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Chapter 31- Life Isn't Fair

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Kelly took her by the shoulder and Joyce wailed out, “IT’S SO UNFAIR!”

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Chapter 31- Life Isn't Fair

Gerard's POV

“Gerard!” Maddie shouted and tried to hold me from hitting the floor but she was too small, “Gerard!” She shouted again putting her hand below my head and placing it softly on the ground.
“Maddie what happened?” Ray asked urgently and a sudden haze swept over me and I felt like I was being pressed underneath tons of water.
“I-I don’t know, he just collapsed,” She said and I heard her voice break with a sob.
“Gerard! Gerard, wake up,” Ray shouted and he tapped my cheek, I wanted to respond and tell him I was fine, but the water was pressing down hard on me not letting me talk.
“What’s wrong with him?” Maddie asked with obvious worry.
“I don’t know,” Ray said and hit my face again.
“Is he breathing?” asked an unfamiliar voice.
“Yes,” Ray responded and I felt a warm hand slide into mine and another one lay above my heart.
“He has a pulse,” Maddie said quietly.
“What the f-“
“Shut up Frank we don’t know!” Ray shouted.
“Okay people are starting to notice, get him up!” Bob whispered furiously.
“Gerard, please, get up!” Maddie pleaded. I couldn’t get out from the pressure pushing down on me, I wanted to get up and tell them I was fine, but I couldn’t.
“Maddie, Maddie come here,” I heard Mikey say.
“No, I should stay with him,” Maddie whimpered.
“Maddie come outside with me,” Mikey said more firmly and the warm, small hand left mine and it was like a fishing rod had pulled me out from the water and I coughed to let my lungs fill with fresh air as the imaginary water left my lungs. I blinked several times to see Ray, Bob, Frank and several other people looking down at me with worry etched into their faces. I blinked again and tilted my head back to see Mikey with his arm around Maddie’s shoulders as he led her from the room.
“Maddie,” I said and my voice was hoarse as I struggled to sit up.
“Whoa there,” Ray said pushing on my shoulders and forcing me back down.
“But-“ I began and Ray gave me a stern look.
“I don’t think you should sit with her at the funeral,” Frank said quietly and Bob’s eyes widened and he gave a curt nod.
“If everyone could take there seats we would like to start the proceedings,” Someone said and Ray sighed, he looked down at me then put his arm under my elbow while Frank took the other and the lifted me off the ground slowly. We walked over to the chairs and took the seats closest to the door, I tried to hide my face as Max and Mr. Johnson walked by but they noticed and Mr. Johnson patted me on the back and handed me a small package of tissues. I smiled back and looked down at the tissues I clutched in my hand, I wouldn’t cry, real men don’t cry. Ray put his hand on my shoulder and the man at the front of the room spoke again.
“We’d like to start off with a hymn led by Marie Ann,” He said and smiled to a girl with silver blonde hair who smiled back.
“I’ll be singing Amazing Grace,” She said and didn’t even hesitate before she started.
Right as her beautiful voice filled the room, tears filled my eyes and I had to blink hard to make them go away, I wouldn’t cry. Everyone in the room started to sing along and I could hear Ray singing too, I closed my eyes tightly and squeezed the tissues. This was going to be harder than I thought; I prayed that Maddie wasn’t here to watch me I didn’t want to embarrass myself.
No matter what I said to myself I couldn’t bring myself to do much of anything. I tried to keep my muscles stiff even though I really wanted to be relaxed and let everything go. I wouldn’t cry. Ray squeezed my shoulder and I didn’t want to bring my eyes up to look at him,
When the song was over the preacher began to speak. I kept my eyes closed and listened to what he was saying,
“Today we come to celebrate the death of a friend, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter, and an all around loving person. I tried myself to find out as much as possible about Coraline so this would be a heartfelt ceremony and not just a configuration of words. A I asked people about Coraline I get the same answer from everyone. Coraline was loving, she always listened to everyone, she was a great friend, she was beautiful, she was an amazing person, talented, and she had a certain gift for a wonderfully scary creature; snakes,” he paused as a few people laughed. Coraline loved snakes, she owned one herself and his name as Theo the Great and he was truly terrifying, “I can tell by how fondly everyone talked of Coraline that she touched very many people’s hearts and if you look around you can see what I mean.” It was as if he was speaking directly to me, I finally had the courage to open my eyes, and I did and peered around the room. I seemed to be over-flowing with people. All the chairs were filled and people were standing along the sides of the room and in the back. “Coraline was loved more than she appeared to be and she will be greatly missed, I can tell. Bt right now I want to focus on what Coraline’s great accomplishments were,” He paused and lifted a small wooden plaque up for everyone to see. “Her freshman year Coraline wrote a paper called Love that won first place at the State, Sectional, and National Writing Competitions. I would like to read a passage from it,” He cleared his throat loudly before putting on reading glasses and staring down at the paper in his hands, “’What is love? Does anybody truly know anymore? Everyone seeks love in all the wrong ways that most have grown to hate love more than they should. Love is not the desire we feel for a thing or a what. It’s the need that we have for someone. Love is waking up in the morning thinking about that special person. Love is the will to give your very own life for that special person. But most importantly love is the word we became so at home with once we know we made the right choice.’ She continues on with this moving paper that has actually made a judge at the Sectional Writing Competition cry. If we cannot learn from Coraline Johnson in the ways she has portrayed, there is no way we will truly know what she stood for and what she wanted in life.”
