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Chapter 30- Hysteria

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Before I could catch my breath, I had collapsed.

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Hey guys! So i hope you like this chapter i was trying really hard to make it interesting so... let me know if it is! love you guys! peace out!

Chapter 30- Hysteria

Gerard's POV

“Maddie,” I whined.
“Gerard,” She mocked me.
“I don’t want to talk to you,” I said and dramatically turned away from her and stomped towards the closet.
“Oh please as if you could resist,” She said and I turned around to glare at her. She stood in the middle of the closet doorway with one hand on her hip and the other on her neck. She smiled smugly at me and walked over putting her hands around my neck and pulling me into her, “You want me,” She said making sure to flick her tongue out with every word.
“Maybe,” I said trying not to look into her eyes.
“I know you do,” She said teasingly while letting one of her hands trail down my chest slowly.
“Stop it, we have to get ready,” I said shakily.
“Please,” She said with a puppy dog face.
“No,” I said pulling away from her and turning around to look for some nice clothes.
“Poopyhead,” She muttered.
“Did you just call me a poopyhead?” I asked turning around to see her pulling her underwear back on.
“Yesm,” She said.
“I don’t think I have been called a poopyhead since like the third grade,” I said and she rolled her eyes.
“Maybe because everyone else calls you shithead or asshole,” She said playfully.
“Excuse me! You do not call me a shithead and get away with it!” I said playing up some extra offense.
“Oh yeah well whatcha gunna do about it?” She asked and stuck her tongue out at me.
“Now you’re in for it!” I shouted and ran over to her. She screamed and ran from the closet but I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back.
“No! Don’t hurt me!” She shouted struggling to get free. I slung her gently to the ground. I lifted her arms above her heads with one of my hands then tickled her, “NO!” She screamed and started laughing uncontrollably.
“Beg for forgiveness!” I shouted over her laughter.
“STOP! PLEASE!” She managed to shout.
“Fine,” I said crawling off of her, “But you owe me.”
“Poopyhead,” She mumbled and ran to the closet to get the rest of her clothes on.
I shook my head and followed her into the closet.
“I need another shirt since the other one is totally shot,” She said to me as I pulled on a pair of dress pants and a black shirt and a purple striped tie.
“This is true, but I think it died for a good cause,” I said and Maddie snorted.
“Oh please,” She said with a roll of her eyes.
“Get your skirt on while I look for another shirt,” I said. I turned slightly pretending to look for a shirt, but out of the corner of my eye I watched her dress. She slowly pulled her skirt on over her hips where it fit snuggly.
“How do I look?” She asked turning to me and I looked away quickly.
“Uh- what?” I asked turning to her.
“How do I look?” She asked again giving me a twirl.
“I think you should go without the skirt, with it you just look weird,” I said trying to sound gay like the guy from my moms runway show.
“You poopyhead give me a damn shirt,” She said laughing at my comment.
“Fine,” I said looking through the clothes and picking a nice blue shirt, “Here,” I said taking it out and walking over to her.
“Blue?” She asked looking at the short-sleeve low neck shirt I was holding.
“Yes, blue,” I said unfolding the shirt and holding it up for her to see.
“A little low don’t you think?” She asked tracing the neck line of the shirt.
“No it’ll be fine,” I said and she sighed and with a roll of her eyes she walked past me and looked around the closet.
“Hm,” She said stroking her chin, then she walked over to the end of the closet and pulled a blue flower print tank top off a hanger and walked back to me, “I’ll wear this underneath it.” She said reaching for the shirt.
“Ah, I’ll dress you,” I said and I saw Maddie shudder, “What? You don’t want me too?”
“No, I do,” She said stepping closer so our lips were inches away from each other, “I really do.”
“Good,” I said and she rolled her eyes.
“We don’t want to be late so dress me bitch,” She said with a wicked smile.
“Oh boy,” I said and took the tank top from her, “Put your arms over your head,” I demanded and she did so, I took the tank top and slid her arms through the holes then down over her head. I pulled the tank top down over her breasts slowing down to feel her body. I took the blue shirt and did the same this time once it was over her head I moved to her back grazing my hands down her sides. Once I was done I let my hands rest on her hips as she leaned her body back against mine.
She sighed and I kissed the side of her neck, “That feels so good, Gee,” She mumbled.
“MADDIE, GERARD, LET’S GO!” Mikey shouted breaking our peaceful moment.
