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Chapter 24- Just Cool Down

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BTW if the last chapter confused you i do sincerely hope that this chap will enlighten you on the dramatics of the story. what i just said was a bunch of bull shit. ignore it. lol but seriously you guys make me want to write now that you review. and since i havent done any homework lately... well you can emagine how that might go

Chaper 24- Just Cool Down

Gerard's POV

“What is she talking about?” I asked the nurse as they ran Maddie into the ER.
“Their might be a chance she has undergone traumatic stress meaning she doesn’t remember most recent things, like what she had for lunch yesterday, or-“
“Or who I am,” I said and the nurse nodded sadly.
“But it doesn’t mean that she will stay this way forever, since she hasn’t undergone a head injury she should start to remember after a week or so,” The nurse explained.
“Or so?” I asked and she turned to me.
“We can’t make any predictions yet, once we run some tests we should know how this is going to work out, okay?” She said softly putting a comforting hand on my shoulder.
“Okay,” I said and the nurse followed the other doctors through the double doors.
“She’ll be fine, she will remember you,” Mikey said.
“She didn’t though,” I said moving over to the same chair I sat in waiting for results on Coraline.
“She will,” Caitlin said as I stared at the dumb flowers.
Dan walked into the room and all of us looked up at him, “This is your entire fault,” He said walking angrily over to me.
Ray stood up again and I waved my hand to dismiss his ‘toughness’.
“How is this my fault?” I asked, “I’m not the one who fucked her.”
“You’re the one who brought her to get an abortion when she didn’t want too!” Dan shouted at me.
“She said she wanted one! She even signed the papers!” I shouted back and Dan started pacing.
“She wants that baby I know it,” Dan said, “She doesn’t even remember you!”
“Dan if this is some lame excuse to get back together with Maddie it won’t work, she will remember and when she does she will stand behind her own reasons,” Caitlin said and Dan turned to her.
“Who are you to say that?” He asked and Ray puffed up again.
“I’m her best friend,” Caitlin said holding her chin up, this caught Molly’s attention.
“Uh, no you’re not, I am,” Molly said pointing to herself.
“Before Maddie went through all this stress she told me I was her best friend, she’s my best friend too,” Caitlin said and I could tell she was trying not to cry.
“Yeah right, me and Mads go way back, you are just a good friend, I am her best friend,” Molly said leaning back in her chair and picking at her nails.
“Then why aren’t you worried about her?” Mikey snapped.
Molly gave him a snotty look then opened her mouth, closed it, then opened it again, she looked confused then sat back in her chair obviously in deep thought. Caitlin gave Mikey a grateful smile to which he nodded.
“She said she loves me, not you,” Dan said and I winced at the memory.
“She isn’t in any shape to make logical decisions right now! Now shut the fuck up!” Ray shouted and Dan looked surprised, but took a seat next to Molly.
As we sat there in silence I thought about the present situation, Maddie didn’t remember me or the guys. How could she not remember? How could she forget the past three days? I sighed. This was going to be incredibly hard.
“You can visit her now,” The nurse said and I jumped to my feet.
“I want to talk to her alone,” I said and walked to the nurse who led me to Maddie’s room.
I walked in silently and took a seat in one of the recliners, she was looking out the window at the sunset and she looked a lot better then she had when we took her in. She looked beautiful just like always, I smiled to myself.
“Hey,” I said softly and she jumped.
“Holy shit! Don’t sneak up on me like that!” She shouted.
“Sorry,” I said and smiled, she was so incredibly cute.
“Um, if you don’t mind me asking, who are you?” She said and my smile faded at her question.
“Gerard Way,” I said walking over to her bed and putting out my hand.
“Madison De Pauw, you can call me Maddie though,” She said and held the urge to tell her we had already met.
