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While having a day off, the group is relaxing. Archie and Atlanta are having a friendly competition, and then it all goes wrong... or did it go right? Atlanta nearly (didn't) die, and Jay and There...

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Demons Within Me

..I'd like to, but I don't own Class of the Titans- or Archie ):

Chapter 1


It was a fairly abnormal day at Olympia High. Cronus was laying low and no monsters or any oddities had been reported in the city. The gang was just relaxing, for once, and trying to enjoy themselves in any way possible. They hadn't had a day off in some time now.

Jay and Theresa were taking a nice 'stroll' through the high school. Odie was teaching Herry how to play one of his video games, Neil, of course, was tanning. Archie and Atlanta, not having anything else to do, were having a friendly competition.

The main goal was to outdo the other in any way possible. The two were racing around the gym, dodging, diving, leaping and rolling in any way that would get them through the obstacle course.

"You're too slow, Archie!" Atlanta laughed as she pulled ahead from the older boy, "you'll be eating my dust any second at this rate!"

"Oh yeah?" Archie snorted, "I- I'd like to see that!"

Atlanta sighed. She never did understand why Archie got all tongue-tied around her and no one else. He was such a strange guy, acting like a jerk one minute, and then being all emotional and sarcastic the next. Although, he did get annoying at points when he was acting superior to everyone. Just because he had no real flaw, save for his oh-so-obvious heel, he didn't have to brag about it to everyone.

As Atlanta pulled ahead, Archie allowed himself to look her over. He had vowed, earlier on, that he wouldn't make any move on Atlanta or try to get closer than just a friend until she started getting interested in boys. But, Zeus above she was beautiful! She was everything he adored, wanted, dreamed. Strong, lean, graceful, spunky, rambunctious and spontaneous. And beautiful- far more the Aphrodite in his case. All the other men could have the god, all he wanted was Atlanta. Everyone liked her, admired her skill and liked her determined spirit. Everyone else thought he was a good fighter, but annoying and too arrogant for his own good.

But that was true, in some cases. He tried to be a good guy, but wasn't the best at socializing. He had spent almost his whole life training to be the best at everything. But that had meant he had given up socializing and hanging out with people. The gang, and especially Atlanta, were the first he had made a strong connection to in a long while. And he rather enjoyed it; he just didn't know what to do in a group. So he tried to stay quiet, but couldn't for long and just ended up having everyone get annoyed with him again.

But Atlanta was different. She didn't mind when he ranted about himself; in fact, she was more interested in how he trained and what he had trained in. But it was because of that knowledge that made her come to him, he was learning more and more to keep his mouth shut. It meant he could spend more time with her.

Suddenly, he noticed one of the mini-bolo's that they were practicing dodging from, fly straight at Atlanta! It was a miss-fire, flying too hard, too fast! It would seriously injure her! He could tell she was more focused on beating him, than to dodge, or even be aware of her surroundings, and he was not about to let her get hurt.

He was about to call out her name, but realized that would make her stop and turn back, she would be hit if she did so! So instead, he threw himself forwards and knocked Atlanta to the ground, just before the bolo hit her.

Atlanta let out an angry yelp, a little upset that Archie had just tackled her to the ground, but she heard a loud SMASH coming form the wall, and her eyes widened when she saw the bolo, half embedded in the wall and causing a large crack through the stone. She realized that if Archie hadn't knocked her down... she shuddered to think about it.

"A-Are you alright, Atlanta?" Archie asked, breathing heavily.

"Y-yeah, I th-think so," she replied shakily.

"I almo- We almost lost you there," Archie stuttered.

She nodded quietly, then, realizing something.

"Hey... I was running fast enough, wouldn't the bolo have missed me?"

Archie stopped, he hadn't thought of that, only the fact that she might've been in danger had crossed his mind, "Uhh... err..."

Atlanta laughed and went to hit Archie, but he caught her wrists in a playful wrestle, "Archie! I thought you of all people would've thought about that! I could've saved myself, thank you very much!"

Archie smirked, "No, you couldn't."

"Yes I could!"



"Atlanta! Archie! Are you guys okay? We heard a crash and-" Jay cut off in mid step.

It was then that the two realized the awkward position they were in. Atlanta was on the ground, partially sitting up. Archie was on top of her, straddling her hips and holding her wrists just out to the side a tad. During their arguing, they had leaned in closer to each other so that their noses were almost touching.

Quickly, both sprang away, Archie was almost as red as Atlanta's hair, and Atlanta had a faint blush of pink across her cheeks.

"Sorry!" they both called to the other.

Theresa, hesitantly, stepped forwards, "Are you guys... alright? What happened?"

Atlanta, able to regain herself first, looked up at them and smirked, "Well, Mr. Weak-Heel over there saved me from a fate I could've easily avoided. And, uhh... we were, well... just arguing." She finished quietly. Archie nodded to emphasize the point.

