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Chapter 22- Maow

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“Wait you’re pregnant?” I sputtered.

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Chapter 22- Maow

Gerard's POV


Well let's go back to the middle of the day that starts it all
I can't begin to let you know just what I'm feeling
And now the red ones make me fly
And the blue ones help me fall
And I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling
And as the fragments of my skull begin to fall
Fall on your tongue like pixie dust just think happy thoughts

And we'll fly home
We'll fly home
You and I
We'll fly home

Come on!

Well now I'm back in the middle of the day that starts it all.
I can't begin to let you know just what I'm feeling.
And now these red ones make me fly,
And the blue ones help me fall.
And I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling.

And we'll fly home,
You and I,
We'll fly home.

Now honestly that's what I said to her, what I said to her

Think happy thoughts
Think ha... wooo!

I stood in silence and opened my eyes; everyone was staring wide-eyed at me. Had I done something wrong?
“Addi?” Mo said.
“Mo?” Addi replied.
“Brian,” They said together and turned to look at him.
“How old are you boys?” He asked and my heart sank.
“We’re in high school,” I said shakily.
“I remember high school,” Addi said.
“THE GAME,” Mo shouted and Addi smacked her arm.
“Asshole,” She muttered and just made Mo laugh.
“You,” Brian said pointing to Frank and he froze, “You’re the youngest of the group?”
“Yes,” Frank said then added, “sir.”
“And the cutest,” Bella pointed out making Frank blush and Jamia scowl.
“Bella, can’t you see he has a girlfriend?” Zo said and waved her hand at Jamia who automatically jumped, “She radiates hatred towards you.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Bella said and her pale skin turned a light pink.
“Are any of you going to be out of high school?” Brian asked and Ray and I nodded.
“We’re graduating this year, sir,” Ray said.
“Hm,” He said obviously in deep thought, “Well we could always find replacement players for them,” he said looking at Bob, Mikey, and Frank.
“Thinking out loud again, Brian,” Mo said and he looked embarrassed.
“Yeah and don’t break the dude’s up I think they work well together,” Addi said.
“Well what happens when we have to pay for tutoring?” Brian asked.
“Dude, fuck school, I hated it. But I like them, I want them to come on tour with us,” Addi said and Mo nodded vigorously.
“Zo, Bella?” Brian said looking at the other girls.
“I think they’re marvelous!” Bella said smiling.
“Ditto,” Zo said.
“Well girls, seeing as you all agree, I will fetch the necessary paper work,” Brian said standing up.
“Whoa, wait, so we’re touring with you?” I asked and Brian seemed surprised that I was still in the room.
“Yes, but here’s the catch, you can’t sign on with our record label until after the tour, if the crowd likes you, consider it a done deal,” He said and walked up the stairs.
“That’s it?” Mikey asked.
“That’s it!” Mo said hopping up from the couch, “Do you guys have any gummy worms I am starving!”
“We’ll get some from CVS, now let’s roll,” Addi said standing up and moving towards the stairs.
“You guys can stay for dinner if you want,” I suggested.
“Dude it’s like 2:30,” Zo said.
“Oh yeah,” I said rubbing the back of my neck.
“Zo! Don’t be so rude!” Bella said.
“Bella! Kiss my ass,” Zo said rolling her eyes.
“Hey, be nice!” Addi said and they muttered their apologies.
“We’d love to stay for dinner!” Mo practically squealed, “It would be nice to get to know you guys, you know before we all pack ourselves into a bus and drive around the country.”
“Sounds like a plan,” I said, “But we won’t be eating until like 6 or 7.”
“That’s cool, we eat whenever,” Zo said.
“Except for me, I need me some gummy worms,” Mo said rubbing her stomach.
“Cut down on the neon man, you’re going to get fat,” Addi said and Mo peered down at her feet.
“Nope I can still see around my stomach, I’m good!” She said and Addi shook her head.
“You guys seem really close,” Bob said giving Mo and Addi a weird look.
“Best friends,” Addi said and Mo nodded.
“Yeah we tried getting rid of each other, but it didn’t work out,” Mo said and looked at Addi they both had sneaky smiles, then they burst into song.
Maybe, Possibly! I was the best, I don’t compare to the rest! And Maybe, Possibly! You make me aware of everything I say and do! And Maybe, Possibly, I still want you!
“You guys are so lame,” Zo said.
“You love it,” Mo said smiling.
“Um,” Ray said awkwardly.
“We should go,” Zo said standing up.
“Zo, free food,” Mo said and look genuinely sad.
“Mo, it’s just food, we’ll pick you up some taco bell and gummy worms on the way back to the hotel,” Zo said.
“Taco bell and gummy worms?” Frank said suddenly.
“Hell yeah,” Mo said smiling.
“Fuck,” Frank said walking over to Mo and taking her hands, “Where have you been all my life?”
“Frank,” Jamia said warningly.
“I was kidding,” Frank said walking over to Jamia and kissing her lightly on the lips.
“Aww!” Mo and Addi chorused.
“Dude let’s roll,” Zo said more firmly.
“I wanna stay,” Mo pouted and stomped her feet like a five year old.
“Come on, Zo, let’s stay!” Bella said.
“Fine,” She said and the three girls cheered.
“So why don’t we go upstairs, this basement makes me feel claustrophobic,” Addi said and we all moved upstairs.