“How’re you feeling?” I asked and she shrugged.
“Ten stitches later and I feel okay,” She said, “So why are you here Gerard?”
“Well we’re friends,” I said slowly.
“Really?” She asked and I nodded sadly, “Yeah I feel like I should know you.”
“We met the first day of school,” I said and she peered out the window.
“What day is it?” She asked.
“Uh September 11th, it’s Saturday,” I said and she nodded slowly.
“So we met the first day of school, how?” She asked.
“Uh well you were in my AP Chemistry class and quite a few of my other classes too, and lunch,” I said and she smiled.
“So I have friends at Belleville?” She asked.
“Well yeah,” I said.
“I was worried people wouldn’t like me,” She said.
“Oh, well you shouldn’t be worried,” I said and she smiled sweetly.
“So how’d I get here?” She asked.
“Uh well, Maddie how much have they told you about your, uh, condition?” I asked and she thought.
“Well they told me I got ten stitches, and then they said I have memory loss,” She said.
“Is that it?” I asked and she nodded, “Well Maddie, I think it’s safe for me to tell you that you and Dan aren’t together anymore.”
“What!?” She said, “Did he dump me?”
“No, you dumped him,” I said and shook her head.
“Why? I really love Dan,” She said and I winced.
“You met someone else,” I said quietly and she thought about it for a second.
“And fell in love with them in three days?” She asked.
“Well that’s dumb! How could I be so stupid?” She shouted smacking herself on the head and pain shot through my chest.
“No you’re not stupid, he just meant a lot to you,” I said and she rolled her eyes.
“Who is this guy anyways?” She asked.
“Uh, I don’t know, maybe you should try to remember him,” I said and she closed her eyes.
”I-I don’t remember,” She said then opened her eyes.
“Nothing?” I asked and she shook her head.
“So why do I have stitches in my stomach?” She asked and I thought about her question.
“It’s a really long story,” I said simply.
“Well I think I have time,” She said quietly.
“You’re pregnant Maddie,” I said simply and fear danced in her moss green eyes.
“I am?” She said shakily looking down at her stomach.
“Yeah,” I said softly.
“Who’s the father?” She asked.
“Dan,” I said and she shook her head.
“That doesn’t make sense, we were always protected, I don’t get it,” She said.
I decided to stick with the straight facts, “We were going to get you an abortion because you didn’t want his baby, and you went into super freak out mode, and then tried to claw out your own baby,” I said.
“I obviously didn’t get anywhere,” She said touching her stomach.
“Don’t worry we’ll solve this,” I said putting my hand on hers and she gasped.
“What?” I asked snatching my hand off of hers.
“You,” She said quietly.
“Yes, what?” I asked and she closed her eyes.
“You make me feel,” She said softly and I felt a rush of hope.
“Yes! Maddie I do! Come on, try!” I said excitedly and pressed her eyes tighter closed.
She sighed then opened her eyes, “That’s all I got, I’m sorry.”
”Don’t worry Maddie I will help you get your memory back,” I said and Mikey, Ray, and Caitlin walked in.
“I should remember them too,” She said softly.
“Yeah, they’re your friends,” I said and she nodded.
“I like your hair,” She said to Ray who smiled widely at her.
“Anything coming back?” Mikey asked me and I shook my head no.
“Oh well, I’m Mikey, Gerard’s brother,” Mikey said walking over to Maddie’s bed and sitting on the end of her bed.
“I’m Ray the best friend,” Ray said walking over holding Caitlin’s hand, she looked scared.
”Hi,” Caitlin said quietly.
“Hey there,” Maddie said smiling.
“Do you remember me?” She asked and tears flooded her eyes.
“Should I?” Maddie asked and a tear fell down Caitlin’s cheek.
“Yeah,” She said.
“I’m really sorry,” Maddie said and Caitlin nodded then wiped her cheeks with her wrist.
“It’s fine,” Caitlin said.
“I feel bad, I really wish I remembered you, but I-I just don’t,” Maddie said.
“You will, in due time,” I said reassuringly.
“I hope,” She said, “So if Dan and I are broken up why is he still around, shouldn’t he hate me?”
“Well, he hates the fact you broke up with him, but he still wants you,” I said slowly.
