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Chapter 35- Infectious

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“Caitlin, you need to explain more thoroughly,” I said and Caitlin rubbed her face with her hands.

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Chapter 35- Infectious

Gerard's POV

A stream of sunlight had made its way through my curtains and shown brightly on my face. I blinked a couple times and put a hand up so I could see. Maddie lay next to me breathing softly through her nose. I smiled and kissed her forehead before climbing out of bed and going into my closet to get some clothes on. I came back to the room and Maddie was sitting straight up in the bed, she had a panicked look on her face and she was breathing very quickly.
“Maddie!” I shouted and ran to her, I sat down next to her and brushed her hair away from her face, “What’s wrong, Sugar?”
“You said you wouldn’t leave,” She said quietly staring up into my face with fear.
“Maddie, I was just getting changed, I was planning on coming right back,” I said and Maddie let out a slow breath.
“Oh,” She said softly.
“Want me to get you some clothes?” I asked standing up.
“No, I was planning on taking a shower,” She said her voice still quiet and low.
“Maddie, what’s wrong?” I asked sitting down again.
“Nothing, I just had the strangest dream last night,” She said sinking back onto her pillow and pulling the blankets to her chin.
“Do you want to tell me?” I asked lying down next to her and tracing the frame of her face.
She sighed and looked up at me, “I was somewhere, I don’t exactly know where, but I was in a pool, or maybe it was a lake, and I was drowning-“ I stiffened and my hand stopped on the edge of her cheek, Maddie’s eyes filled with tears so I kissed her nose and she continued, “-I was drowning and then there was this place, a-a house, and inside everyone was there, you were there and Dan was there and so was everyone else, and there was this little boy and girl, they were sitting with you and you were all so still, I tried everything to make you say something, but none of you moved, you were all dead,” Her voice broke and tears slid down her cheeks.
“Sh,” I said wiping away her tears and pulling her closer into me.
“And when I woke up this morning and you weren’t here-“
“You thought I was really dead,” I said finishing her sentence and she nodded, “Maddie, I’m sorry, everyone’s fine, I promise, do you want to go find them?”
”No it’s alright,” She said wiping her eyes.
“You want to take a shower now?” I asked and she nodded.
I helped her out of bed then carried her into the bathroom, I let her down right outside the shower and she giggled before kissing me on the lips and stepping in.
“Are you going to join me?” She asked once she had turned on the water.
“I don’t know, I am kind of hungry,” I said waiting outside the shower door. She slid it open and looked at me before she rolled her eyes then closed it again.
“Come on, you need a shower,” She said and the room was starting to fill with a warm steam.
“I do?” I asked and I lifted my arm and smelled my pit, I didn’t think I smelled that bad.
“Yeah, you smell to much like me, I like your scent better,” She said and I smiled to myself before sniffing again, I did smell like her, that soft sweet candy scent she had that made me smile.
“I like the way you smell too though,” I said while taking off my shirt.
“Yeah, but I think it’s supposed to be the other way around, I smell like you all the time,” She said and the smile on my face got bigger yet.
“You don’t have to smell like me all the time,” I said and slid off my boxers before entering the shower.
“Oh you decided to join me,” She said over her shoulder as the water ran down her face expelling it of shampoo.
“Why wouldn’t I?” I asked as I walked up putting my hands on her hips.
“I had a feeling that you were hungry,” She said softly.
“Yeah well, I think it can wait,” I said before kissing her neck. I heard her sigh and I put my hands around her stomach pulling her all the way into me.
Then there was a loud bang and the glass shower door erupted sending chards everywhere, I quickly pushed Maddie against the shower wall and put my arms up on each side of her, my back protecting her from the glass.
I groaned aloud as the pieces of glass scraped against my skin.
“Gerard!” Ray shouted and I heard the pounding off feet against the ground as they running into the bathroom, “Whoa,” He said and I turned my head back to look at him. All the guys were staring at us, there was a gaping hole in the shower door.