Jay and Theresa nodded quietly. The redhead finally spoke up, "Hey, uh, Atlanta... you want to go shopping? I mean, we finally have a day off and all..."

Atlanta nodded quickly and the two left the training room.

Jay stood there, looking over the wall, to the floor, glancing at Archie and then back to the ceiling in a nervous manner. The two boys waited in an uncomfortable silence, just waiting for one or the other to say something. Rather, someone else did.

"Heeeey, guys! Why'd you go and leave me all alone like that? That's not very nice to do to the best hero on the team," Neil complained as he strode into the room.

Jay rolled his eyes, "Sorry Neil," he muttered, thankful for a distraction. Archie seemed to be thinking the same thing- he had never been happier to see Neil in his life.

"Whoa!" Neil cried suddenly, "don't tell me someone threw that into the wall?" he cried, pointing at the bolo impaled into the wall.

Jay's eyes widened at the sight. A large crack had been formed up the wall from where the bolo had struck. It was a good thing Archie had saved Atlanta, who knows what type of situation they could be in if he hadn't...

" guys are no fun! Let's go find something better to do- like some more tanning! We could all use a little bronze, eh?" Neil suggested.

Jay and Archie quietly followed Neil out, Archie still embarrassed by what had just happened, and Jay just not knowing what to say. Neil continued rattling off useless information on how tan guys always seemed to get the girls. They were nearing the entrance of the school when Herry and Odie came running up.

"Hey, guys, did something happen? Is everyone alright?" Herry called as they caught up.

"W-we heard a loud crash, and then Theresa and Atlanta just came by, and they seemed... distracted or something?" Odie panted as he skidded to a halt beside Herry.

They waited for a moment of silence, as Archie turned away to hide the blush on his face and Jay absentmindedly scuffed a shoe on the ground.

"Did... something happen that we should know about?" Odie asked hesitantly.

"No!" Archie blurted out suddenly. Everyone turned to look at him, and he shifted nervously under their gazes before turning and walking away as fast as he could.


"So... what exactly happened in there?" Theresa asked hesitantly.

Atlanta sighed and leaned her head against the side of the convertible. There really was no avoiding this, was there? She thought of any possible way to try and change the subject, but she knew Theresa wouldn't veer from the firm path she was set on so easily.

"Which part are you talking about? I thought I already explained it to you and Jay," Atlanta replied as calmly as she could, turning around to face her friend.

Theresa gave her a hard look over her black sunglasses. Atlanta's shoulders drooped as she tried to squirm into the seat.

"Well, I guess you should tell me how you and Archie... ended up on the... well, you know- on the floor," Theresa said uncomfortably.

"Well, why is it your business?" Atlanta huffed, hoping she could make Theresa too nervous to press the situation.

"Well, Atlanta, I'm your friend! And remember the last time you got so involved with a boy- he turned out to be controlled by Cronus, and was also the god of the forest- Pan!" Theresa ended in a near-yelling voice.

Atlanta winced; she had hoped Theresa wouldn't bring that up ever again. Although Panic had turned out to be Pan, he had made her feel an emotion she had never experienced before- and now there was something like an aching void in her chest every time a boy would give her a look filled with that strange emotion. She was still learning that she had begun to experience love, but was having trouble coming through to the fact that she wouldn't be able to goof around with the guys in the same way.

"Well, we were training, and then Archie saved me from being hit by a miss-fired bolo, and he tackled me to the ground. I... I asked him if he had considered the fact that I would've outrun the bolo, and not get hit by it. So then he teased me by saying I wouldn't be able to save myself. So I went to shove him, and he grabbed my wrists. And we were arguing when you and Jay came running in, and I didn't even realize the... position... we were in until you two stopped and were just staring at us!" Atlanta blurted out.

Theresa sighed, "Well, I'm glad to hear that you two aren't just rushing things."

"Yeah... wait! Rushing things? You think we're dating?" Atlanta cried with a laugh.

Theresa smiled, "Oh, I don't know. You two seem to be hitting it off pretty well- you both like the same things, you're both our 'Warriors', our 'go-get-'em' team, and you do seem to match off perfectly. I've also noticed how the two of you are around each other!" Theresa gave Atlanta a knowing wink.

"I- I thought we were just discussing how inappropriate Archie and I were acting- and now you're here teasing me about liking him?" Atlanta laughed.

"Look, I was just worried about you. You're like my little sister, Atlanta. And I don't want you to get hurt," Theresa smiled, "but you have to admit- you do like him!"

"Only if you admit you really, really like Jay," Atlanta smirked. Theresa's face went red and she fell silent.

"L-lets go do some shopping now," she said quietly.


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