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Facing the Facts

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Theresa looked at each expecting sad face of her friends and bit her lip. "I suppose Jay told you what happened?" "I don't really know what-!" "Shut up Neil!" said an annoyed Herry, wh...

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Hey I'm back! I've decided to do some serious updating because I've been home from school today with strep throat. (It's weird because my birthday was on the 17th of April and last year on my birthday I had strep throat on my birthday!) O_o Weird same sickness around the same time... oh well not being able to talk and all, I have an undying urge to write my thoughts on paper. Again please review!!!! Begs you to review before loses mind! I've had 60 hits and still nothing... Oh well, enjoy and yes I will once again try to end on a funny note! ~Nuuoa Eclaire

"She couldn't do anything... she couldn't fight, she was helpless to defend herself!"-Jay

Jay, Archie, Atlanta, Herry and Odie all were patiently waiting outside Chiron's study door for Hera, Chiron and Persephone to finish talking with Theresa. They had been at it for hours and the Titans should have left long ago to study or practice their fighting techniques, but they just couldn't pull themselves away from the door. The anxious teenagers were beginning to wonder if they would ever come out, from what Jay had told them the facts weren't pretty.

They were all sitting on the cold marble steps when who was to burst through the large doors located on the other side of the room but Neil! He stepped in long strides and strutted towards the group of appalled hero's.
"Hey guy's what's happening?" he drew out his words in a slow showoff manner, and Atlanta and Archie had to stop a nearby Herry from punching Neil straight across the room.
"Let me go! I'll wipe that grin clear off his face!" Herry was fuming at this point; his dark eyes shinning with rage. Jay knew Atlanta and Archie couldn't fend him off for much longer.
"Whoa now big guy, I was just wondering why you guys looked like I "the magnificent Neil" had been wiped off the face of the earth!" Jay stood and was about to reply when he realized what Neil had just said; he looked at the others they sat dumb struck. Normally they could all handle his narcissistic behavior but this was outrageous! Jay stood sullen and quite, 'Does he really not know what happened?' he thought. Jay sat down and covered his tanned face with his hands, 'Why didn't you just tell me Theresa... why were you lying on the floor with your hands around your neck? Were you... you committing... no she would never!'

Jay looked back up at Neil and starred hard into his crisp blue eyes, "We were looking for Theresa because Atlanta had informed me that she was acting really weird lately. We couldn't find Theresa because she didn't bring her PMR... I found Theresa clawing at her neck and screaming for someone to get off her, she was all alone and was just laying on the schools tile floors near her locker... she almost..." The terrifying image of Theresa lay down not breathing plastered on the floor once again interrupted his train of thought. He remembered her clawing at an invisible enemy and her screaming for someone to get off her. He had run to her, her skin had been fiery and damp and her sweet scent had been drowned out and covered with sweat. Her sparkling green blossom eyes were closed and her long radiant light red hair was damp and lay over her body. He shuddered, 'She looked so gorgeous and yet I knew that she was hurting. How did I know where to find her? It was like I had a connection with her... could I be in l-l..."

"What Jay was trying to say before he blanked out," Atlanta interrupted the brunet with a compassionate and knowing glance, "was that Theresa almost, al-almost... she almost died ok!" Atlanta yelled throwing her self into Archie's arms for comfort, heaving and trembling quite sobs. Archie shifted uncomfortably, rubbed the back of his purple hair and tried to take on a macho persona. In any other situation Archie would have smiled at finally having the chance to hold Atlanta in his arm and bringing her close, but then again whenever he gets into a position to tell Atlanta how he feels it's always the wrong time.

"Whoa! Theresa almost died, geez and none of you told me! What? I may be gorgeous, talented and so much more but I am not a mind reader! You could have called me on the PMR."
"We tried!" Archie growled, "But you never seem to respond to it very well." Herry knowingly took out the MP3 player from Neil's hand.
"Give that back Herry!"
"Oh, yah make me mister "The magnificent Neil"! Neil looked at Herry who was now mocking him but then looked passed and heard a small creaking of a door.

"Theresa." Odie said absently. Jay heart immediately gravitated towards her, her eyes were all puffy and red and her face was still a little flushed from lack of oxygen. She rushed through the crowd; Jay unconsciously reached out and grazed her wrist. Theresa stopped and looked into his warm chocolate eyes and began to feel weak in the knees, she sighed, and he nodded.
"I guess I owe all of you an explanation."
"Yah think?" replied Atlanta, who newly composed squirmed out of Archie's embrace, much to his disappointment.

Theresa looked at each expecting sad face of her friends and bit her lip. "I suppose Jay told you what happened?"
"I don't really know what-!"
"Shut up Neil!" said an annoyed Herry, who was now muffling the mouth of the gapping model with his hands, "Please continue Theresa." He glanced at the fragile redhead, a fact suddenly hint Jay dead center, 'She couldn't do anything... she couldn't fight, helpless to defend herself! I won't let her be in that position ever again!' he promised himself, "What was your vision about?"

"I really don't know but there was a girl and- and she was dying..." Theresa eyes shot a look of horror at recalling her vision, "And then this clammy mist began to choke me and I couldn't stop the vision. If Jay hadn't been there..."

"It really wasn't a big deal..." the shaken Theresa started, "Yah, from what we heard you were only clawing at your neck and screaming for help!" Archie blurted. Theresa winced like an invisible hand had struck her across the cheek. Atlanta shoot him a glance and that was all it took for Archie to shut his mouth. Jay clasped his hands together, he knew what was coming.
"Hera thinks it was Cronos." Jay looked up at Theresa she was beginning to look like herself again as she strongly meet the glances of every gaping mouthed audience member. "That's all we think we know, as for my visions Hera believes that I must make sure that I'm eating no matter what and the moment I fell weird to run to a place were people will find me. Hera will be doing some recollections of what she believes my vision to be about."
"We'll look after you Theresa!" Jay blurted, then semi-blushing he turned away.
"I hope so Jay," the Goddess Hera suddenly appeared, "all of you must watch out for her! Now return to your dorms and rest it is getting late." They all wisely choose to avoid the fact that it was only 7:39, all except Neil.

"But what about the dance that's happening tomorrow! I mean come on lady; hello it's 7:40 and I need to get my hair done I have an appointment, like now!" He looked at Hera and then back to the others, "Alright geez!" and he stomped off.

The others had all pulled ahead and Jay had noticed Theresa falling behind. 'Hey,' a part of him said, 'now it's your chance to invite Theresa to the dance tomorrow.' He stopped, 'Should I?' A melodic voice emanated behind him,
"Ah, Jay you ok?" Theresa looked at him with a sincere smile. "Yah, actually I umm... was wondering about that dance?"
"Yes?" 'Oh, was he really going to ask me!'
"I don't think you should go!" Jay mumbled, "Of course I'll- what?" She looked at him filled with stirring emotions.
"Yah Theresa, I mean you need to stay safe and..." She instantly filled with rage.
"Look Jay! I'm not a little maiden or damsel in distress you have to go and protect, I can take care of myself!" With that she tore away and ran to her dorm slamming the door tight.

Jay was confused and he hardly noticed Neil go up beside him. 'Was it something I said?'
"What's her problem?" Jay unaware said out loud. Neil then smirked and replied, "Dude you're such an idiot." Leaving a gapping Jay, he calmly walked away.

Whew that was long but yes I know not exiting. Don't worry there will be way more action. And I'm not a stereotype I will not stand for a fluffy dance scene! I just had a really good idea for my upcoming chapter that needed the dance to be the setting... see you soon! ~Nuuoa Eclaire

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