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Chapter 34- A Toy Story

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“If you die, I don’t think I could live without you.” BTW the sex is not graphic.

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OKAY I NEED TO INFORM YOU OF SOMETHING BEFORE YOU READ. There is sex in this chapter. It is NOT graphic! Also for all of you who are like 'Hey why is she updating so often?' Well the answer to that is i have pneumonia and i have nothing to do so i write. ALSO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! My URL is the same as on here it's Mo_Was_Here. AND please please please please please please please please please review! I NEED FEEDBACK! I REALLY DO! i really need feedback so i know if you like it, love it, hate it, WHATEVER! i need to know whats going on in all of you people's brains! so feedback please! ALSO A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO REVIEW AND RATE!!! plus those who just straight up read i love y'all times one bajillion! PEACE OUT! oh and enjoy:)

Chapter 34- A Toy Story

Gerard's POV

“What is he doing here?” I asked not even bothering to hide my profuse anger.
“I-I-I don’t know,” Maddie spluttered as we all stared at his rising figure.
“He shouldn’t be here,” I said through gritted teeth.
“Calm down, Gerard,” Ray said and we pulled into the driveway. It seemed to take forever to get out of the car. Dan begun to walk to us and a wide grin was on his face as he opened his arms and beckoned Maddie over to him.
“How are you?” He asked as he hugged her tightly.
“Um, Dan? What’re you doing here?” Maddie asked pulling away from him. All the guys and I walked up behind her, anger was flooding my system and I wanted nothing more than to have Ray hold him down while I beat him into oblivion.
“What no, ‘I’m fine, thanks, how’re you?’” Dan asked sarcastically then smiled before trying to give her another hug.
“Dan,” Maddie said and pushed him away, “I asked you a question.”
“Baby, what’s the matter with you? Am I now allowed to care for you? I was just worried, when did that become a sin?” He looked so sincere, but I saw beneath his game and it just maddened me more.
“Dan, seriously, you shouldn’t be here,” Maddie said and she took a step backwards towards us.
“Mads, listen, I love you, I’m your boyfriend!” He shouted.
“No your not, you’re an asshole for trying to persuade me you were, especially when I wasn’t mentally stable,” Maddie said and Dan cringed.
“Mads, come on, you’re coming home with me,” Dan said moving forward towards her. Maddie automatically jumped back and Frank took her by the shoulders while Ray and I stood up in front of them.
“Go away,” Ray said. I heard him trying to hold back his anger in his uneven voice.
“Let me talk to her,” Dan said as anger flashed through his eyes.
“She told you to go away,” I said viciously as Dan tried to look behind us for Maddie.
“I just want to talk sense into her!” Dan shouted.
“She can decide things for herself!” Ray shouted back and pushed Dan hard away from us.
“Maddie!” Dan shouted desperately, “Don’t be stupid! These losers don’t deserve you! Maddie come back home with me! I love you way more then them and I will treat you right! Maddie, please!”
”Dan!” Maddie’s voice echoed louder over everyone else’s, “They aren’t losers and they treat me better than you ever did, to you I was just a good piece of ass and to them I actually mean something. Go away Dan, and don’t ever come back.”
I felt a smirk slide onto my face and I couldn’t help it, hearing her stand up to him like that was relieving.
“Maddie,” Dan said softly, then his expression turned to rage and he turned quickly on his heel and marched to his car, “LET’S SEE HOW YOU FEEL ONCE YOUR PREGNANT AND THAT UGLY FUCK LEAVES YOU!” He shouted before slamming the door.
I turned around quickly and aw the deep hurt etched into Maddie’s frown. I walked quickly to her and put my arms protectively around her in a hug.
“Maybe we should…” Bob said carefully and they all slowly walked away into the house.
“I’m not going to leave you,” I said softly before letting go of her.
“I know,” She said and I leaned up against the car pulling her into me so my arms were around her waist and her head was against my chest.
“When you get bigger I think I’ll drive toy cars around your stomach,” I declared softly, I felt her giggle more than I heard it.
Then she suddenly gasped and pulled away, “What about prom!? I can’t go to prom pregnant!” She exclaimed.
“Sh,” I said pulling her back into me and I played with her hair, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”
We sat in silence for a while and I just held her, there wasn’t much we needed to talk about. Now that Maddie remembered everything seemed to fall into place. She didn’t need to worry about Dan, and she was once again just mine.
“Hey guys, they have news about school on TV!” Frank shouted from the front door and I grabbed Maddie’s hand as we walked into the house.
Everyone was huddled around the TV watching it very intently.