“Are you guys alright?” Frank was the first to break the silence.
“Maddie,” I said turning away from them and looking down at her, she was cowering against the bathroom wall, and her tiny body was well hidden behind mine.
“I-I’m alright,” She said softly.
“We’re good,” I said back to the guys.
“What the hell happened?” Bob asked.
“Isn’t it obvious?” Ray asked and before Bob could answer he said, “They were shot at.”
“Oh,” Bob said, “Gerard are you naked?”
I grunted at him and didn’t put my arms down, he couldn’t see Maddie from where he was standing and I would like to keep it that way. Not for our dignity, but so Bob couldn’t keep with his little fantasy of having her as a girlfriend.
“Maybe we should leave,” Frank said as he turned towards the door.
“We’ll wait for you to get dressed,” Ray said and they left the room. I didn’t put my arms down until the door was fully shut.
“Are you okay?” I asked turning off the hot stream of water that was still on and pouring down onto us making my cuts sting.
“I said I was fine,” She said standing up and pushing the hair out of her now pale face, “Are you okay?” She asked.
“I should be fine,” I said ignoring the pain in my back and hoping that she wouldn’t catch my indirect answer.
Should be fine?” She asked raising one of her eyebrows.
“Don’t worry about me,” I said with a half-smile and her eyes narrowed.
Then out of nowhere she pushed me against the wall and her lips came crashing down on mine. The pain in my back was now doubled and I clenched my fists to keep from crying out in pain. Then as soon as she started she stopped then pulled me from the wall.
“Oh Gerard,” She said staring at where my back had just been. Blood had stained the wall and left a red imprint of where my back had been.
“It’s all good,” I said and she rolled her eyes at me.
“Let me see it,” She said her hands on my shoulders trying to turn me around.
“Maddie, I’m fine,” I said and took her grip off my shoulder before pushing open the shower door and stepping out.
“Gerard, just look,” Maddie said and pointed at the mirror.
I looked over my shoulder and my back was bleeding all over and there were several places where a shard or two stood out.
“God Dammit,” I said examining my back.
“See, now will you let me take care of you?” She asked and I nodded, “Sit down,” She said pointing to the toilet.
“Are you guys almost done?” Ray shouted through the door.
“Ray hold on,” Maddie shouted back and she grabbed two towels, she threw one to me then used the other to cover herself up, “Come on in,” She said and I quickly pulled the towel around my waist.
“What took you- holy shit, Gerard are you okay?” Ray asked coming next to Maddie and staring at my back.
“I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt that much,” I said and Maddie shook her head.
“It hurts,” She said a matter-of-factly, “Bob can you get me some more towels, some alcohol rub, tweezers, a first aid kit, and something for Gerard to bite on,” Maddie said and Bob nodded before running from the room.
“You’re going to deal with this?” Frank said and waved his hand at me.
“Yeah my second hour was Nurse Aid 410,” Maddie said.
“Shouldn’t we call 9-1-1?” Frank asked and Maddie giggled.
“What you don’t trust me?” She asked and Frank gave up, “Plus, the calcium magnesium carbonate in the glass can kill you if it stays in your blood system to long.”
“Then hurry!” I shouted and winced in pain.
“Babe, don’t move,” Maddie said rubbing my shoulder gently.
“I have the stuff,” Bob said running back into the room panting.
“Thanks,” Maddie said before dumping some of the alcohol onto one of the towels, “Gerard, put this in your mouth,” She said handing me what looked like a rolled up sock.
“Why?” I asked taking it from her and looking at it skeptically.
“This is going to hurt,” She said and I saw the sincere look of sorrow in her eyes.
“Nice to know you don’t lie,” I said before stuffing it in my mouth.
“Ready?” She asked and I nodded. Then she placed the towel on my back and immediately my back was searing with white hot pain. I screamed into the sock and I heard Maddie saying, “I’m sorry,” over and over again. The sock fell from my mouth as I screamed out right.