“So do you all live here?” Addi asked as we walked over to the couches and plopped down.
“No, this is our house,” I said gesturing to Mikey and I.
“Whoa, wait, we need intros,” Mo said and I nodded.
“I’m Gerard Way, that’s my brother Mikey,” I said and Mikey nodded, “That’s Ray Toro,” I said and Ray waved, “Bob Bryar,” I said and he smiled, “And last but not least Frank Iero.”
“Why do you always introduce me last?” Frank asked.
“I don’t know,” I said shrugging.
He just shook his head at me, “So who are these ladies?” Bella asked gesturing to Maddie, Joyce, Jamia, and Caitlin.
“Girlfriends,” I said.
“So who belongs to whom?” Zo asked.
“Zo!” All the girls shouted in unison.
We all laughed as Addi apologized. Maddie walked over and sat herself on my lap and I wrapped my arms around her stomach.
“So I am guessing you two are together?” Mo asked and I nodded.
”I’m Madison De Pauw, you can call me Maddie though,” She said and I noticed her voice was shaky.
“Are you nervous?” Mo asked and a coy smile played across her lips.
“No!” Maddie squeaked quickly.
“Oh my god! You are!” Addi said and they seemed extremely entertained.
“It’s not my fault! You guys are just really famous!” She said and I smiled, she was so damn cute when she was nervous.
“Ha-ha, we make people nervous! Score!” Mo shouted and she gave Addi a high-five.
Maddie smiled and giggled, she leaned back against my chest and laid her head in the crook of my neck.
”You’re really adorable,” I said so only she could hear me.
She smiled, ”Thanks,” she whispered and kissed my cheek.
“So obviously Frank is dating chica,” Addi said looking at Jamia who blushed a deep scarlet and Frank laughed, he kissed her shoulder and she smiled.
“I’m Jamia Nestor,” Jamia said softly.
“Great, one’s nervous and the other is scared shitless of us, I blame you,” Mo said looking at Zo with mock anger.
“You guys never let her finish!” Bella said sweetly and smiled at Jamia.
Jamia returned the smile and said, “I’m dating Frank.”
“Obviously,” Zo said rolling her eyes and Addi smacked her.
“So who are you two?” Bella asked ignoring Zo.
“Oh I’m Joyce McLeay,” Joyce said, “And my choice of the guys is Mikey,” She said smiling at Mikey and he smiled back.
“I’m Caitlin Ross, and I like Ray,” Caitlin said and Ray looked surprised, but beamed at her statement.
“So Bob, if you don’t mind me asking, how come you are the only single one?” Mo asked and I rolled my eyes, she so didn’t want to get into Bob’s three hour long story.
“Well I am dating a girl named Anna, she lives out of state, but we are both very committed,” He said and I was surprised when he let Zo interject.
“So you’re single?” She asked and Bob sighed then nodded, “I do believe you owe me,” Zo said holding out her hand in front of Mo who angrily slapped a five into her hand.
“You’re such an ass,” She scowled at Zo.
“You bet on our relationships?” I asked surprisingly.
“Yeah I bet that only one of you would be single, and I won,” Zo smirked.
“I bet that none of you would be single, and I obviously lost,” Mo said and gave Zo another scowl.
“Wait what happens when we tour with you? Can they come?” Frank said looking at Jamia.
Addi sighed, “No, they can’t,” She said and I heard the true sadness in her voice.
“Do you ladies have boyfriends?” I asked and Mo nodded.
“Well three of us do, Addi has a girlfriend,” Mo said smiling at Addi and she rolled her eyes.
“Her name’s Alicia,” Mo said like a know-it-all.
“His name’s Corey,” Addi said mockingly back at Mo.
“And he’s so fine,” Bella said then blushed a light pink.
“You have your own man Bella, back off hoe!” Mo said and Bella smiled sweetly.
“I have a boyfriend named Mike,” Bella said softly.
“We call him Skippy,” Mo said giggling.
“Why?” Bob asked.
“Because, he looks like he could be a Skippy,” Zo said and I laughed.
“And Zo has a boyfriend named Charles, what a sweetie-pie he is,” Bella said rolling her eyes sarcastically.
“Shut up,” Zo said smacking her on the arm.
“Ouches!” Bella squeaked and grabbed her own arm.
“You seem to be bonding well,” Brian said from behind us making me jump.
“Yeah their really cool,” Addi said and Mo nodded.
“Then I am sorry I have to break up this little session, but girls we have to go, sound check is at four you know and we don’t have all the time in the world,” Brian said dramatically.
“We didn’t even get dinner,” Mo said sadly.
“We will get you some Taco freaking Bell on the way there!” Zo shouted then stood up and walked over to Brian.
“Don’t forget the gummy worms,” Mo added and walked over to Brian also.
“Looks like we gotta peace out, we will call you guys soon though,” Addi said as her and Bella followed the rest of the band out of the house.
“Sounds good,” I shouted and Addi nodded then waved happily and walked out of the house right as Molly came bursting in.
“Hey Molls!” Maddie exclaimed and ran over to her best friend giving her a hug.
“Oh Mads I came as soon as I could!” Molly said squeezing Maddie tightly.
“Um what are you talking about?” Maddie asked releasing Molly.
“Mad, you can tell me the truth I already know,” Molly said comfortingly.
“Molly what the hell are you saying?” Maddie asked and Molly softly rubbed her shoulder.
“I know you’re pregnant sweetie, and I am totally okay with it, I think teenage pregnancies are the shit,” Molly said pulling Maddie into another tight hug.
“Wait you’re pregnant?” I sputtered.

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