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Chapter 23- Let's Get it Straight

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“Who’re you?” She asked and my heart sank.

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BTW i wasnt going to update today i was going to make you guys wait for it but then i got some reviews and got really excited so i posted lol. and today i went to the mall and this girl ran up to me and yelled MEHEHEHEH!!!!! i almost shat my pants. thought i might tell you all that. just for giggles. anyways...

Chapter 23- Let's Get it Straight

Gerard's POV

“No!” Maddie shouted taking a step away from Molly.
“Maddie, hun, it’s okay,” Molly said understandingly, but Maddie shook her head.
“I’m not pregnant, Molly, where did you hear this bull shit?” Maddie asked Molly and she simply smiled.
“Well Dan told me, he said you were going to keep the baby too, can I be the godmother?” Molly asked walking to Maddie and putting both her hands on Maddie’s stomach.
“You’re pregnant?” I asked again and Maddie turned around.
“I don’t know,” She said looking down at her own stomach.
“Mads, Dan wanted me to tell you that he will help take care of you and the baby, he said he will do anything to keep both of you,” Molly said and Maddie took a step away from all of us.
“There’s no way this is happening,” She said shaking her head.
“Did you and Dan have sex?” I asked Maddie and she looked at me, I saw the true sadness in her eyes.
“Yes,” She said quietly and she looked away, “It was protected though, I can’t be pregnant!”
“Mads, there is a thing called a pregnancy test, I brought one with me because I wanted to know it was true before I planned anything,” Molly said and reached into her purse pulling out a purple box.
“Give me that,” Maddie said snatching the box from Molly and running to the bathroom.
I quickly followed her without thinking and pushed the door open before she could close it.
“Let me in, please,” I said because she was pushing against the door trying to keep me out.
“No!” Maddie shouted and pushed harder.
“Maddie, even if you are pregnant I won’t care, I will still love you and the baby even if it’s not mine, just let me in!” I said and she let go of the door and I stumbled in.
“You want to watch me pee on a stick?” She asked holding up the test.
“I won’t watch, I just want to be here,” I said and she smiled.
I turned around and heard her taking off her shorts then peeing on the damn pregnancy test. This was all Dan’s fault, I thought.
“I’m done,” Maddie said and I turned around and saw her staring at the test.
“Well?” I asked walking over and peering down at it.
“Hasn’t seasoned yet,” She said and put it down on the counter and began washing her hands, “I’m going to look so gross when I get all big and fat,” Maddie said frowning at herself.
“We don’t even know if you’re pregnant yet, and you won’t change at all,” I said putting my hands on her waist and kissing her neck.
She sighed, “I wouldn’t mind if it was your baby,” She said quietly and I smiled.
“I wouldn’t mind either,” I said.
“Mads?” I heard Molly say through the door.
“We’re coming out,” Maddie said grabbing the test in one hand and my hand with the other.
She opened the door and Molly was standing there as well as Mikey, the both had the same expression of fear and concern.
“Um,” Mikey said awkwardly.
“Not ready,” I said and he nodded as we moved out into the living room with the others.
“Mads, what’re going to do if you are, um, Prego?” Molly asked softly.
“I’m getting an abortion of course!” Maddie practically screamed, “I’m eighteen I can do what I want, and if I do have a baby growing inside me, it’s got to go.”
“Maddie you don’t have to get an abortion, you could always have this baby then give it up for adoption,” Bob said carefully.
“But Dan won’t let me,” She said looking down at her stomach and rubbing it gently, “He will want to keep it, and part of the choice is his, I might have to keep this nonexistent baby.”
“You don’t have to if you don’t want too,” I said comfortingly and suddenly she burst into tears and crumpled to the ground.