“I’m done, I’m done!” Maddie shouted and she began to back away from me.
“That hurt so bad,” I mumbled.
“I’m sorry, but it looks loads better now that it’s clean, and it will be easier and cleaner this way,” Maddie said but she still stayed a good ways away from me.
“I’m not going to hurt you,” I said to her and she stared down at her feet and nodded.
“You should keep going,” Ray said and Maddie looked up before giving him a half-smile and walking back over to me.
“Will this hurt?” I asked and Maddie sighed and nodded once more.
“You might want to put the sock back in,” She said and I ignored her. She carefully picked up the tweezers and a towel, “Bob go get me some Neosporin would you?” She said and Bob scurried from the room, “Here we go,” She said and I felt the tweezers go in and pain shot through my back. I bit down hard on the sock and I felt Maddie press the towel against my back.
“Here’s the Neosporin,” Bob said.
“Can you open it for me?” Maddie asked and her voice was shaky, which gave me no confidence, “Okay once I lift the towel off give me the Neosporin and Ray could you put a band-aid on it once I’m done?”
“Yeah,” Ray responded.
“Okay, ready? 1-2-3,” The towel was off my back and I felt Maddie’s small finger lightly touching the wound and then Ray pushing a band-aid on it.
“How’re you doing?” Maddie asked me.
“I’ve been better,” I said and she giggled.
“You only have a couple more, think you can make it?” She asked and I nodded.
“Good, you’ll be fine babe, I promise.”
Maddie continued with her work and as the pain began to increase and I heard the soft tinkle of class on the counter my breathing became more difficult and I started to slump over.
“Frank, will you hold him up?” Maddie asked softly.
“Sure,” Frank said and he came over to my side and lifted my chest up.
“I’m almost done, Gee, just one more,” She said and I nodded lazily.
“Frank, make sure he doesn’t loose consciousness,” Maddie said right as Ray pressed another band-aid on my back.
“Why?” Frank asked curiously.
“Then we might have to take him to the hospital,” She said softly, “Gerard, I’m done,” She said and she walked over to Frank and took his spot, she made an oof noise as she tried to hold up my weight.
“Maybe I should-“ Frank said and he switched back to holding me up straight.
“Gee, can you talk?” Maddie asked and her soft hand went under my chin to lift my head up.
“Yeah,” I said hoarsely and she smiled sympathetically at me.
“Maddie you should get changed into clothes,” Ray said and she took her gaze from me to nod at Ray.
“I’ll be right back,” She said to me before kissing my lightly on the cheek and walking swiftly from the bathroom.
“Gerard?” Ray asked taking Maddie’s spot.
“Yeah?” I asked back.
“Did you see who shot at you?” Ray asked carefully.
“No, I was in the shower,” I said and Ray nodded thoughtfully.
“No doubt it was Dan though,” I said and Ray looked at me curiously.
“Why do you think it was Dan?” He asked.
“Well you saw how mad he was when Maddie denied him, and he doesn’t exactly have a clean track record, who else would it have been?” I asked and Ray was deep in thought.
“Well Dan could have done this, but who else would be mad at you or Maddie?” Ray asked and I shrugged then winced, the small movement caused me pain.
“I don’t think anyone would be mad at Maddie,” I said and Ray shook his head.
“Joyce definitely isn’t a fan of Maddie, ever since she suspected Mikey liked her Joyce hasn’t really been to kind. Who else would be mad at Maddie?” Ray asked and I had to think for a moment.
“Julia, that girl in our photography class, she hated Maddie, and Drew,” I said and Ray nodded his head. Right that moment Maddie walked in wearing my grey hoodie, a purple tank, and a pair of black skinny jeans with turquoise socks.
“You look better,” Maddie said as she stood beside Ray looking down at me.
“I don’t feel much better,” I mumbled and Maddie giggled.
“Uh, guys, could you give us a moment?” Maddie asked and they all nodded.
