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Chapter 33- Remember

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I UPDATED ON TIME! WOO HOO! :) i hope you enjoy this! BTW this is sort of an apolog chapter to those who are getting annoyed by my frequent forgetfulness. I LOVE YOU ALL! PEACE OUT!

Chapter 33- Remember

Gerard's POV

We turned into the driveway and Maddie was leaping out of the car before I was even in park.
“Slow down!” I said to her as she was basically jumping up and down.
“Hurry up!” She shouted and tried to pull me towards the door.
“Maddie, seriously,” I said and grabbed her hand and led her towards the house. She whimpered impatiently at my side as I opened the basement door and led her downstairs.
“Wow, it’s kind of dim in here,” Maddie said and I couldn’t agree more. Our basement wasn’t well lit and full of random junk. It also smells like sushi and red bull.
“Sit,” I told her and she took a seat at the couch next to the small keyboard. I turned it on and played with the sounds before she tapped her fingers against it. I smiled to her and played her own song.

Remember those walls I built
Well, baby they're tumbling down
And they didn't even put up a fight
They didn't even make up a sound…

I played the song and Maddie sat in complete silence as she watched my fingers move across the keys and play the song that she herself had written. I felt the tears running to my eyes but I bit them back and continued. The sweet melody filled the whole room and seemed to fill it with bright light; my heart was pounding hard against my chest as I belted out the lyrics and hoped with all the energy I had left that my goal would be fulfilled. As I played the last note it was as if a huge weight had been lifted from inside my chest and for no certain reason I felt extremely good. I turned to look at Maddie who had tears in her eyes.
“I wrote that,” She said quietly and she sniffled a little bit.
“Yeah, yeah you did,” I said softly reaching towards her. I cupped her cheek in my hand and she threw herself on me in a huge hug.
“I remember! I remember!” She shouted as she squeezed me to near death.
“You do?!” I asked and she pulled away and nodded with extreme vigor, “Maddie!” I shouted and kissed her full on the lips.
“Oh Gerard, I’m so sorry!” Maddie said once she pulled away.
“What’re you talking about? This is great!” I shouted and tried to kiss her again but she gave me a little shove.
“No, well yeah it is, but I caused all this trouble and I’m super sorry! You’re such a good boyfriend,” She said looking deep into my eyes making me want to kiss her so badly I had clench my fists tight together.
“Maddie, I did it because I loved you, any boyfriend would have stuck with you,” I said and she smiled.
“I doubt it, Dan would have scrammed,” She said with a roll of her eyes.
“Speaking of Dan, what’re you doing about this baby?” I asked placing one of my hands on her stomach, she sighed.
“I wish that part wasn’t true, I don’t want Dan’s baby, but the thought of killing an innocent child before its even born make’s me feel like a murderer,” She said and she put her own hand on top of mine and intertwined our fingers, “I just hope you won’t leave me once I have this baby.”
“Maddie,” I said holding onto her face, “I will always be here for you.”
“Then stay,” She said finally, “Don’t ever leave.”
I smiled at her then said, “I promise you I won’t.”
A wide smile spread across her face and she put her hand on mine, “Baby I can feel your halo, pray it won’t fade away.”
“Maddie,” I whispered softly as she closed her eyes and laid her head down on my chest.
“They’re probably wondering where we are,” She said suddenly and I remembered how we had just ditched the funeral and left everyone there with only Caitlins car.
“Yeah we should get going,” I said and I stood helping her to her feet.
She took a deep breath as to breathe in everything about the room, “Yeah,” She said and she began towards the stairs.
“Before we do though,” I said and tugged her back towards me her hands lay limply on my chest and I inclined my head towards hers breathing against her bare collarbone, “I missed you,” I said softly pressing my lips against her bone and drifting them across the length of it. Maddie shivered seemingly unable to speak. “I can’t even find the right words,” I said as I trailed my lips up her neck. I let my hand make its way slowly down her spine and I brought my head from her neck and touched my lips to hers. A second after our lips had met she fell to the ground. “Maddie!” I shouted catching her before she hit the floor; I put a strong arm around her and brought her back into a standing position.
