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Wake-Up Call

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After a rude awakening, Archie is thrown into some rough work- at four int he morning! The horror! And so after the brief scare, everything settles back down to normal. Meanwhile, Tulais is sea...

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer: see chapter 1

Warnings: some blood, violence, possible death of any character- main or not, mild cursing, embarrassing moments, (possibly) fluffy scenes

Pairings: Archie/Atlanta, Jay/Theresa .... Neil/Neil and slight Tulais/Atlanta- but not in the way you're thinking!

Chapter 2


All was quiet in the dorm. Everyone slept soundly in their own rooms, not going to get up until 8:00, which was about four hours away. Some were snoring, others murmuring about gadgets and gizmos, or having wild , fun dreams. The rest all snuggled deeper into their warm beds and blankets... lost to the world for some time longer while they rested in a peaceful atmosphere...

Archie yelped as someone yanked him out of bed by his ankle (not his wonky one). He tumbled onto the floor in a sore, tangled heap. Quickly regaining his senses, he leapt upright and prepared to fight the unknown enemy...

"A-Aries? What are you- Why are you in my room?" Archie stammered tiredly.

"Get up boy; we're starting your training right now! You need to be in proper shape to fight Cronus and his minions!" Aries replied gruffly, the grin on his face made it obvious that he had been waiting for this moment for some time now.

"But at... at Four o' clock in the morning?" Archie cried, deeply horrified. This was not normal... this was not normal at all.

"Of course, what better time to start than when you'll have no distractions like pretty girls or the aroma of food, or a sunny day. Nope, when the sun 'aint out and there's no food or girls, that's when a warrior can really train. So get 'yer gear on, boy and get down to the gym!" Aries turned and strode out of the room.

Archie groaned and knew that it would be pointless to try and go back to sleep... maybe he could make a mad dash to someone else's room and hide there? Maybe... Atlan- NO! NO! NO! Bad thoughts, Archie- BAD THOUGHTS!

He slapped himself on the face to jolt himself awake, and realized he had left a red mark on his face. Great... what was he going to tell Aries- or anyone for that matter? ...He'd make it up if anyone asked. Hopefully the mark would go away soon. He hadn't even meant to hit that hard...

Ah well, he'd have to get dressed and endure training with Aries at Four a.m. Archie sighed and dug out his sweatpants and green shirt. He quickly stripped out of his pajamas and dressed in his workout outfit. He lazily ran a hand through his hair, noticing the distinct, two cow-lick horns of hair he always had. He had once tried to wear a hat or something on his head to keep people from seeing them, as he had been told they would go away eventually, but they hadn't after ten or so years... he had grown used to them, but was still teased. Even about his mullet. What was wrong with a mullet?

He dug around his little mess and found his ankle-brace and sat down on the edge of the bed as he slipped it over his foot and tightened it slightly to fit. He got up and did a few test steps, then once satisfies he grabbed his sandals and a pair of socks just in case and headed downstairs.

Aries was waiting in the gym, impatiently tapping his foot. Archie walked in, still groggily stumbling around like a drunk idiot, but nevertheless, he had made it.

"You're late! It took you almost twenty minutes 'te get down here! Now, start off with ten laps around the gym, and then we'll move onto push-ups and crunches, fifty of each, and then we can work on your agility and then some blocking and some fighting!" Aries ordered.

"No, Aries... please! It's waayy too early for any train-" Archie tried to weasel his way out.

"GO!" The god of War cried.

Archie ran off quickly.


Jay yawned and stretched out. He got up, after having a nice, good rest, and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Theresa, Odie and Atlanta were already up. The odd thing was Archie wasn't up yet, oh well, he must've slept in a bit.

The group usually met in the kitchen, waking up an beginning to chat between each other as they ate breakfast. Jay poured himself a bowl of cereal and slowly began eating. It didn't seem like Theresa and the others had been up much longer than he had, they would've been more talkative if they had been.

"Good... morning," Theresa said quietly. They all responded with murmurs and gurgles that sounded vaguely like 'you too'.

"Ahh, I'm hungry," Herry announced as he entered the room. Surprisingly enough, after having grown up on a farm, Herry was used to getting up early and was always the first to be fully awake. Everyone chuckled at his greeting.

A while later, Neil finally came downstairs, toweling off his hair form his shower. Everyone ate in silence before Theresa pointed out the obvious.

"Hey, uh... where's Archie?" she asked quietly. Everyone looked over to Atlanta.

