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A nice sunny day, what could be better than a trip to the beach. Can Archie follow Atlanta into the water and get past his own fears?

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer: See chapter 1

Warnings for this Chapter: It appears we have a triangle relationship...

Pairings: Same as Always, possible hints at Neil/Theresa

Chapter 3- Wet


After having a shower and getting dressed in his regular clothing, Archie joined the others outside where they were relaxing before school started again tomorrow. He accidentally bumped into Atlanta and they shared an awkward 'hello' but then he proceeded to hang out with 'the guys' as they too were forced to hear Odie's lecture on his video game before amusing themselves watching Herry fail at it time and time again.

Theresa and Atlanta were just having a friendly conversation, and talking about the things they had bought at the mall yesterday. But Theresa couldn't help but notice how Atlanta seemed mildly distracted and was looking out of the corner of her eyes at the boys. Mainly Archie. Yesterday's event between the two of them must've still been fresh in her mind. Theresa giggled as she saw Archie look up and then realize Atlanta was watching him, so he turned away quickly. Atlanta did that same, a faint blush evident on her face. Theresa could only giggle harder.

"What's so funny?" Atlanta asked.

"Nothing," Theresa smiled knowingly.

Atlanta gave her a hard look, "What? Why won't you tell me?"

Theresa shook her head, "Oh, you know what I'm talking about. Let's go join the guys and plan something to do." She hopped to her feet and ran over.

"I what?" Atlanta muttered before jumping up and trotting over.

Theresa looked indifferently over Neil's shoulder, who was now playing the video game, and huffed in annoyance.

"Really now, do you always have to play those dumb games when we could all be off exploring or enjoying the day? I mean, it's amazing that we're having more than one day off from anything- school, homework and Cronus! We should go out and do something to celebrate," she grabbed Neil's arm and gave it a slight tug for emphasis, making the blonde drop the video game in surprise.

Atlanta was quite amazed by Theresa's actions. If she had ever done that to anyone, even Archie, they'd wonder why she was acting like a little girl. Was it because all the guys 'like-liked' Theresa that they let such things pass? And if so... why didn't they 'like-like' her? Was it because she was too 'guyish' and competitive? Archie did seem to like her... they spent a lot of time together, so did -he- like-like her?

"Alright you guys, let's listen to Theresa and do something today," Jay said as he placed himself between Neil and Theresa protectively. Neil scowled slightly, and then shrugged it off. He was beautiful, Jay was not. The blonde would let this... aggression towards him slide, -this- time.

"So what are we gonna do?" Herry asked as he bent down and picked the now-forgotten toy up. Odie gasped and rushed over and snatched it form him, dusting it off lightly and hugging it close as if he were afraid someone, or something, might swoop out of the sky and snatch the game from his hands.

"I'm not sure... any ideas Theresa?" Jay asked as he fondly looked down to the young woman beside him.

Theresa pondered nervously as all eyes were trained on her.

"H-how 'bout we go to the beach? It's a really nice day out!" Atlanta provided.

"I'm in," Herry replied quickly.

There were nods and words of agreement all around, and even Archie decided to come along even though everyone knew he'd never go into the water. So they went back into their rooms to get changed and pack up, helped make a picnic lunch, grabbed camera's and sunscreen, and piled into Herry's truck and left.


"I keep forgetting how nice the beach is!" Odie laughed as he stepped onto the sand.

"Last one in the water is a rotten egg!" Theresa cried as she dashed past the shorter teen.

"No fair- you have a head start and I need to put in my waterproof hair-spray!" Neil whined loudly. Jay, Atlanta and Odie ran forwards, Odie ended up being the rotten egg and got dunked numerous times by the others.

Archie helped unload the truck with Herry, and then set up 'their spot' while Herry parked the truck. He then put up a large umbrella and sat down on one of the blankets they'd brought and watched the others.

Herry, after locking and securing his precious truck, shot past Archie and released a huge cannonball into the water, creating quite a huge splash and received cheers and claps from the group as ell as some others in the water. Archie couldn't help but smile, and wish that he could be down there.

He went to get up, to force himself into the water so that he could be normal like his friends, but the thought and fear of drowning came rushing back to him and hi legs fell solid like stones. No matter how hard he tried, he'd never been able to get into water since... the 'accident'.

Ah well, he would just enjoy himself on the beach. Not being able to go into he water didn't mean his entire visit was ruined. He could still nap, eat a little, take a walk, watch Atlanta-

WHOA! That train of thought stops right there. It was true that he did spend time gazing out into the deep, dangerous and frightening landscape of the ocean down on the beach, and Atlanta might possibly be in the corner of his vision 99.99 percent of the time, only losing sight of her when he blinked, but he did not sit and stare at her all day! ...he hoped.

Sighing loudly, Archie leaned back and lay down on the blanket, closing his eyes. He didn't realize he had fallen asleep until someone was nudging him awake.