“You… made… me… faint!” She shouted weakly at me and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“I’m sorry I’m such a good kisser!” I said back and she leaned against me for support.
“Poopyhead,” She muttered and I didn’t even try to hold back my laughter as it erupted from my chest.
“Oh god,” I said before I threw her effortlessly onto my back and carried her up the stairs, the girl could only weigh MAYBE a hundred pounds if that. Suddenly a thought penetrated me and I sang, “And so you’re back! From outer space, I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face!”
I should have changed my stupid lock. I should have made you leave your key, If I had known for just one second you'd be back to bother me!” Maddie sang as we climbed into the car. And all the way back to the funeral home we sang I Will Survive at the top of our lungs not even caring who heard.
Once in park we got out and ran to the front doors hand in hand.
“Where did you guys go?” Bob asked as we opened the front doors.
“Uh, we went on a field trip,” I said and Bob rolled his eyes not buying the lie.
“Well you better go find Ray before he has a heart failure, he was so upset when his car magically disappeared,” Bob said and walked past us.
I took one look at Maddie and we both muttered, “Shit,” Before walking to the back room to find everyone else.
“GERARD ARTHUR WAY!” Ray shouted at the top of his lungs before angrily stomping over to us, “What the hell were you thinking?! Taking my car! You should have asked!” Ray bellowed at me like he was a parent of mine.
“Ray, I’m sorry it was an emergency,” I said and Ray scowled at me.
“Oh an emergency my ass! You could have hurt poor Loraine!” Ray shouted and started pacing.
”Who’s Loraine?” I asked and turned fiercely on me.
“MY CAR!” He shouted and returned to pacing.
“Aw that’s a cute name!” Maddie said and when Ray gave her the death glare she jumped and hid behind my shoulder.
“What was so important that you had to STEAL my car?” Ray asked angrily.
“Well I had an idea about how to fix Maddie’s whole memory issue,” I said turning and looking at her, she had her lips to the back of my shoulder blade and I could see she was smiling; she was just tall enough to see over my shoulder at Ray.
“And?” Mikey said loudly from across the room. He had his arms crossed tightly against his chest and he looked like he was mad also.
“It worked,” Maddie said softly. Ray stopped pacing and craned his neck to get a good look at her.
“What did you say?” He asked and his voice was barely above a whisper.
“It worked,” Maddie said again but this time louder and she came around to my side where I put an arm around her.
Then several things happened at once. Everyone erupted in cheers and Ray strode over to envelope Maddie in a large hug. Then Caitlin was hugging me and Mikey walked from the room.
“This is wonderful!” Joyce said jumping up and down.
“Wait, wait, before we do anything we need to make a choice, are we going to Coraline’s burial?” Caitlin asked and as I was about to nod Mr. Johnson walked in.
“Hey kids,” He said with the same cheery tone he had earlier as he put a fatherly arm around Caitlin, we all mumbled our hello’s before he continued, “So my ma wants it to be family only at the burial if y’all don’t mind, she was kind of upset when only Coral’s friends gave speeches, but hey this is the way I wanted it to go,” He said with a little shrug and Caitlin patted him lightly on the back.
“It’s cool, Mr. J, and if you want my mom is making dinner tonight, you and Max can stop by if you want too,” Caitlin offered and Mr. Johnson smiled.
“Caitlin you’ll always be too nice,” Mr. Johnson said and gave her a squeeze, “That sounds great, but I think me and Max will be good.” He said and Caitlin nodded, “Well I best be going, see you kids later,” He said and gave Caitlin another squeeze before walking out the door.
“Well I guess that settles that,” Caitlin said with a shrug.
“What are we doing now?” Ray asked as he ‘casually’ inched towards Caitlin.
“We should go back to my house,” I suggested and there was a murmur of agreement.
“We should find Mikey first,” Frank piped up and I rolled my eyes.
Jamia must have saw because she said, “It’ll be fun, kind of like a game of Where’s Waldo!” There was laughter as we all left the back room.
