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Harry’s response to Sirius’ death in book six was so out of character I had to say something. A *very* short one-shot.

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Disclaimer: Obviously, as I cannot even afford a decent Dictionary program, I am not J. K. Rowling and I own nothing. What you recognize, belongs to her. What you don't…probably belongs to her as well.

A/N: I wish to thank my sister, FireLemming, for her beta work. She doesn’t even follow the Harry Potter fandom, preferring TLK, and yet, will take time to offer much needed (and often unappreciated) critical advice.

Set-up: Dumbledore is at #4, to pick up Harry and is discussing his inheritance.

“…but first of all, I must tell you that Sirius’ will was discovered a week ago and that he left you everything he owned”

Over on the sofa, Uncle Vernon’s head turned, but Harry did not look at him, nor could he think of anything to say except: “Oh, Right.”

“This is in the main, fairly straightforward,” Dumbledore went on. “You add a reasonable amount of gold to your account at Gringotts, and you inherit all of Sirius’ personal possessions. The slightly problematic part of the legacy is…”(HBP)

“He left me some gold?”

“Yes, Harry. Several million galleons I think.”

“And a house?”

“Several, actually.”



“Why would this…‘Steve’ guy leave me money?”


“In am serious.”

“No, I mean Sirius Black.”


“Sirius black. Your godfather.”

“I have a godfather?”

“Yes, Harry. Your godfather was Sirius.”

“Serious about what?”

“Very little, I’m afraid.” (Off camera, rimshot.)


“Why what?”

“Why are you afraid. You’re the greatest wizard alive.”

“Thank you, Harry, but we are discussing your godfather.”

“I have a godfather? Why am I here then?”

“You are here because I placed you here in order to protect you from Death Eaters.”

“Oh. Couldn’t this Steve guy have done that?”

“Not Steve. Sirius. Your godfather was Sirius.”

“I hope he was, but what was his name?”


“I am serious!”

“Sirius was the name of your godfather.”

“I had a godfather? Who is it?”

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