"H-hey, Archie? Wake up sleepyhead." He had to smile at that, Atlanta just seemed to lighten up the mood, even if she was calling him lazy.

"Yeah?" he muttered, cracking an eye open.

She was sitting beside him, hair damp and hanging down around her shoulders, some stray bangs were curling down onto her forehead, like it always did when it got a little damp, and her blue eyes almost seemed to glow in the sunlight. She was wearing a grey T-shirt and some biking shorts as her bathing suit, and they were clinging to her form very well. Zeus's lightning she was beautiful!

"Why don't you come swimming with us?" Atlanta smiled her million-dollar smile and Archie could've died right then. He would've died happy. But then again... she had asked that he go... over there... where it was wet... and deep... and the possibility of drowning went up 100%....

"Well, I, uh..." he fumbled over every word, not sure how to disappoint her beautiful face.

"I know you hate swimming, and you can't, and I understand if you're scared, but won't you come in at least just today? It'd be really cool, and you don't need to go in deep and we'll just play some water volleyball and you could just hang out instead of being alone! Just today, please?" Atlanta rambled, ending with the puppy-dog-pout. Archie's reply became jammed in his throat. Had the sun moved position around his umbrella, because he was really starting to burn up? When had it suddenly gotten so hot out?

"Do it for me?" she smiled at the sappy line, and her smile was once again contagious.

Archie took one last look out to the water, where he'd probably be spending his last few minutes with the guys before he went under...

Taking a deep breath, "Sure, why not? I'll do my best not to run out screaming," he grinned and she laughed at the thought.

He got up, feeling his legs turn to stone and she grabbed his wrist and pulled him forwards. At her touch, the lead left his legs and he easily waked with her down to the water's edge. She didn't really give him any chance to take a breath and reconsider his choice, which was probably a good thing because on his own he'd have been high-tailing it away form the water by now, and Atlanta pulled him right into the cold, dark, evil realm of the ocean.

Archie gasped slightly at the sudden drop in temperature on his legs, but it wasn't too bad. He was feeling extremely uneasy, but Atlanta was at his side and he trusted her not to take him out too far, where he'd ultimately drown.

"Guys, guys! Hey, guys! Look who's here!" Atlanta waved energetically as the others turned to look. Archie felt a slight blush of embarrassment at everyone's shock when they saw him in the water.

"Archie! Welcome to Wet Water World," Neil laughed.

"I can't believe Atlanta was able to get you into the water!" Theresa said, shooting Atlanta a knowing look. Not just any person would've been able to get Archie into the water this willingly.

Jay chuckled as he gave Archie a friendly slap on the shoulder, "C'mon, Arch, relax. You're so pale you look like you've never been outside!"

"Archie's on mine and Atlanta's team!" Herry called as he came back with the retrieved beach ball.

"Alright!" Atlanta pumped a fist in the air and shot off over towards their side of the 'field'. For a brief moment, as she let go of him, Archie nearly bolted then and there. Where she had kept her warm hand, the water was suddenly freezing and numbing his skin. He could've fainted right then, and gone under, into the deep oblivion of water and-

"Archie, hurry up over here and stop stalling you lazy bum!" Atlanta taunted.

All his fears washed away and he nodded quickly and wadded over to her and Herry. The rules were explained to him briefly, and for the first while he was hesitant and worried about slipping and falling under the water. But he could feel the soft sandbar under his feet, and it was sturdy enough and didn't seem to be ending any time soon. Once he slipped and went under, jumping up quickly, but he hadn't left and everyone recognized his bravery with a side comment or a slight nod. So, not after too long, he was jumping around and laughing like the rest of them.

He felt normal and unafraid.

And Atlanta was at his side.


Yay! More Archie/Atlanta moments, a bit of the inner, brooding mind of Archie (let me know if it was okay to have that sort of stuff in here or if you'd rather just keep it to actions and words, not thoughts)

And Archie actually got into the water!

One thing I tried to keep current in the beach scene, was the fact that Archie hates water and is indeed afraid of it. So his descriptions were not of 'peacefully, beautiful waves lapping against the shore' but more of a dark, underlying and conspiring force that's just waiting to take him down.

Now I hope you understand, and aren't too disappointed by this, but the brief, happy time together is coming to an end shortly. What I want to do is show you how 'normal' and peaceful the lives of these teens are right now. It'll be easier to understand the changes they have to go through when the action really heats up.

So don't worry, Cronus will rear his ugly head soon, the giants will pop up once more and Tulais will soon sink his fangs into the destiny and lives of the group.

Please review/rate/favorite or watch this story, and I hope you really enjoyed it.

If you're hoping this story will stay light-hearted and fun the whole time- think again and buckle yourselves in for some dark, heartbreaking moments ahead. But for some time, it'll go pretty smoothly.... I hope.

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