst for Halos?” He asked and I nodded, “Okay, you hear that guys?” He asked and they all nodded silently.
“Let’s do this,” I said and I was suddenly nervous as I looked and saw the mass amounts of girls staring at me. The guys started to play the intro and I couldn’t remember the words, then I just closed my eyes and imagined an empty room, and I was done.

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