“Hey Joyce,” I said catching hold of her wrist before she got to far away, “What happened once Mikey followed you?” I asked the question that had been burning inside me.
“Well he was really mad and wanted to know what you had said about him, I told him you didn’t say a word and that just made him angrier because he thought I was lying to defend you. Then he thought that the reason I dumped him was because I liked you, I told him he had it all wrong and he just lost control. He said that he never really felt anything for me that I was just a good kisser-“ Joyce’s voice broke before she continued, “-and that he was dumping me. Then he stormed away and left me crying.” She finished. Her eyes were swimming with tears and she tried desperately to dab them away.
“Joyce he didn’t mean it,” I said trying to comfort her.
“I know he didn’t, but his words were just really hurtful,” She said and continued to wipe her tears on her sleeve.
“I’m proud of you though,” I said.
“Hm?” She looked confusedly through her tear-filled eyes.
“You dumped him! Way to go squirt,” I said putting and arm around her shoulder and giving her a quick squeeze.
“Oh,” She said obviously still processing my words, “Thanks!”
“You’re welcome, and you can still stay at our house if you want,” I said and Joyce smiled and nodded happily.
“Hey! No fair! Gerard and Joyce aren’t helping!” Frank shouted and Jamia rolled her eyes and grabbed his hand pulling him away.
“Let’s go find him,” I said releasing her and following Frank and Jamia.
“Where could that boy have gone?” Caitlin asked as she looked underneath a couch.
“He couldn’t have gotten far,” Ray said walking to her side.
“Yeah okay,” Bob said sarcastically and rolled his eyes, “He could be back at the house for all we know.”
“Just keep looking, Mr. Positive,” Joyce said with a stern look before opening a closet door and peering around inside.
“Would he seriously be hiding from us?” I asked.
“Probably not,” Maddie whispered to me as she came over and took my hand.
“Then let’s go home, if he wants to find us he will,” I said and began to walk towards the door before anyone else could protest.
“Your driving days are over,” Ray said once we had reached the parking lot, “No way are you ever driving Loraine ever again,” He said and outstretched his hand waiting for me to give him back his keys.
“Looks like you were promoted and revoked all in one day, congratulations!” Maddie said and we all laughed.
“But seriously give me my keys,” Ray said seriously and I pulled them out of my pocket gingerly.
“Want them?” I asked and Ray nodded keeping his eyes on them at all times, “Hey Frank!” I shouted over my shoulder, “Go long!” And turned to throw the keys back to him. Frank ran faster than I thought he could with tiny legs and caught the keys mid-run.
“Wahoo! Touchdown!” Frank shouted and danced around before jogging back to us.
“Funny,” Ray said sarcastically, “Now give me my keys.”
“Kiss my butt, mother!” Frank shouted and dodged past Ray and ran to the car. He then unlocked it and hopped into the front seat putting the keys in the ignition and starting the engine.
Ray was blundering after Frank and reached the car to knock fiercely on the windows, “Frank! Don’t you dare! Frank! Open the door this instant!”
”MAKE ME BITCH!” Frank shouted and went into drive and pressed lightly on the gas going forward a couple yards.
“FRANK!” Ray was screaming at the top of his lungs and desperately tugging on the door handle.
Frank on the other hand was laughing hysterically and gradually increasing his speed.
“EAT MY DUST FUCKERS!” He shouted and Ray was going into freak out mode as he ran alongside his car pleading with Frank to stop.
“FRANK ANTHONY THOMAS IERO JUNIOR!” Jamia shouted as Frank turned and was starting to come back towards us, “YOU STOP IT RIGHT NOW!” Instantly Frank slammed on the break hopped lightly out of the car and ran like hell towards us before Ray could hurt him like we could tell he was dying to.
“Sorry, babe,” He said before lightly pecking her on the lips.
Ray had jumped back in his car and drove to us; he was rather red in the face and looked like he was just itching to get his hands around Frank’s neck.
“Let’s head home guys,” I said grabbing Maddie around the waist and walking to Ray’s car.
Ray was muttering things under his breath towards Frank as we piled into his Volvo and started the five minute drive home. Right as we pulled into our street I saw the green jeep sitting in my drive way and the honey-blonde headed boy sitting on my front porch.

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