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Chapter 37- Is This Mourning?

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“More like she doesn’t want me to hurt you,” Maddie muttered.

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hey guys, yes there is sex in this chap but i must let you know i didn't write it i asked my friend lauren too because i didnt feel ... i dont know ... right when i tried to write it. so enjoy and i'll try to post soon! LOVE Y'ALL! PEACE OUT!

Chapter 37- Is This Mourning?

Gerard's POV

“Go Gerard go!” They chanted from the side of the rock as I ran and flung myself from its edge down, down into the deep cool waters of the lake. It was such a rush that when I came back to the surface I was breathless and it had nothing to do with how long I stayed under the depths of the lake.
“Come on, Mikey! Don’t be a chicken!” I shouted from beneath him as he peered cautiously over the edge.
I swam to the edge of the beach and ran back up to the top where everyone else was standing, waiting for a chance to have the same thrill I had just enjoyed.
“I don’t think I want too,” Mikey said as he back away from the edge.
“No, no little bro, you are going to do it,” I said and pushed him back towards it.
“No!” He squealed, “Gerard, please, I really don’t want too!”
“Mikey, I’ll do it with you,” I paused before I added quietly, “I’ll even hold your hand if you want me too.”
“Really?” He asked staring at the waters far below us.
“Yeah I promise,” I said and he took my hand, “Ready?” I asked and he nodded jerkily.
“Ohh! Mikey and Gerard are holding hands! How cute!” The other guys cooed from behind us.
“Shut up!” I shouted before looking at Mikey and saying, “On the count of three, 1-2- Mikey you need to open your eyes.” He had been squeezing his eyes tight shut and they fluttered open nervously, he caught my gaze looked away then nodded. “Ready? 1-2-3!” I shouted and we leapt from the edge.
Mikey’s hand had become vice-like on mine as we soared down to the waters below. The air seemed to float by and soon enough we were plunged into the lake, the cool water felt nice against my hot skin and I swam upward towards the surface, Mikey still clutching on my hand. Once I was able to breath again I pulled Mikey above the water and he gasped, sputtering for a breath.
“Mikey are you okay?” I asked and swam closer to him. He opened his eyes and a wide smile spread across his boyish face.
“That was so much fun!” He shouted before splashing around in the water.
“See! You never know until you try,” I said and Mikey nodded vigorously before we swam together back to the beach.

“Gerard,” A soft voice a smooth as velvet penetrated my dream. The voice was muffled, but I could hear her clearly enough to make out her words.
“Let’s go again Gee!” Mikey squealed as we ran back up to the ledge. All the guys were laughing and cheering as we approached them with broad smiles.
“Gerard,” The voice called again and I looked around waiting for someone, an angel by the sounds of her, to come walking up.
Let’s all jump together! All five of us!” Frank shouted and we all agreed in eager nods. We walked up to the edge all of us were pumping with vivacious energy.
“Gerard,” I turned around expecting the angel to be there, watching and waiting patiently for me to jump with my friends. There was no angel.
“Ready? 1-2-3!” Ray shouted and we all leapt ecstatically off the edge. The wind rushed past our ears and I turned to see Mikey falling beside me, he looked happier than I have ever seen him before. I smiled and then was met by the cool water of the lake.
“Gerard, babe,” The voice was louder now and I expected the angel to be waiting in the water. I surfaced myself and looked around. All the other guys were laughing and splashing in the water, obviously no one else had heard the angel, “Gerard,” The angel called again and I peered around. No one uninvited was here.
“What?” I called out, the angel didn’t answer me and began to grow angry.
“Come on, Gee, hurry up!” Bob shouted as they all swam for the shore.
“Gerard,” The angel called again and I became frantic.
“Where are you?” I called out looking around in the water, no angel appeared.
“Gerard’s the rotten egg!” Frank shouted as he appeared above me standing on the edge of the rock.