“I can sit up now, thanks,” I said to Frank patting him on the shoulder.
“Okay,” Frank said and he smiled to Maddie before closing the bathroom door.
“Do you need help getting changed?” She asked me as she walked to where I had shed my clothes.
“Maybe,” I said turning to watch her.
“Who would have tried to shoot us?” She asked shaking her head and walking over to hand me my clothes.
“That’s what I was thinking,” I said.
“And look,” She said walking back towards the shower, “The bullet didn’t even make a hole in the shower wall, just a dent,” She said running her finger over the small dent.
“That’s weird,” I said and she nodded.
“That means whoever shot at us must not have been right outside the window they had to have been,” She walked over to the bathroom window which had a bullet hole in it and opened it, “In that tree,” She said and pointed to the great oak that was a good 30 to 40 yards away.
“That person had to have a god damn talent for shooting then,” I said and Maddie nodded thoughtfully.
“Can you stand up?” She asked.
“Yeah I think so,” I said and she walked to my side grabbing under my elbow and trying, I’m sure, with all her might to hoist me up. I help and pushed hard with my legs, “Oi,” I said as I got light-headed.
“Okay sit down,” Maddie said and I shook my head no.
“You’ll have to put my clothes on for me,” I said and she nodded.
“Is your back cold?” She asked suddenly.
“Yeah actually it is,” I said and she nodded and moved around to my back.
“You’re too tall,” She said then suddenly I felt her body wrap around my back.
“You know what I love about you,” I said.
“Your always so warm and soft, and you smell amazing,” I said and Maddie giggled, “You’re never afraid to do what you want, and you don’t like being bossed around. Also you have several different kinds of giggles.”
“I do?” She asked breathing against my neck.
“Yeah, like you have a giggle when your flattered, and you have a giggle for when something’s awkward, you have a giggle for when your happy, one for when your trying to lighten a mood, and you have a giggle for when you’re trying to be cute.” I finished and Maddie giggled, ironic huh?
“So I have, what, five giggles?” She asked and I nodded, “It’s nice to know you pay attention to me.”
“Maddie, you’re all I pay attention too,” I said and she kissed my cheek before unwrapping herself.
“Okay, you need to hold still or it might hurt,” She said before climbing on the toilet and pulling my shirt over my head and my arms through the holes. Her soft fingers made their way down my sides and I couldn’t help but shudder at the wonderful feeling, “You okay?” She asked and I nodded.
She hopped lightly off the toilet and found my boxers, “You’re going to have to lift up your feet,” She said. I looked down to see her on her knees in front of me. I was instantly hard and Maddie bit her lip fighting back a giggle.
I grunted and closed my eyes, Maddie pulled my boxers up but her hands stayed on me as she kissed my neck.
“One look and you can make me hard,” I said and this time she didn’t even try to stop her giggle.
“I like that,” She said and I smiled putting my arms around her.
“Strange enough, I like it too,” I said and she stood on her tip-toes and kissed me on the lips.
We were both smiling as she put my pants on and helped me into my room. Ray came on my other side and helped me to the sofa where I sat down gingerly careful not to put to much pressure on my back.
“I think we should call the police,” Ray said.
“Why?” I said a little too loudly.
“Gee, calm down,” Maddie said as she curled up against my side laying her head on my shoulder.
“I don’t think we should,” I said firmly.
“Why not?” Frank asked.
“Because we don’t want to attract any attention or show this asshole we’re bothered by it,” I said and Maddie’s head shot up.
“So we just let them kill us?” Maddie asked with an incredulous tone in her voice.
“I think you two need to get out of here,” Bob said with a roll of his eyes.
“That’s actually not a bad idea,” Ray said.
“Wait, what?” I asked and Maddie seemed as confused as I did.
“Maybe you guys should go away for a while, you know, on like a vacation?” Ray said and I thought about it, I wouldn’t mind going on vacation. The thought of what we could do in a hotel room alone skittered into my brain and I had to cough to suppress a smile.
