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Chapter 32- I Gotta Feeling

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“Why won’t you just tell me what you’re doing?!” Maddie shouted in frustration.

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HEY GUYS! Hope you enjoy this chapter! Sorry for the late update i got pneumonia and spent a lot of time going from the doctors to the hospital to sleeping to homework to coughing my own lungs out. so basically pneumonia sucks dick. BUT I LOVE YOU ALL! thanks for the rates, reviews, and for just plain reading! ENJOY! PEACE OUT!

Chapter 32- I Gotta Feeling

Gerard's POV

Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you
for all the benefits you have won for us,
for all the pains and insults you have borne for us.
Most merciful redeemer,
friend and brother,
may we know you more clearly,
love you more dearly,
and follow you more nearly,
day by day.

We all recited the prayer from the pamphlet that was passed out. It was short and simple, but I think it’s the best one for Coraline. The preacher nodded to Marie Ann and she stood and walked to the podium, right when she began singing Abide With Me I felt a sharp tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see Bob crouching down next to me.
“Follow me,” He whispered to me and stood to walk quickly out of the room.
I turned to look at Ray who shrugged and I followed Bob’s path, I saw him standing a couple yards from the front door, “What do you want?” I asked quietly and he lifted his hand and pointed to the door. I followed his finger and saw Maddie sitting on the ledge and Mikey standing in front of her, they were standing very closely. Anger engulfed me as Maddie giggled and turned pink at whatever Mikey had just said. I was very tempted to go out there and beat Mikey to death, but instead I let out a loud sigh.
“I don’t want to deal with this,” I said sharply and walked back to the ceremony as Marie Ann was finishing singing. As everyone stood I looked around for Ray and saw him standing alone by our chairs, I walked over and Ray must have seen my fury because when I reached him he asked,
“Hey man do you need help?” Ray looked worried and I shook my head at him.
“Nah,” I said and waved a hand at him.
“RAY!” I heard Caitlin yell before she came stumbling through the crowd towards us. Once she had reached us she flung herself into his arms and hugged him tightly. He closed his eyes and squeezed her before letting her go.
“Your speech was great,” Ray complimented and Caitlin was radiating in joy.
“Thanks, I didn’t think people would clap, but everyone was just so sad and I had to lighten the mood,” She said then shrugged as if it was nothing.
“It was really good,” I tried to sound as normal and nonchalant as possible, but even I could hear my voice shaking.
“Oh Gerard,” Caitlin said sympathetically and gave me a soft hug; I let myself get lost in her continuing warmth for only a moment. When she let go she peered around me and Ray then asked, “Where is everyone else?”
“Uh Bob’s in the bathroom, Franks talking to Coral’s uncle, Maddie and Mikey haven’t been seen for a while, and I think Jams is going to comfort Joyce,” Ray said and I nodded, I didn’t really notice any of it happening.
“Oh okay, well Mr. Johnson wanted to know if we were going to the burial with them. It starts in like an hour I think,” Caitlin said looking around for a clock.
“Caitlin, darling!” I heard the most horribly familiar voice shout across the room. We all cringed as Aunt Maudie made her way over to us. Coraline’s Aunt Maudie (she was actually her Great Aunt) was a very bitter old woman. She usually wore a carpet-patterned skirt and a maroon blouse that looked to big on her. Her voice was scratchy from being a long-term smoker, along with her beady glazed-like eyes and her big yellow teeth. Aunt Maudie also had the tendency to criticize people to their faces. She also had a bad limp and relied heavily on her brown walking cane that she loved to whack people over the head with extraordinary force.
“Caitlin dear,” She said scratchily and gave Caitlin a half hearted hug.
“Hello Aunt Maudie,” Caitlin said hiding her distaste very well.
“Oh Caitlin your dear speech was horrific! I don’t know why everyone applauded to you, I myself was shocked stiff,” Aunt Maudie said harshly with a wave of her wrinkled hands.
“I’m sorry I upset you,” Caitlin said sincerely.
“Oh darling don’t fret, I have forgiven you, but next time you give a speech try not to act so boisterous,” Aunt Maudie wobbled a little then shouted at Coraline’s cousin Pat, “Get out of your seat young man! Can’t you see I’m your elder! Show some respect!” Pat leapt out of his chair and mumbled a quiet apology before he practically ran away.
“Do you need anything Aunt Maudie?” I asked as she shook slightly.
“You look familiar deary, what’s your name?” She asked me, prodding her chin in curiosity.