“GERARD!” Maddie shouted and my head shot up.
“Wha-?” I asked dreamily as I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus on Maddie’s dark figure, “What time is it?” I asked looking around for a clock.
“It’s like three in the morning,” Maddie said softly and I heard the tears behind her words.
“What’s wrong?” I said shooting up and peering around in the darkness waiting for another figure to approach us.
“Nothing, I, just, I…” Her voice trailed away as I turned to look at her.
“Is there something you need help finding?” I asked and she shook her head no.
“I’ll go back to bed,” She said turning away from me and walking back towards her room.
“Maddie, wait,” I said catching her wrist and pulling her back close to me, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, it’s just-“ She stopped abruptly then hesitated before she continued, “This house scares me.”
“Oh,” I said faking that I believed her lie, “So do you want to sleep in the Ray’s room with me? There is a bunk bed in it.”
“Uh, yeah, sure,” She said and she turned and walked to Ray’s room. I followed her and she took the bottom bunk.
“I need to get changed into pajamas,” I stated loudly.
“It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before,” Maddie said harshly even though her voice was quiet.
I scowled at her in the darkness before grabbing my pajama pants (I was surprised Maddie had even packed them) before going into the bathroom and getting changed quickly. I returned to the bedroom and Maddie was snoozing softly in her bunk. I stared at her for a moment, and then carefully climbed into my bunk trying not to jostle the bed to much.
I lay awake for I don’t know how long thinking about how much I’d like to go to the bunk below and cuddle with her until I fell asleep, then Maddie’s quite broken voice stopped my thoughts all together.
“Gerard?” She asked quietly. I decided not to respond and faked being asleep. Then I heard a dry sob echo from the bed underneath me and I felt like my heart was breaking all over again.
She was crying. She was waiting for me to fall asleep to cry. She took in a shaky breath and she whimpered quietly. My heart was no longer existent as I heard her cry, I had to clench the comforter in my fists to keep from going to her. I wanted to hold her so badly it hurt.
I couldn’t take it anymore; I threw off the blankets and climbed down the latter to her bunk.
“Gerard?” She asked wearily as she tried to hide the evidence of her crying. I looked at her and had to fight to keep from crying myself. She propped herself up on one elbow and squinted at me.
“Maddie, I’m so sorry,” I said and I climbed into bed with her. I let her curl up into me and I put my arms around her. She started crying again and I played with her hair and shushed her.
“I l-love y-y-you so-o m-m-much!” She said through her sobs.
“Maddie, I love you more than you could ever imagine,” I whispered back to her and she shuddered.
“D-don’t say th-th-that,” She whispered.
“Why not?” I asked curiously.
“B-b-because, y-you and I are supposed to b-be over,” She said softly before dissolving into tears again.
“Maddie, Sugar, stop crying,” I whispered and touched her cheek, wiping away her tears.
“I-I can’t,” She stuttered.
“Maddie, you can, because no matter what you say, we’re not over and you know it,” I said and kissed her forehead lightly.
“Gerard, go away,” She whimpered to me even though she was clutching tightly to my shirt.
“I will, but only if you want me too,” I said softly and she hiccupped into my chest.
“I want you to go away,” She said and I knew she really didn’t want me to so I didn’t budge.
“No you don’t Maddie, tell me what you really want,” I said quietly into her ear and I let my lips brush her earlobe lightly.
“I want to be with you forever! I don’t want you to ever leave me, and I want you to stay right here with me until the morning. I want you to make love to me every night. I want you to be the father of my children, and I want to marry you. I want you to just plain love me like every girl should be loved,” She said and she was now crying twice as hard as she was before.
“Maddie,” I whispered as I brought her closer to me holding onto her warmth, “That’s what I want to hear, Sugar, and I will do everything.”
“Really?” She whimpered into my chest.
“Yes, Maddie I love you so much, I would do anything,” I said and her crying started to simmer down, “Want me to make love to you right now?” I asked and she stiffened.
“I have HIV, remember,” Maddie said.
“Did you pack condoms?” I asked and Maddie looked into my eyes. Even in the dark I could see the no that was written in them, “I’ll do it anyway.”
“Gerard, I don’t think you-“ I silenced her with my lips as I kissed her tenderly and passionately. We were both breathless as I said,
“Tell me what you want.”
”I want to make love.”
That was all I needed to hear as I stripped both her and I in record time. I rolled on top of her and kissed her lips hungrily, she moaned quietly as I kissed and sucked on her neck. Her body felt so good under mine, I loved being able to dominate her and her not having a problem with it. I bit her softly and she moaned even louder in my ear.
“Oh god Gerard,” She mumbled as I moved down her body placing gentle kisses everywhere. I gently kissed the spot below her bellybutton and earned myself a loud moan, “Wait, wait Gerard.” Maddie said and I looked up at her.
“What, Sugar?” I asked coming back to meet her face and I kissed her eagerly.
“Gerard, we’re about to have sex in Ray’s bed,” Maddie said softly and I smiled at her.
“Where do you want to do this then?” I asked and she shrugged, “I think I have an idea,” I said as I lifted her to her feet and we stumbled out of the room.
“Where are we going?” She asked as I led her through the darkness and to the front door, she gasped, “We’re not going out side are we?” She asked and I didn’t respond I just opened the door and pulled her out. The air was warm as I led her to the edge of the lake.
“Come on,” I said taking a few steps into the familiar waters.