I knelt down next her and pulled her into my arms, the pregnancy test had fallen from her hand. There was a little pink plus sign. Molly reached down and grabbed it; she sighed and gave it to Mikey who passed it around to everyone else.
“No, no, no!” Maddie shouted into my chest.
“Come on,” I said picking her up and heading towards the door.
“Where are you going?” Ray asked starting after us.
“Metropolitan Women’s Choice Medical Center,” I said and Maddie looked up.
“Now?” She asked and I nodded.
“We’re coming with you though,” Molly said and I noticed they had all followed me to my Dad’s car.
“I don’t think-“ I said but Maddie moved in my hands and I let her go gently as she stood up.
Then she turned to me and whispered in my ear, “I want Ray, Caitlin, Molly, and Mikey to come with us,” She said the stood back and nodded.
“Okay,” I said quietly then opened the door for her and she climbed in.
I pointed to who she had said and jerked my thumb towards the car, “The rest of you should stay,” I said and Bob nodded while Frank, Jamia, and Joyce looked at a loss for words.
“Come on,” I said and went to the drivers seat and hopped in.
The car ride to Metropolitan Women’s Choice Medical Center was dead quiet except for Maddie’s occasional sobs, when we pulled into the parking lot Maddie lifted her chin and wiped her cheeks.
”Let’s go,” She said and we all got out of the car and walked in.
“Hello and welcome to the Metropolitan Women’s Choice Medical Center, do you have an appointment?” The cheery front desk lady asked.
“Shit,” I muttered, “Uh no we don’t but is it okay if we’re uh, walk-ins?” I asked and the lady nodded.
“Oh yes that’s fine,” She said then handed us a clipboard and a pen.
“Please fill out the whole paper even if it does get a little personal, we need to know everything,” The lady said and I nodded then led us over to the waiting room and gave Maddie the clipboard.
She started to fill out the paper and paused occasionally at some spots, but filled it out entirely, then once she was done she walked back up to the front desk and handed it back to the secretary.
“Doctor Williams will be with you momentarily,” She said happily and I nodded.
Maddie let her head hang low as we waiting and I put my hand on her stomach and caressed it gently.
“I don’t want a baby,” She said quietly.
“Maddie,” Ray said putting his hand on her shoulder, “We will all be here for you, even if you end up having this baby.”
Mikey nodded in agreement, “We love you Maddie, like a sister, and that’s not going to change at all.”
Maddie started to cry softly, “I love you guys,” She said and we all smiled.
“Madison De Pauw?” A man in a white overcoat said and Maddie stood up shakily.
“I’m Maddie,” She said and the doctor nodded.
“Please follow me,” He said and we all stood and followed him into a small office. The office was white and covered in drawings of baby’s and ovary’s and stuff.
“I’m Doctor Williams, I will be helping you through your abortion,” He said once we had all settled into his office.
“I’m Maddie, I am the one needing an abortion,” She said smiling sadly.
“Maddie, first we need to do a pregnancy test, I assume you have already taken one though?” He said and she nodded.
“Right, well we need to make sure so follow me please,” He said and stood up, I gave Maddie a small nudge for encouragement and she followed the Doctor out of the room.
Mikey let out a huge sigh, “Never saw this coming,” He said and everyone nodded.
“Poor Maddie, this must be so horrible for her,” Caitlin said sympathetically.
“She kind of disserves it though, having such a horrible taste in guys,” Molly said and I looked at her.
“What do you mean by that?” I asked angrily.
“Nothing, its just most of the guys she dates aren’t all that great,” Molly said calmly.
“So what am I?” I asked and Molly rolled her eyes.
“Come on Gerard, we all know what a great catch you are,” Molly said sarcastically.
“Excuse me?” I said standing up.
“Whoa Gee, calm down,” Ray said steadily.
“Molly get out!” I shouted and she rolled her eyes.
“Last time I checked this isn’t your abortion, you can’t make me leave, only Maddie can,” Molly said snottily.
“You know what Molly, maybe when this is over we can leave you here and hope that they abort you too,” I said angrily and Molly snapped.
