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An all to Real Vision

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It was hard to tell her surroundings the vision itself blared a bright violet. It kept repeating, it wouldn't stop! She saw the girl in her vision begin to slowly die once more and her eyes burned ...

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Hey everyone (even though I have no fans yet and no wonder the prologue was only what 494 words!) I'm really enjoying writing this story and will continue... but I would appreciate the reviews and support. I've also decided to add a quote from all previous and upcoming chapters... so stay tuned! Enjoy and watch for cliffhangers that I will make come out of nowhere! - Nuuoa eclaire (Yes that is my pen name...)

"It's completely natural to bottle up pent up desires... right?"- Theresa


The halls that moved in and about New Olympia high were silent the only noise that could be heard was the faint girl like cry emanating in the old janitors closet, of course it was Neil. Little did anyone know that the boy was actually doing archery with a God and had accidentally misplaced a golden hair on his precious head. But was that the only sound?

Two figures could be seen in the halls almost two hours after the classes had officially ended for the day. Their fingers were entwined and their heads pressed softly together. They had waited so long for this moment, the moment where they could truly admit to sharing a love that would last for all ages. The girls face turned to look up at her beloved, he caressed her face and pulled her in for a soft kiss, making her tingle and fade into a soft blush. She stood up on her tepee toes waiting for the warmth to wash over her once again...

"Umm, excuse me..." The couple turned around to see a very embarrassed and quite frankly annoyed sparkling redhead. They quickly turned away moving from their snug little spot, which just so happened to be the redheads locker, and grabbing each-others hands left the school.

Sighing the viewer watched them go and then remembered why she was even here in the barren school grounds... she needed to get away. She gracefully leaned her curvaceous figure against her locker door and allowed herself to fall to the floor. Theresa bit her lower lip. She had been feeling weird and frightening sensations for the past week now and they had been getting worse, she hadn't been able to eat much at meals and it was getting to the point of constant paranoia. She hadn't really told anyone about her visions, but her friends were beginning to notice.

Atlanta was worried about her, whenever she would stop and look around a sense of dread on her face, her precocious fire haired friend would jab her in the side to keep her from falling into her own universe.
"What's wrong with you Theresa? I know you contain the ability to for see coming events, but this is ridiculous! I have never seen you like this before... are you going to be alright?" Even Odie, the African American genius, had noticed and had suggested going to see Chiron or Dionysus, but Theresa left them at just that, suggestions. Even Atlanta agreed with Odie and she hadn't had the best experiences with the two Gods during her sickness. Theresa's reply was always the same.
"No, you guys I'm fine I-I'm just a-a worried about the hum... got to go bye!" Atlanta had just shaken her head, but decided her light-hearted friend was worried about the upcoming dance.

And it was slightly true, Theresa had been wondering about the dance. The school was planning a celebratory dance in honor of the school's upcoming 75th anniversary, and Theresa was a little unwilling to admit that she was hoping and dreading that Jay might ask her. She constantly thought to herself that her attraction to the boy would simply pass, but she would always burn when she felt his touch and longed to be near him.
"It's natural to bottle up pent up desires... right?" But then again the boy was quite serious and always thought of work, but really who wouldn't with the knowledge of the fate of the world on your shoulder. That was the last thing on her mind as she found her head begin to swirl and crashed to the ground, her visions were never usually this painful or vivid.

A shadow eclipsed the sun and as she saw the figure of a girl begin to shrivel helplessly, she felt a pain enter the girls throat and her lungs began to fill up with toxin. The vision gasped and choked on noting but dust, the figures eyes rolled to the back of her head and she lay there helpless. She was dying... figures swarmed around the person and cried out.

It was hard to tell her surroundings the vision itself blared a bright violet. It kept repeating, it wouldn't stop! She saw the girl in her vision begin to slowly die once more and her eyes burned behind her eyelids with each passing second she watched. A cold mist began to form around her throat and was choking her along with the girl!

Theresa cried out, "Stop it! No, let go of me!" She was perspiring viciously and she began to claw at her throat she wept her pale figure was on her knees crying... as she slowly fell on the cooling tile.
'Theresa!" a voice called out to her, "Get up Theresa!" the voice was fading and cracking. She felt her now frail form begin to rise as two strong arms brought her to her knees. The vision and mist around her faded, but the images were now what she felt to be forever embedded in her soul. Tears stung to her and her normally sparkling gorgeous green eyes had dulled, she opened them to be meet by a pair of warm chocolate orbs gazing at her with a look of pure relief.

Jay quickly brought her up and held her in his arms; his voice was rich with emotion, "Theresa, Atlanta told me you were acting weird lately and she was worried about you. I was..." Theresa tried to hide a blush, realizing what he was saying he quickly regained composure.
"We were all so worried Theresa, I had no idea where you were and then when I saw you..." he stopped. A tear slowly began to fall down her cheek as she meet his eyes once more, "Oh, Theresa what happened? Why did it look like you were... w-we-re d... dying?" She didn't say anything and he took that as his cue for comfort. He held on to her protectively, "Come on you need your rest, then you can explain to me and the others, including the Gods."

They walked towards the janitors closet and entered the passageway to where the Gods dwelled while they remained safe from Mount Olympus. Just then the couple that had recently fled returned and gaze at what they thought was an arrow and girl like cry emanating from deep inside the janitor's closet... but then again they must have been hallucinating.


See I told you it would be longer and better, do you see what I'm getting at? (P.S. did you notice how I tried to make it end like the show? They always end it on a funny note. Like in "Mans worst enemy" (Haha poor Odie) I hope you liked it, review and I'll update soon... -Nuuoa Eclaire.

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