“… the Board of Education hasn’t been able to find an appropriate place for the education of those students who attended Belleville High School. So because of such circumstance’s we have been forced to use a matter of online schooling for the students. Of course there will be educational classes held in the Rec Center everyday from 12-4. These classes will be held for students who have lower than a C in a class or would like extra help. The online education will be similar to schooling, but the students will have online text books and will have to turn in assignments through the teachers personal websites. Online schooling will start tomorrow, each student will be given assignments from each classroom and must learn and complete them and turn them in before midnight of that day. If you have any questions please email or call Dr. De Pauw at his home office.”
“This is great!” Frank shouted and gave Bob a high-five.
“Dude this is like a way to guarantee 4.0’s, it’s like fail proof!” Bob shouted.
“Got to love senior year,” I said and Ray nodded happily. Caitlin let out a weird half-whimper like noise that made us all stop and look at her.
“You guys are seniors,” She said quietly and instantly Ray was smiling.
“It’s okay we’ll be back to visit,” He said and Caitlin didn’t look reassured so Ray walked over and put his arm around her shoulders. Caitlin looked at him then nuzzled into his chest.
“Just ask her out already!” Bob shouted then rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen.
Ray and Caitlin were both blushing scarlet and the rest of us were all smiling widely at Bob’s statement.
“So Mikey’s not here?” I asked trying to steer the conversation away from Ray and Caitlin.
“Nope, we haven’t seen him,” Jamia said and I nodded then yawned. I hadn’t realized how tired I was until now.
“I think somebody’s tired,” Maddie said leaning against my arm and smiling at me.
“Indeed I am,” I said turning towards her and pulling her into my arms.
“Try to be quiet this time,” Joyce said with a roll of her eyes.
“Shut up,” I said before saying goodnight and heading upstairs with Maddie to my room.
“Ugh this tie has been strangling me,” I said as I loosened my tie and threw it off onto the floor.
“Poor Gerard,” Maddie said as she took off her shirt and tank top.
“Don’t get sassy,” I said over my shoulder as I pulled off my shirt too.
“Psh,” Maddie said with a roll of her eyes and she walked into the bathroom.
“Are you taking a shower?” I asked as I threw off my pants and walked into the closet looking for some pajama pants; it was unusually cold in my room tonight.
“Nah I don’t think so, why are you?” Maddie asked appearing in the closet.
“Probably tomorrow morning,” I said and she opened a drawer pulling out a grey tank and navy blue sweatpants.
“Isn’t it a little chilly for a tank top?” I asked as she pulled it over her head.
“Maybe, but I think I’ll rely on you for warmth,” She said with a sneaky grin.
“I don’t think I can protest to that,” I said and walked over and put my arms on her waist.
“Why do we always start making out in your closet?” Maddie asked softly as I was about to kiss her.
“Come here then,” I said as I walked over to the couch and laid down on it.
“No,” She said almost commandingly, “Sit up,” I did as I was told and within seconds Maddie was straddling me.
Our lips met and I felt a hot desire burn within me, her hands reached into my hair grabbing handfuls and holding tightly onto me. She pressed herself against my hardness and I held onto her hips and rocked her against me rhythmically. She moaned into my mouth and I couldn’t hold onto myself anymore, I slid my hands under her tank slowly pulling it off of her before detaching her bra. She pressed her chest against mine and she let out a gasp, the feeling of her skin was intoxicating. Then suddenly she pulled away from me, I looked up to see her pulling off her sweats, then coming back to me she grinned before she put her hands on my waist line and pulled my pants down and off of me. She then reached for my boxers and hesitated, she looked up at me- questioning in her gaze. I reached down and grabbed her chin pulling her back up to me and pressing her lips against mine. She came back to her rhythm again and I was slowly wanting more and more, my tongue probed into her mouth, exploring every inch and Maddie rocked even faster back and forth.
“God damn,” Maddie murmured against my lips and I gently squeezed her butt, “Gerard, Gerard I want to have sex.”
Her words didn’t shock me, in fact they just turned me on, I pushed on her shoulders forcing her onto her back and I came down on her. One of my hands held onto her breast while the other slowly made its way down her bare stomach. Once I reached her panties I didn’t stop, she gasped and I moved my hand down on the inside of her thigh.
“Oh god, Gerard, kiss me,” She gasped and I kissed down her neck to her stomach. I reached her bellybutton and kissed just bellow it, she moaned even louder.
“Do you like that?” I asked softly and she moaned in response.
“I love that,” She said breathlessly.
I then proceeded to move down even farther, where I pulled down her panties and threw them across the room. Maddie gasped and held her breath; I came back up to her face and kissed her gently, tenderly.
“Are you sure you want this?” I asked looking deeply into her beautiful green eyes.
“Yes,” She said quickly and I smiled before kissing her again.