“Gerard Way,” I said and her face contorted in thought as she probably racked her brain for some sort of memory.
“A glass of water would be lovely,” She said quietly still deep in thought.
“I’ll get it,” Bob said from behind me, I didn’t even notice he had walked up.
“Hmm,” Aunt Maudie said scratching her palms before her face lightened and she looked up at me, “You’re the bag boy from Farmer Jacks!” She exclaimed, obviously pleased with her own memory. I sighed; I had worked at Farmer Jacks freshman and sophomore year to get money for amps.
“Yeap, that’s me,” I said mimicking her pleasure.
“How wonderful!” She said clapping her hands together, “But your bag boy attire was positively dreadful. Yellow doesn’t flatter anyone, and those hats?! Goodness gracious what has our world come too?” Aunt Maudie threw her frail, old hands in the air dramatically; we all nodded in solemn agreement.
“Aunty,” Mr. Johnson said coming over to us and hugging her gently.
“Hello Charles dear,” Aunt Maudie said putting a hand on his elbow, “You must be truly devastated and I can’t be more than sympathetic for you loss, Coraline was my first Great Niece, you know,” Aunt Maudie said and Mr. Johnson nodded.
“Thank you for your true apathy,” He said smiling at his old, frail Aunt. He turned to us and smiled weakly and that’s when I noticed how old Mr. Johnson looked. His eyes had deep circles below them and the wrinkles around his mouth and eyes were more prominent, “You kids coming to the burial?” He asked the question casually, as if he were asking us where we were planning on going for dinner.
“Uh we don’t know yet, Mr. J, but we’ll let you know as soon as possible,” Caitlin said patting Mr. Johnson on the back.
“Okay cool, see y’all later then,” He said turning his back and walking over to a group of relatives.
“Mr. Johnson seems, uh, happy,” Ray said as Bob returned with a plastic full of water and gave it to Aunt Maudie who took is and drank quickly.
“Well how would you feel if you lost your daughter after you wife died just five years ago? I’m sure his emotional state of being is off the rocker,” Caitlin said giving a sympathetic look towards Mr. Johnson.
“So you’re saying?” Bob had obviously not grasped any of Caitlin’s concepts.
Caitlin rolled her eyes then said, “I’m saying he’s trying to hide his misery by acting happy!”
“Oh,” Bob said nodding.
“Well I think we should go find everyone else and find out what we’re planning on doing,” Ray said and we all muttered our agreements. We found Frank listening intently to one of Coral’s uncles blabbing on about his light bulb business. “He a real intriguer that one,” Frank mumbled obviously thankful that we had saved him. We walked to the back room and found Jamia and Joyce.
“Hey,” Joyce whispered weakly and we all nodded to her, afraid at any moment she might burst back into tears, “Gerard,” She said softly, “Can I talk to y-you?” She asked and it took a great effort to keep my jaw from dropping and giving her a stiff nod.
She smiled slowly and looked at everyone else; Caitlin jumped in realization and began shuffling everyone out of the room.
Joyce sighed and took a seat on one of the chairs, I pulled one up next to her and sat down. Joyce was staring at her hands clasped between her legs and her shoulders shook before she spoke.
“Maddie’s really pretty,” She said quietly and I hadn’t been expecting the words.
“Oh, uh, thanks?” I said and scratched the back of my neck.
“When she walked in all the guys turned to look at her, even Mikey,” Her voice broke when she said his name and I realized what this was about.
“Joyce-“ I began but she shook her head vigorously.
“It’s not your fault,” She said and I reached over putting a careful arm around her shoulder.
“Joyce, nothing is going on between Mikey and Maddie,” I said and even though the words were empty I said them to comfort.
“How can you know?” She asked and I heard her trying not to cry.
“I don’t, but Mikey wouldn’t do that to me or you,” I said and Joyce swiftly moved over and like a child sat herself on my lap and buried her face into my shoulder.
“Maddie’s just so gorgeous, how could I ever measure up to that?” Joyce asked and I felt her tears through my shirt.
“Joyce you don’t need too, you have a great personality and don’t down-size yourself, Joyce you’re pretty cute,” I hadn’t meant to say that much but Joyce looked up at me and I saw tear tracks on her face.
“Really?” She asked squeakily and I nodded wiping off her cheeks. I didn’t have time to react when Joyce pressed her lips softly to mine and pulled away before I could even close my eyes.
“Joyce?” I heard Mikey’s voice shout and the door was flung open, Mikey came trudging in with Maddie on his heels. He stopped dead at the sight of us. “What’re you doing?” He asked and Joyce hopped lightly off my lap.
“She needed a little comforting when her boyfriend wasn’t there to do so,” I said and stood up putting my hands in my pockets.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mikey asked looking outraged.