“Gerard what are you thinking about?” Maddie asked innocently.
I decided to be honest, well somewhat honest, “Only you, Sugar,” I said and she smiled before pecking me on the lips.
“Puke,” Bob muttered and I laughed.
“You’re just jealous,” I said and Bob turned bright red.
“So?” Ray prompted.
“I don’t think it’s a bad idea, maybe if we get out of here for a while things will settle down and we won’t be in danger,” I said looking directly at Maddie.
“I like it, too,” Maddie smiled then she giggled and I knew exactly what she was thinking about.
“Where are they going to stay?” Frank asked Ray and he smiled.
“At the lake cottage,” Ray said. Ray’s parents owned a small lake cottage a couples hours away from Belleville, almost every summer we all went up to the cottage with Ray and the best time of our lives. The water was crystal clear and the lake was beautiful, there were only three other houses on the lake which meant it were calm and a great place to relax. It also was warmer there than it was here. I smiled remembering the day it was so hot we all swam naked by the rock ridge that we called “Death’s Peak” because if you jumped to close to it you’d hit the rocks and “die”.
“Sounds great,” I said and Ray nodded.
“When should we leave?” Maddie asked.
“I think you guys should leave after lunch that way you’ll make it there before it gets dark, it’s harder to find the house in the dark,” Ray said.
“Okay,” I said, but Maddie spoke up.
“There is running water and electricity right? I don’t want to feel gross the whole time,” She said and I laughed, “What?! My hair doesn’t look good unless I straighten it.”
“It looks fine,” I said playing with a strand of her hair. Since she didn’t do anything with it had begun to curl and I wasn’t going to lie, I actually liked it better curly.
“It has everything you’ll need, except for maybe food, last time we were there we left some food, but you may need to go to the grocery store,” Ray said.
“Yeah that’s cool,” I said, I was mesmerized by Maddie’s green eyes and the longer I looked into them the harder it was to tear my gaze from her.
“We should get packing,” She said softly. I didn’t want to move, I just wanted to sit there forever with Maddie in my arms.
Slowly I inclined my head towards hers and pressed my lips against her soft, beautiful ones. Then a thought came to me and I pulled away.
“What?” She sounded completely breathless which made me wonder because we hadn’t had a seriously hot make-out session or anything.
“I don’t think I’ve ever said aloud how beautiful you really are,” I said quietly and she smiled.
“I guess I already knew that’s how you felt, but it’s nice to hear you say it,” She said.
I kissed her again but this time it was long and deep, the kind of kiss that afterwards you’re just aching for more. I loved the way Maddie could kiss me back; she wasn’t like other girls who just kind of sit there once you dominate them. Maddie was sort of playful and she kept things interesting. And when Frank interrupted I wanted to kill him more than I have ever wanted to kill someone in my life.
“Would you please stop or wait till we leave?” He asked and I grunted as Maddie pulled away. Her cheeks were turning pink and she buried her face in my shoulder.
“You don’t have to stay and watch!” I shouted and Frank threw up his hands in surrender.
“Get packing,” Ray said as he stood and walked from the room. Frank and Bob followed his lead and I couldn’t help but notice how angry Bob looked as he closed the door.
“Now that they’re gone,” I said turning back to Maddie. She smiled, giggled, then shook her head no and stood up, “Wait,” I said grabbing her wrist but the action caused me pain and I let go.
“Hey, I’m not saying I don’t want you, that was some mighty fine kissing and I am just itching to get my hands on you, but since you can’t move a lot it looks like I am going to have to pack double,” She said.
“Maddie, you can pack later, just come over here and let me hold you,” I said and she giggled again.
“Is that all you’ll do, just hold me?” She asked taking a step closer to me.
“Hell no, I want to fuck you, but if that’s all you want me to do, then yeah,” I said and Maddie burst into a fit of giggles that had her holding her sides.