“A lake?” She asked as she dipped her small foot into it. She looked stunning as the moonlight shone down on her, I came up to her and cupped her face in my hands and kissed her long and hard. I brought her legs around my back lifting her off the ground. Her soft stomach pressed on my dick and I moaned throatily into her mouth. I then softly laid her down on the beach; my legs were in the water as I readied myself to enter her. I looked down at Maddie, she was practically glowing in the moonlight and I wanted to savor this moment. I leaned my head down and kissed her breasts.
“Gerard, Gerard, I need…” She moaned loudly as I nipped softly.
“What do you need, Sugar, tell me what you need,” I murmured against her skin and Maddie’s breaths came quicker and heavier.
“I need you inside me,” She said softly and I didn’t hesitate at her request. I quickly drove into her and she arched her back screaming in pure pleasure. She locked her ankles behind my back and began pulling me into her harder and deeper.
“Oh, Gerard, Yes!” She shouted and her orgasm hit hard as I thrust into her and we climaxed at the same time, both shouting each others names into the night. She still had her legs around me holding me in her. She leaned up on her elbows and kissed me intimately.
I carried her into the water, deep enough so it was up to my chest, our lips still attached. I held tightly onto her as we kissed like our life depended on it. Then she pulled away and dunked herself under the water, she came back to the surface her skin gleaming with the moonlight. I shuddered and she smiled at me before wrapping her arms around my shoulders and pressing her lips to mine again. I held onto her waist and let my feet fall from beneath us and the cool water washed over our heads cooling our warm bodies. We didn’t break apart and resurfaced gasping for breath.
”Can we never leave this place?” She asked before kissing me again. Maddie’s tongue was soft and warm as it coursed my mouth leaving a warm trail. It was hard not to get lost in her kiss and make love to her again because I knew Maddie didn’t have enough energy for another go. I moaned aloud and I felt Maddie giggle.
“Gerard? Maddie?” Ray’s voice was like a slap in the face. I pulled my mouth from Maddie’s and a flashlight light was shone on our faces. I put a hand up in front of my eyes and tucked Maddie underneath my arm.
“Gerard!” Caitlin shrieked.
“What?” I shouted back blinking into the sudden light.
“What’re you doing!? She has HIV! You can’t have sex anymore! Not without a condom!” Caitlin shouted from the beach and I rolled my eyes. I heard Maddie stifle a sob at my side and I turned my back to them and looked at her right in the eyes.
“She isn’t trying to sound mean,” I said softly running a hand through her wet hair.
“I know, it’s just, the truth stings,” She said quietly and I kissed her forehead before turning back to Caitlin and Ray.
“What’re you guys doing here?” I asked.
“Well we need to take you guys back home,” Ray said and I sighed inwardly.
”Why?” Maddie snapped and I rubbed her arm soothingly.
“We need to find certain things out, like whom the father of your child is,” Caitlin said and to me she sounded sort of motherly.
“I thought we covered that already,” Maddie said and I looked down at her and tried my best to explain through my gaze.
“We also need to get you some medicine for your, uh, HIV,” Ray said and I could tell he was wishing he could be anywhere else, but here.
“Can’t it wait?” I asked even though I knew the answer.
“No, we need to do this now,” Caitlin said and there was a firm edge in her voice.
“Go wait in your car,” I said and waved a hand impatiently at them.
Ray and Caitlin walked back to the car together, Ray took her hand and even through the dark and distance I saw her cringe.
“This is not cool,” Maddie whispered angrily.
“I know, Sugar, but once we sort certain things out I promise I will take you back here and we can spend some alone time,” I said and kissed her lightly before slinging her onto my back and heading towards the shore.
“This is so embarrassing,” She mumbled as we passed Ray’s Volvo. I sped up my pace and entered the house closing the door quietly behind us.
“Uh so I guess we better pack up,” I said and she nodded solemnly. I smiled and took her hand walking back towards the room. I followed her as she grabbed her bag and we walked into Ray’s room. I started pulling on a pair of black jeans and a red t-shirt, I was about to put on a hoodie before Maddie spoke up,
“Can I wear your sweatshirt?” She asked softly. I looked over and she was standing in a pair of sweatpants and a blue low neck shirt.
“Yeah, Sugar, whatever’s mine is yours,” I said taking the sweatshirt to her and kissing her lightly before helping her into it.
“Are you sure you won’t get cold?” She asked as I took the duffel bag from her hand and slipped my fingers through hers.
“Maddie, don’t worry about me,” I said kissing her nose before I closed the front door and locked it behind us. Ray’s Volvo was parked beside Maddie’s truck and Ray and Caitlin were leaning up against it. Caitlin’s head was on his chest and Ray had his arms around her.
“There’s a hospital just north of here, it’s only like fifteen minutes away, Clara Maass is faxing your information over there so this shouldn’t take very long,” Ray said and I nodded opening the passenger seat door for Maddie to climb in.
“You could ride with us,” Caitlin offered quietly.
“No, I think we’ll be good,” I said before walking around to the drivers’ seat.
“Gerard, wait,” Caitlin said and I was surprised when she gave me a tight but friendly hug, “I just care about you.” She whispered softly in my ear.
“I know, and I appreciate it,” I whispered back. Ray cleared his throat and I pulled away from Caitlin giving her a warm smile before getting into the car.
“Does Caitlin hate me?” Maddie asked.
“No, she just doesn’t want us to get hurt,” I said as I started the engine and began following Ray’s car to the hospital.
“More like she doesn’t want me to hurt you,” Maddie muttered.

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