The preacher moved away from the podium and Joyce, Caitlin, and their friend Kelly walked up, Kelly was the first to speak.
“Coral and Me were friends since fifth grade when I moved here, Coral was the only one to talk to be ‘cause the other kids called me a hillbilly,” Kelly twanged in her obvious Okie accent. Some people laughed, Kelly was a huge cowgirl type. She was wearing a pair of faded brown leather cowboy boots and a jean skirt with a nice flowery church shirt on. Her hair was braided into two long brown plaits; Kelly also had a tan that would make celebrity fake tanners jealous. She coughed before she continued, “Coral was my best friend right when me met. She would talk and play with me and she would hug me even when the other kids said I had ‘Horse cooties.’ Coral never changed since fifth grade, she would always be nice to people who didn’t deserve it and she always was there to listen, Coral was a truly beautiful person, and she will never ever be forgotten.” Kelly ended and I saw a tear leak from the corner of her eye.
Joyce and Caitlin hugged her as she moved to stand behind them. Joyce walked to the podium and gave us a wry smile before looking down at the paper she held in her shaky hands, “Uh like Kelly and Caitlin, Coraline was my best friend and my mom always said that the four of us were attached at the hip and I always denied it, but now that she’s gone I realized it was true,” Joyce’s chin twitched as she tried to keep herself from crying. “Coraline was the smartest of the four of us, she was also the prettiest and most creative and she always got the cutest boys-“ I smiled to myself, “-but none of that stuff really ever mattered. Coraline wasn’t really about the big picture she was about the fine details. She liked to notice the depth at which people lived their lives and showed their feelings through their actions. She also noticed how people smile in different situations. Or she gave people credit for having their original hair color instead of dying it,” I heard a soft chuckle from the male section of the room, “And as many of you wonder why any of those things matter it’s because you don’t really know a person by what they show on the outside but you know them by what they hide on the inside. And that’s what Coraline lived her life by and even though she was only alive for eighteen years Coraline was wise beyond her years, and I am honored to have her as a best friend because you don’t run into people like her everyday, people like Coraline are hard to stumble upon, but it looks like we’ve all been stumbling in the right direction,” At this point Joyce was letting the tears flow down her red blotched cheeks and her voice shook with her sobs. I peered around for Mikey; he was no where to be seen. Joyce seemed unable to continue for she was holding her sides and doubling over in sobs. Kelly took her by the shoulder and Joyce wailed out, “IT’S SO UNFAIR!” Before she threw up on the spot, Kelly dodged her sick as Joyce’s dad ran to the front and picked up Joyce in a baby cradle and carried her from the room; you could still hear her cries when Caitlin walked to the podium. The atmosphere in the room had become thick with sorrow after Joyce’s speech that I was beginning to think Caitlin speech would end badly also.
“So I wrote a speech I really did, but you guys will not believe what happened to it, my dog ate my speech,” And sure enough Caitlin lifted up what looked to be a piece of paper, but it had been torn and crinkled to oblivion, several people laughed. “So yeah I am just going to wing this. Uh, as you have heard Coraline was probably the best person you could ever have met, like it’s completely impossible to think Coraline is not the most awesome person ever. Uh what other people haven’t said before and quite frankly I was really shocked about this, but Coraline was hilarious. She was the funniest person ever and she didn’t even have to try, like freshman year when we both were in band we had heard that the teacher was a total like meanie, so as we were waiting for class to start Coral was talking to me about the teacher and the teacher walked in and heard the whole thing and then said ‘I can hear you,’ and Coral yells, ‘OH POOPFART!’ At the top of her lungs and the whole class went dead silent and then burst into laughter,” Everyone in the room was laughing now, “Does anybody remember that? Like legit remember that?” Someone in the back raised their hand, “See! It was the funniest thing ever! And once at lunch Coral was running towards our table and slipped in some kind of drink and slid all the way to our table knocking over everyone in her path, she was like a human steamroller!” The room was filled with laughter and the atmosphere was now light and happy, “Coral was honestly the best friend anyone could ever have and I really hope people remember her in a good way with her fun side and her deep side because without either she wouldn’t be the same Coral.” Caitlin finished and everyone clapped to which Caitlin bowed goofily before her and Kelly returned to their seats.
“Thank you girls,” The preacher said once he got to the podium, “I would like to lead you all in a prayer, then Marie Ann will lead another hymn and the proceedings will be complete.”

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