“I think it means I’m dumping you,” Joyce said simply and threw her dark hair over her shoulder and strutted from the room. I couldn’t help but laughing.
“WHAT?!” Mikey shouted once reality seemed to dawn on him, Mikey seemed to think that Joyce was going to come bounding back in the room laughing and say she was kidding, but when she didn’t Mikey shouted, “JOYCE!” And ran from the room after her.
“Are you going to dump me too?” Maddie asked and I shook my head no and walked towards her.
“As long as you can look me in the eyes and honestly say you don’t have any feelings towards my brother or have done anything more than friend like with him,” Maddie look affronted by my words than said quite clearly.
“I don’t have any feelings towards your brother and I have never done anything more than friend like with him,” She said and I heard the hurtfulness in her tone.
“I saw you earlier out front with him,” I said softly and she looked away.
“He told me he thought you didn’t treat me right, he said I was too good for you,” She said quietly still avoiding my eyes.
“I agree with him, you are too good for me,” I concurred with her, but when she shook her head no I was puzzled.
“I’m not ‘too good’ for anyone, I’m just a whore next door, you’re too good for me,” She said poking me in the chest.
“I doubt that,” I whispered and she looked up at me.
“You remind me of an angel,” She said and my eyes were wide with shock.
“Maddie! Maddie that’s it!” I shouted joyfully.
“What? What’s it?” She asked in obvious bewilderment.
“Maddie you’re a genius!” I shouted holding her face and kissing her on the lips before grabbing her hand and pulling her to Ray’s car.
“Gerard what’s going on?” Maddie asked as I started the car.
“Put your seatbelt on,” I demanded, but when she didn’t I reached across the car and did it for her.
“No!” She shouted struggling against me, “Not until you tell me what’s going on!” I silenced her with my lips and she soon became engulfed in the kiss. I pulled away and quickly buckled her then threw the car into drive and pulled out of the parking area.
“Poopyhead,” She muttered angrily and I smiled.
“Safety first,” I said and she rolled her eyes.
We stopped at a red light and Maddie reached over and kissed my jaw, I held back a shudder and kept my eyes on the light.
“What’re you doing?” I asked keeping my voice steady.
“Since you won’t tell me, I think I’ll use my own matter of,” She paused to nibble on my neck, “Persuasion.”
“Maddie,” I said warningly but she had started to loosen my tie and began unbutton my shirt. I stared nervously at the light.
“So what is it we’re doing?” She asked seductively as she slid her hands over my shoulders and her lips teased at my neck.
“Nothing,” I said firmly and she sat back in her seat, instantly I regretted it and wanted to feel her warmth again, “We’re going back to the house!” I spluttered and Maddie giggled. She resumed her spot and I let out a sigh of relief.
“What’re we doing back at the house?” She asked and her lips met my earlobe.
“Maddie,” I said and pushed her tiny waste back into her seat because the light turned green.
“Seriously Gee, what is the matter with you?” She asked and I stayed focused on the road.
“Nothings the matter I just-“ My voice cut as Maddie drifted her hand across my thigh and pressed it against my balls. Shit, I said in my head and squeezed both hands tightly against the steering wheel.
“You were saying?” She asked softly.
I turned on the emergency blinkers and pulled over to the side. I cut the engine and turned to her, “I hate how you have control like this.” I said it plainly and Maddie smirked.
“It makes me feel good about myself,” She said simply.
“Really?” I asked fiercely and leaned in towards her, “Does it really?” I asked and I was inches away from her. Her breath caught and she blinked in surprise at my sudden nearness.
“Yes,” She said quietly and leaned in closer to me. I pressed my lips to hers and she reacted like I had expected her too. She threw herself on me entangling her hands in my hair and forcing me all the way back in my chair. She had undone her own seatbelt and was now sitting on top of me. I reached up and pulled her from me setting her back in her own seat and pulling the seat belt around her.
“What?” She asked in astonishment as I started the car and got back on the road.
“We could get a ticket,” I said and Maddie crossed her arms over her chest and sat back against the window.
“That’s a pathetic reason to stop making out with someone,” Maddie said angrily.
“It just shows how I have control over you too,” I said and she opened her mouth to say something but snapped it shut again, “That’s what I thought.”
“Why won’t you just tell me what you’re doing?!” Maddie shouted in frustration.
“I have to show you, sugar, now calm down we’re almost there.”

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