Ray’s POV

“GERARD!” We could hear Maddie’s screams all the way downstairs. Caitlin looked up at the ceiling briefly then back at the TV where we watched A Toy Story.
“I wish we could make his room sound-proof,” She mumbled and I chuckled.
“Ugh that’s so annoying!” Joyce burst out and crossed her arms so tightly across her chest I thought it would take years for her to untwine herself.
“How long have they been going at it now?” Bob asked looking at his watch.
“Nearly an hour and a half!” Frank said and rolled his eyes angrily. Jamia gave him a look as to say ‘It’s not there fault.’
Gerard was now moaning loudly and Joyce took two pillows and put them over her ears.
“That’s so gross,” Bob muttered and I nodded in agreement.
There was a sudden banging on the door and we all jumped. I stood moving Caitlin’s head carefully out of my lap. Then the front door began to shake with the intensity of the blows it was receiving.
“Ray, be careful,” Caitlin said cautiously as I approached the door.
Then suddenly the door was kicked open and it flew off the hinges, I dodged out of the way of the door and Mikey came stomping into the house.
“You could have opened the fucking door!” He shouted at us, I smelt the scent of stale liquor and smoke coming off of his skin.
“Sorry I didn’t have a chance with all that knocking you did,” I said and Mikey growled at me.
“Why are you all fucking staring at me like I’m some freak!?” Mikey shouted.
“What’s going on?” Gerard asked from the top of the stairs. He was standing in his boxers and Maddie was beside him in a navy blue robe.
“Nothing,” Mikey spat at them before trudging up the stairs and pushing them both out of the way nearly knocking Maddie over.
“Mikey, what the fuck?!” Gerard shouted at his brother.
“Just stay away from me!” Mikey shouted back and I heard his bedroom door slam shut. Gerard looked at Maddie before putting an arm around her shoulder and then looked down at us.
“It’s getting late, you guys should go to bed,” He said in a demanding sort of voice.
“I don’t know if I can sleep with the sounds of two people fucking,” Frank said angrily and he helped Jamia to her feet. He threw a contemptuous look at the shocked still Gerard before going into the back room with Jamia.
“Oh gosh,” Maddie said and she was scarlet.
“Uhm,” Bob said awkwardly.
“We’ll see you all in the morning,” Gerard said and he led the completely embarrassed Maddie back into his bedroom.
“I’ll go upstairs to the guest room then,” Bob said and he took two steps at a time up the stairs.
“Um I guess I’ll sleep on the couch again,” Joyce said and she took her suitcase over to the couch and began to look through her things.
“Should we sleep in the basement again?” Caitlin asked and I was suddenly nervous about what to say.
“Uh, if you don’t mind me sleeping down there, with you,” I said lamely and Caitlin smiled and nodded. I grabbed her bag and we went down into the basement.
“I kind of like it down here, it’s a cozy place,” She said and she walked over to the mass of blankets on the floor we had slept on the night before.
We changed in silence with our backs turned to each other; once we were done we climbed into the blankets. I was careful not to touch her in case my touch was unwanted.
“Um, Ray?” Caitlin asked quietly after I turned off the light plunging us into a deep darkness.
“Yeah?” I said back and I shivered, it was unusually cold.
“I’m cold,” She said quietly and I heard the nervousness in her voice.
“Oh, I could get us more blankets,” I said moving to get up but I felt her hand on mine.
“No, I was wondering if maybe you could…” Her voice trailed away and my cheeks grew hot, did she want me to hold her?
So I voiced my curiosity, “Do you want me to hold you?” I asked and I was surprised my voice came out steadier than I felt.
“Yes,” She said quietly and she sounded like a child.
I moved back under the blankets and found her warm body, I put my hand around her waist and pulled her into me, putting my hand around her stomach and lying my head against her neck.
“Is that better?” I asked softly against her neck.
“Yes,” She shivered and I knew it wasn’t from the cold, “Ray?” She asked again and this time I nodded to tired to respond, “Do you like me?”
She question startled me and my eyes shot open, “I- erm- I, well,” I didn’t know what to say. I liked Caitlin for more than a friend, but what if this was just her being friendly? Caitlin was friendly to everyone, she could just be cold and that’s it.
“Ray?” She said again and I sighed.
“Yeah, Caitlin, I do,” I said.
“Really?” She said into the silence I left behind after my statement.
“No, I’m lying,” I said sarcastically, “Yeah of course I do.”
“Oh, I like you too,” She said softly and my stomach turned over.
“Really?” I said before I could clamp my mouth shut.
Caitlin laughed out loud, “Yeah of course I do.”
”Oh that’s good,” I said lamely then I cleared my throat, “So is it okay if you’re my girlfriend?” She was silent and I panicked, “It’s cool if you don’t want to be, I understand we can still be friends and stuff, it’s cool,” I spluttered and Caitlin laughed again.
“I don’t think I’d mind being your girlfriend,” She said softly and I let out a sigh of relief.
“Cool,” Was all I could think of to say.
“Indeed,” She said and I smiled to myself in the darkness.