“Come on,” She said taking my hand as we walked from my room to the living room.
“Oh Maddie you look so cute,” Joyce cooed from next to Mikey. I scowled at him, what an asshole. So he can hit on Maddie and still date Joyce, that’s cool, because no one will protest that. Not.
“Thanks,” She said and I put my arm protectively around Maddie while staring directly at Mikey.
“Uh should we get going then?” Ray asked awkwardly and when there was a murmur of agreement from the group we were out the door.
“Does anybody know where the funeral is?” Bob asked and when no one responded I spoke up.
“Yeah I know where it is, I’ll drive,” I said and Ray threw me his keys.
“Let’s roll,” He said and I smiled at him, Ray didn’t let anyone drive his car.
“Uh I think Maddie should drive with the girls,” Frank said quietly.
“Why?” Maddie asked gripping tightly to my arm.
“Don’t worry, we don’t bite,” Caitlin said and Jamia giggled.
“I’ll ride with the girls, Maddie can drive with you guys,” Mikey said walking over to Joyce and putting an arm around her shoulder.
“Uh-“ Ray started.
“Let’s roll,” Maddie said mocking Ray and pulled me towards the Volvo.
I turned to look at them and just shrugged, they shrugged back and we all piled into the cars.
“Shotgun!” Frank cried as he jumped in front of Maddie and into the passenger seat.
“Asshole,” Maddie muttered and climbed into the back with Ray and Bob.
I walked around and got in the drivers seat pulling on my seat belt and starting the car.
“Be careful,” Ray whined from the back seat. I rolled my eyes.
“He hasn’t even started driving yet,” Bob said and Ray looked like he was about to shout ‘YOUR POINT IS?’ right in Bob’s face.
I looked in the rearview mirror making sure Ray saw and carefully put it in reverse and pulled out of my driveway and onto the street.
I went into drive and went slowly down our street looking back at Ray to see him clutching to the seat and his eyes nearly popping out of his head.
“EYES ON THE ROAD!” His voice cracked and I hastily looked back at the road.
“Dude calm down!” Bob said and punched Ray on the arm.
“What the hell?” Ray shouted and Bob rolled his eyes and looked away from him.
“Jesus you too, would you shut the hell up?” I asked not looking away from the road, it had been a while since I drove a car and with them fighting in the back seat I might get distracted.
“I shouldn’t have let you drive,” Ray muttered rubbing his temples.
“He’s doing just fine,” Maddie said playing with the hair on the back of my neck.
“Thank you for the vote of confidence,” I said nodding and turning onto fifty-second street.
“You’re welcome,” Maddie said and I saw her turn to Ray and give him a playful smirk.
“Just drive,” Ray said and I rolled my eyes.
“We’re almost there,” I said and I wasn’t lying, we just had one more stop light and we were at Lynch & Sons Funeral Home.
I took a deep breath, it had been a while since I truly thought about how much I missed Coraline. I guess I didn’t want to upset Maddie or let her see that I still loved Coraline. I don’t think I would ever stop loving Coraline, but the problem was if I didn’t stop loving her Maddie would do that stupid thing. That was the thing that hung over I like a black cloud waiting until the worst moment to start raining on my parade. How was I supposed to act at the funeral? It would take everything for me to keep from falling apart at the seams and no way did I want Maddie to think that I loved Coraline more than her. Even though something in my gut was telling me that I did.
“Gerard, come on,” Maddie said as she tugged on my arm.
“Wha-?” Was all I managed. We were sitting in the parking lot of Lynch & Sons and Maddie was trying to pull me out of the car.
“Get out of the car,” She said with another pull.
“Oh,” I said and unbuckled my seat belt and got out of the car.
I released Maddie’s hand as we walked to the front door, what would Mr. Johnson think if he saw I had gotten another girlfriend already? I felt her absence and turned around to see her staring at me a few steps away.
“What?” I asked and she looked away.
“Never mind,” She mumbled and walked past me and she pushed open the doors.
”Maddie!” I shouted after her, I swung open the doors and tried to follow her but I was caught by the shoulders.
“Gerard! How nice to see you!” I was ambushed with a hug and my face was covered in copper red hair, it smelt like pineapple. Instantly I knew who I was hugging, it was Sarah Katipo my old friend with benefits.
“Sarah,” I said trying to imitate her enthusiasm, “How are you?” I asked pulling away but she still lingered with her closeness putting a friendly hand on my arm.
“I’m pretty good, it’s so sad that we’re seeing each other on such bad terms though,” She said leaning closer to me.
“Uh yeah,” I said trying to inch away.
“But anyways do you think you could help me find something? I think I left it in my coat that’s in the coat room,” She said friendly.