“Gerard! You are such an asshole! Ever since I never called you after that ONE party, you’ve just been a douche to me! So why don’t you get the fuck out!” Molly screamed.
“What is going on here?!” Dr. Williams asked and I whirled around seeing Maddie and Dr. Williams standing in the doorway.
“Nothing, I was just leaving,” I said and pushed past Maddie and Dr. Williams.
I ran out to the parking lot and got in the car; I pushed the keys into the ignition then remembered I couldn’t leave without them. I sighed then reached under the seat and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one.
There was a soft knock on the window and I looked out, Caitlin was standing outside peering in at me.
I rolled down the windows and blew smoke out, it caught in the breeze before it reached Caitlin who just crossed her arms at me.
“You can’t leave her in there,” Caitlin said and I took a deep drag.
“I can’t stand Molly,” I admitted and Caitlin rolled her eyes.
“No one can, I don’t even know how Maddie lives with her as a best friend,” Caitlin said.
“Want one?” I said offering a smoke to Caitlin who shook her head.
“Maddie needs you, you have to come back,” Caitlin said.
“Why?” I asked and Caitlin sighed then took a cigarette and my lighter.
“Because, when you left she started crying like no other, and she won’t stop either,” Caitlin said then lit up and took a deep drag, “She needs you more than ever Gerard, you’re like her crack. Without you she goes into withdrawal and freaks out and does crazy shit, with you she’s the Maddie everyone loves.”
“What do you mean crazy shit?” I asked and Caitlin frowned then threw her cigarette against the ground and stomped on it.
“Come find out,” She said then turned around and ran back into the Medical Center.
I sighed then took another deep drag before I threw it out the window. I opened the car door and began to walk slowly back into the Medical Center and I heard Maddie crying the second the mechanical doors opened. I ran to the office and pushed the door opened.
Maddie was crying hysterically in a ball on the floor while Ray and Caitlin were trying to calm her down. Molly was on the floor petting Maddie’s hair and Mikey was helping the ever-so crooked looking Dr. Williams into the chair behind his tiny desk.
“Maddie,” I said and everyone looked at me.
“About time!” Mikey shouted and I ran over to Maddie pushing Ray away.
“Maddie, get up, it’s me,” I said, but Maddie was still hysterical.
“Stupid baby!” She shouted then in a flash she plunged her nails into her stomach and blood began seeping through her clothes and onto the floor.
“Maddie!” I shouted lifting her up and forcing her onto my lap, “I’m here, I will always be here! Maddie!” I shouted but she shook her head and cried harder.
“Help her!” Caitlin cried out and I noticed the tears falling down her face.
“Maddie,” I said calmly but she didn’t answer, “God Dammit!” I shouted then lifted her face up and crashed my lips against hers.
I forced my tongue into her mouth and snaked it around, trying to make her kiss back, but she wouldn’t. Then she pulled her mouth from mine, and cried even harder.
“Move!” She shouted then threw up all over the floor.
“That’s it get out!” Dr. Williams shouted but none of us moved.
“Maddie, listen to him, listen to us! We love you Maddie!” Mikey shouted and Maddie retched again.
“Maddie!” Dan shouted and we all turned to see him standing in the doorway. Ray jumped to his feet and stood protectively in front of us.
“Dan?” Maddie said groggily and tried to look past Ray.
“Maddie! Are you alright?” Dan asked.
“No, Dan, I’m pregnant,” Maddie said quietly.
“I know, baby, and I want you to keep our little gift, I love you Maddie and even though you’re with Gerard I will still love you and the baby,” Dan said comfortingly.
“Really?” Maddie choked out.
Dan laughed softly, “Really, I love you Maddie.”
“I love you too,” She said quietly and I felt the sting of tears in my eyes.
“Maddie, what about me?” I asked and she looked up at me, I grabbed a tissue off the table near by and wiped her mouth and cheeks.
“Who’re you?” She asked and my heart sank.

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