Gerard’s POV

“They heard us!” Maddie squealed pointing to the floor, indirectly to the people below it.
“Maddie, it’s fine,” I said seizing her shoulders and rubbing them gently.
“It’s embarrassing!” She shouted.
“Don’t worry,” I said pulling her into a hug, “They won’t say anything about it, and I’m kind of glad they heard.”
“What?” Maddie said pulling away looking extremely angry.
“Don’t tell me you don’t notice how Bob looks at you?” I asked and the confusion on her face meant she was oblivious to this fact.
“What are you talking about?” She asked her voice was softer now.
“He looks at you like your not my girlfriend and I’m not your boyfriend,” I said and Maddie still looked bemused, “He looks at you like he wants you.” I said simply and her eyes widened as she stared at the floor.
“Well I can’t help that,” She said quietly.
“Of course you can’t,” I said pulling her into a hug.
She yawned when we broke apart and swayed slightly.
”Whoa there,” I said taking a hold of her shoulders and leading her towards the bed, “You tired?” I asked once we were sitting and she nodded slowly her eyelids drooping.
“Sorry I wore you out,” I said playfully and she rolled her eyes.
“I’ll wear you out next time,” She said and lay down on the bed.
“Come here,” I said and lifted her up pulling off my bath robe and setting it down. I climbed onto the bed and pushed back the sheets, pulling Maddie down next to me. I snuggled up against her bare back pressing my chest and body to her; I wrapped my arm around her stomach and held her. I then put the blankets over us keeping us warm.
“Gee, can we still have sex when I’m really pregnant?” Maddie asked softly.
“If you want too, Sugar,” I said my lips rubbing against her neck making small tufts of hairs dance around.
“Never mind.”
“What were you going to say?”
”You sure?”
”Hey Maddie.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
”And I love your baby.”
“I love the baby too, and in a way the baby feels more like yours than it does Dan’s.”
“The baby does feel like mine.”
“You’ll be a great father.”
“You’ll be a great mother.”
”Gee, does this mean we have to get married?”
“No, but I wouldn’t mind.”
“Me neither.”
“You sound tired, Sugar, go to sleep.”
“Don’t leave when you wake up in the morning, stay with me.”
“Okay, I will.”
“Do you promise?”
“Cross my heart, hope to die.”
“Don’t hope to die.”
”It’s just a saying, Sugar.”
“If you die, I don’t think I could live without you.”
“That’s how I feel about you too.”
“Good, so hope to live.”
“Okay, Sugar, cross my heart and hope to live.”
”That’s better.”
“Would you go to sleep now?”
“I love you Maddie.”
“I love you Gerard.”

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