“We should wait until we’re alone, in a cottage,” She said then she came towards and planted a kiss smack on my lips, “I don’t think we should pack any clothes at all,” She murmured against my lips and her hands snaked down to caress my crotch that was already harder than hell.
“Yeah,” Was all I could say and I felt Maddie smile before she pulled away, I groaned, “You’re hurting my ego, Sugar.”
“Why do you call me Sugar?” She asked as she walked into the closet and pulled out a duffel bag.
“Because you’re so damn sweet,” I said and I heard her giggle as she threw the duffel bag out of the closet so I could see.
“What do you want to bring with us?” She asked.
”I thought we agreed on nothing,” I said and I heard her giggle.
“Okay then,” She said as she walked out with an armful of clothes and she began folding and packing them.
“Are you going to bring that lingerie? Even though it won’t last very long because I will probably end up ripping it off of you,” I said and her head popped out from the closet.
“Which one did you like the most?” She asked.
“The blue one obviously, you look so stunning in blue, Sugar,” I said and she giggled before going back into the closet.
There was a soft knock on the door and I shouted, “Come in,” And Caitlin opened the door and walked in. She saw me and smiled before walking over and sitting next to me on the couch.
“Hey, how’s your back?” She asked.
“It’s seen better days,” I said and she laughed.
“Yeah I’m sure it has, well I was just coming up to talk to you guys about going to Ray’s cottage,” She said and I had the sudden instinct that she was going to try to talk us out of it.
“Oh okay, well let’s talk,” I said and she nodded.
“Hey best friend!” Maddie said as she bound into the room and gave Caitlin a hug.
“Hey best friend,” Caitlin said before smiling wearily.
“Are you alright?” I asked Caitlin and she looked at me with her brown eyes that were so soft and puppy-like, she looked so innocent and hurt at the same time.
“Ray asked me to be his girlfriend,” Caitlin said quietly.
“That’s great!” Maddie shouted and gave Caitlin another hug.
“But you’re not happy,” I said and she nodded.
“I should feel happy, and I want too, but for some strange reason I don’t. I like Ray I really do, but I can’t help feeling this way,” She said as she picked nervously at her nails.
“Caitlin, you don’t have to go out with him if you don’t want too,” I said and she looked at me then shrugged.
“Maybe I should keep packing,” Maddie said awkwardly before going back into the closet.
Caitlin waited until the last wisp of Maddie’s curly hair was gone from view before turning to me and saying flatly, “I don’t like the thought of you and Maddie going to a cottage for god only knows how long.”
“I thought Maddie was your best friend,” I said. It was more of a statement than a question but Caitlin answered it as if I had asked.
“She is, but I’m your best friend first.”
“We’re best friends?” I asked. I was blown away by Caitlin’s thoughtfulness.
“Well, I’m your girl best friend and you’re my guy best friend,” Caitlin paused, she seemed to be thinking about how to put it in words, “Gerard, there are chances that the baby Maddie is carrying isn’t Dan’s.”
“What do you mean?” I asked even though I already knew the answer.
“Maddie has had more than just one, uh, sexual partner,” Caitlin said quietly obviously so Maddie wouldn’t hear.
“So what’re you saying?” I asked and Caitlin looked completely torn.
“Whoever the father of her child is might want to have custody of the kid,” Caitlin said and I rubbed the back of my neck trying to process what she was saying.
“So what does any of this have to do with us going to Ray’s cottage?” I asked and Caitlin was quiet for some time while she chewed the bottom of her lip, “Just say it Caitlin.”
“I don’t want you to contract one of the disease’s Maddie might have gotten from her other guys,” Caitlin said then she put her hand over her mouth as if to take what she had said back.
“You think Maddie has a disease?” I asked with my eyebrows raised.
“I know she does, Gerard,” Caitlin said so quietly her voice was barely audible.
“Caitlin, you need to explain more thoroughly,” I said and Caitlin rubbed her face with her hands.
“Maddie has AIDS.”

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