“Uh sure,” I said and she smiled widely.
“Great! You were always such a gentlemen,” She said taking my hand and leading me to the coat room.
I opened the door for her and she walked in before me, I followed after her but she quickly snapped the doors shut.
“What am I looking for exactly?” I asked and was suddenly tackled and Sarah’s lips hungrily met mine as she tore at her blouse trying to get it off.
“God damn, I’ve missed you!” She whispered.
“Sarah, stop!” I said trying to push her off of me.
“Oh please, Gerard, you knew the moment I’d ask to see you alone I was asking for sex,” She said hastily and managed to get herself out of her skin tight skirt.
“Sarah, please stop! We’re at a funeral for god’s sake!” I shouted and she just rolled her eyes. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and smothered her mouth against mine, “Stop!” I shouted pushing her off of me and running to the doors.
“Gerard! I’ve never seen you like this! You used to never deny a blow job,” She said seductively and my mind wandered to the old memories. I snapped myself out it and shook my head.
“You’re sick Sarah,” I said and pushed open the doors and stalking out of the closet not even bothering to close them.
I walked angrily into the room ignoring the annoyed whispers and stares, I found my way over to Ray and crossed my arms fuming to myself.
“Maddie’s over there,” Ray said pointing towards the front doors where Sarah had attacked me. I looked over and saw her flirting effortlessly with Max. I took a sharp breath trying not to walk over there and beat Max senseless. Maddie laughed at something Max said and put an arm on his shoulder and threw her head back while she laughed. Her eyes flitted towards me and I saw the smug look in them before she turned away to look at Max who looked like he was about to float in mid air.
“God damn, who is that with Max?” I heard someone say. I turned and saw two guys who were no doubt in college. One of them in a blue shirt was checking Maddie out, my lip twitched.
“I don’t know, must be one of Coral’s friends, she has some pretty hot ones I am not going to lie,” The other one said and they both nodded, “We should go talk to her,” He said taking half a step towards Maddie.
“I think we should let Maxi Pad get this one, even though she is way out of his league,” The blue shirted one said and I scowled at him, Maddie wasn’t any where near his ‘league’ either.
“She is so hot,” The other one said and shook his head as if it was a waste.
“I know man, but I highly doubt she’ll be looking for a sympathy lay from Max, there are more experienced men here for that,” He said and rolled on his heel.
“IT’S A FUNERAL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!” I shouted at them and they both jumped oblivious that I was listening.
“Whoa dude calm down,” The blue shirted one said.
“That’s my girlfriend asshole!” I yelled and he rolled his eyes at me.
“Doesn’t look like it,” He said nodding his head towards Maddie.
“Watch,” I said and walked over to Maddie and Max, they were laughing again and Maddie was even closer to him. I waited patiently until they were done. Max caught my gaze and looked away horrified.
“Hey Mads,” I said hysteria creeping up in my voice.
“Hey Gee,” She said casually.
“Would you come over here and meet my, uh, friends?” I asked and before she could answer I grabbed her around her elbow and wheeled her straight over to the two bone heads.
“Gerard,” She said quietly and I knew why, the two guys were looking at her like she was something to eat.
“Guys this is my girlfriend, Maddie,” I said and they looked up from her chest to her face and smiled.
“Nice to meet you Maddie, I’m Jared,” The blue shirted one said and he reached out his hand, so did Maddie and he took it carefully before he reached down to kiss it. Maddie looked stunned; I was sure at this moment, so did I.
“I’m Jason,” The one next to him said and he did the same. Maddie was now leaning against me and I put my arm around her shoulder.
“We’re leaving,” I said and walked away towards the front of the room.
“They were really creepy,” Maddie said once we were out of an ear shot.
“I’m sorry,” I said instantly and she understood.
“It’s okay, I just saw you with that girl and… well it made me mad,” She said and I nodded and understood the same feeling.
“I almost killed Max I was so angry,” I said and Maddie laughed, I pulled her into a hug and she sighed.
“You smell really good,” She said and I smiled to myself.
“Thank you,” I said and she giggled pulling away.
“Is that her?” Maddie asked after a minute of silence.
“What?” I asked and followed Maddie’s gaze to the off-white coffin in the head of the room. All my breath was gone from my lungs and I suddenly felt very weak. As I stared at her pale, lifeless body I couldn’t help but feel like I was the same way. Before I could catch my breath, I had collapsed.

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