“Oh good, because after this is all over I can get back together with him,” Maddie said then added quietly, “The sex was amazing! I’m so glad I remember it.”
I tried to smile but it wouldn’t work, her words were cutting through me like scissors.
“What about the Ge-“
“Other guy?” I said shooting Mikey a warning look.
“Um? I don’t know,” Maddie said shrugging.
“Well I think it’s probably not a good idea to see Dan right now, maybe once you get your memory back,” Ray said and Maddie gave him a confused look.
“Why?” She asked.
“It might not be such a good idea, I mean the other guy might get mad and you never know what will happen, so let’s just keep him out of the picture,” I said and she looked unsure, but nodded.
“Excuse me?” A nurse asked from behind us.
“Yes?” Maddie asked back.
“We need to run some tests, and the parents would like it if no one saw Maddie until after they talked with her,” The nurse said and Maddie snorted.
“I’m eighteen I signed the consent papers, they can’t control me,” She said.
“I’m afraid they can, now please leave before I call security,” The nurse warned and we took that as our cue to leave.
“See ya later, Maddie,” Ray said and waved along with Mikey and Caitlin.
“Come back soon, I like you guys,” She said and I smiled.
“Feel better,” I said and before I gave it any thought I leaned down and kissed her forehead, right when I was about to pull away she grabbed my hand.
“Don’t stop,” She said quietly.
The nurse cleared her throat and I pulled away, Maddie was breathing heavily and had her eyes closed tightly.
“Are you okay?” I asked bewildered.
“It’s you, you make me remember things,” She said smiling at me.
“Really?” I said and she nodded vigorously.
“Come back tomorrow please,” She said as the nurse escorted me from the room.
“Did you hear that!” I shouted once we where out of the room.
The nurse jumped, “Um yes I did,” She said.
“I MAKE HER REMEMBER THINGS!” I shouted cheerily.
“That’s good, you should come back and help her through this, it was obvious you two had a connection,” The nurse said and I smiled, I made Maddie remember.
I walked through the double doors and into the parking lot where Caitlin, Mikey, and Ray were all waiting for me.
“What are you all happy about?” Mikey snapped making me jump out of my temporarily happy state.
“Oh, nothing,” I said and got into the drivers seat and turned on the car.
Mikey slammed the passenger seat door closed and angrily fumbled with the seat belt.
“What’s your deal?” I asked once we had started driving.
“What ISNT your deal!?” Mikey shouted, “Maddie doesn’t remember who the fuck we are! She is fucking pregnant! How the hell can you NOT be frustrated about this! SHE’S YOUR FUCKING GIRLFRIEND!”
“Mikey calm down,” Ray said from the back seat.
“No Ray, he’s right,” I said and Mikey had a shocked expression, “I should be pissed off my rocker right now, but all we can do to help Maddie is hope for the best and that’s what I am going to do.”
“Maybe you don’t care because she’s your sex toy,” Mikey muttered and I stamped on the break and pulled over on the side of the road.
“What did you just say?” I rounded on Mikey.
“You’re just using her! Why else would you guys be making out and sleeping together after just three days of knowing each other! It doesn’t make sense!” Mikey shouted.
“Wow Mike, I didn’t know you became so fond of Maddie, if you don’t care about what we do then why do you care if I hurt her?” I asked and Mikey was fuming.
“Listen,” He said reaching forward and grabbing my shirt pulling me close to him so he was right in my face, “You hurt her, you die.”
“Bring it,” I said and Mikey turned bright red in anger.
“Mikey,” Ray said warningly and he hastily let go of my shirt.
“You know, I actually do have feelings for Maddie, I’m not using her,” I said calmly as we got back on the road.
Mikey didn’t answer so I kept driving and turned on the radio as we drove back to the house in silence. Once we had pulled up in the drive way Mikey burst out of the car and sped walk back into the house.
“Just give him time to cool down,” Caitlin said and she obviously knew I was going to follow Mikey.
“Yeah I think that’s what we all need to do, just cool down,” I said and sat on the cold sidewalk.

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