"How should I know?" Atlanta cried nervously.

Jay got up slowly, "I'll go check his room. He probably watched a movie late last night and he's trying to sleep in," the brunette chuckled to himself. Everyone else nodded, not wanting this to be one of Cronus's schemes... not this early in the morning...

Jay knocked on Archie's door and after a moment of no response, he opened the door. The room itself was fairly dirty, as could b expected of a perfect example of a teenage boy like Archie, but there was something... wrong.

The sheets on Archie's bed were thrown on the floor as if they had been ripped from where they usually were. Jay paled, if Archie had been kidnapped by Cronus, it could mean he was in serious trouble. The Leader turned and rushed downstairs.

"Archie's not in his room and it looks like he was possibly dragged out!" Jay reported quickly to the others. By now, everyone was awake and alert, feeling quite freaked out. If Cronus had Archie... no- no they couldn't think that! But if he hadn't been kidnapped... where was he?

Suddenly, the door opened and a weary, sweaty Archie stumbled in. Panting, he closed the door as they heard Aries shout form the other side:

"Same time tomorrow morning, be ready, boy!"

Archie groaned and nearly passed out. Herry caught him and pulled him over to the table.

"Whoa, what happened buddy?" Herry commented as Archie sat down on a chair.

"Aries... training... four a.m. ..." Archie panted and leaned back in the chair. Everyone grimaced at the thought of being yanked out of bed that early.

Jay sighed, "Well, at least it wasn't Cronus that got you-"

"But YOU need to get a shower!" Neil cried, plugging his nose.


Slipping slightly in the wet, sticky mud, the large beast picked himself up again. He growled in disgust and shook some out of his thick, purple fur. Thoguh it wasn't much use, seeing as the torenchal rain had already washed most dirt and filth from him.

Perking his ears forwards, the almost-wolf looked up as he thought he smelled something familiar, but then shook his head. Anything familiar had been long lost to him now. Now he was doomed to wander forever because of one mistake he had made centuries ago.

Why the gods had cursed him, he could finally understand. Back then he hadn't. He had been so enraged, and that anger still burned within him. They had givin her back her humanoid form after some time (though what happened to her later was unknown) as a lion.

And yet, here he was, still so angry that he had sworn vegance upon the gods. So raged that he had called himself a demon and been banished form the Underworld even. No one would approach him now... and yet, he was lonely.

He longed for his old friend, back when he was a strong hero and not banished from the stories of Achilles. Yes, many of Achilles victories had been faught alongside this demon before, when he was human. They had been the closest of friends. And then he had left on an important errand and allowed Aphrodite's to get the best of him.

But he wasn't just angry with the goddess, he was angry with them all. They had all gathered together to protect Atalanta form him. And then she had begged that it be made that he never hounded any other with his tricks and stolen magic... so they had changed him.

And now he was this. The appearance of a large, shaggy reddish-purple wolf. Just slightly smaller than the Namean Lion. Two black horns stuck form his head to remind him of the goat form he had stolen from the gods, and then his eyes. They had become as red as blood, and yet as fierce as the hottest flame from Hades. He dug his long claws into the ground and pulled himself up over the ledge of muck.

Cramming his large mass into a small overhang, he curled up and closed his eyes wearily.

{I will continue my search for some way to repay you, my friend. You are still waiting for me because of my foolishness and lust. I will find a way to heal your weakness and then you can take your place as a rightful immortal, like Heracles, or even the gods...}

And with that, the fiercest demon of all, Tulais, closed his eyes and breathed out a soft sigh as he fell into a dead sleep.

{Until the morn'}


Alright! Look- I updated! And we have some Archie humor/angst, and we meet Tulais! Now, I didn't want to give too much away right now, but hopefully the action will begin to pick up soon.

Okay, I'm not so clear on what really happened to Atalanta and Meleger, but form what I understand... they commited a crime in the temple of Zeus and were turned into lions. So after that... I don't know, but I think she went on and had children, thus giving us the Atlanta we have in the show.

So yeah, for this story, Atlanta is the descendant of Atalanta.

And for my own purposes, I think I'll mainly have New Olympia located in Canada (probably like where Vancouver is if you're getting really technical) just because I know Canada and it'll be better for me if I can relate to the place. But those were my thoughts... I'm not sure still.

Review please, and hopefully I'll get another chapter out right away. Tell me what I need to work on, guys!

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