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Battling Creature, Battling Hearts

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Atlanta looked into his powerful dark gray sapphire eyes and she clung to him as her body trembled and she was about to burst. 'He really is amazing sometime, when he's not trying to be such a mach...

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Also I have decided not to push the funny too much. Especially in the next chapter because... well you'll see (Don't want to ruin the moments.) And you will soon see that I added some more A/A into the story OoOo. I love A/A and J/T pairings. But this is still more of a J/T fiction. Enjoy! Love always - Nuuoa Eclaire

"I guess this is the part where you think I'll begin to scream in terror... ha yah right!"- Atlanta

'And this is for always having to be the hero!' Theresa thoughts jabbed along with her fist while she began an endless rampage of pulverizing the poor punching bag. She was taking the anger from last night out on the now shriveled punching bag, each thought powered by each and every one of Jay's flaws.
'This is for always being so serious and never learning to relax and have fun!' she flicked her hair out of her eyes, 'and for your compulsion to always bring your PMR everywhere! And your stupid... sweet smile...'
"Huh?" She shook her head at the sudden stray of thoughts, and continued to think of reasons to hate Jay, she was having trouble. 'Why oh why can't I hate him for more than about half a day!' But then an image of Jay formed in her head.

The tall brunet was laughing, his chocolate eyes twinkling intelligently as he smiled at her. His smile made her weak in the knees, his laugh echoed around in her thoughts, his bright brown eyes made her spark with illuminating electricity and his way of seeing things and how humble he was just made her want to be near him.

She sunk to the ground and as she did the poor worn out punching bag let out a sigh and toppled over next to her.
"I know how you feel." She said absently to the demolished training tool, a small melodic giggle emanated from behind her, she nimbly leapt on to her feet and turned around, expecting utter embarrassment. Persephone simply smiled and shook her head gently swaying her long platinum locks. The Goddess looked at a prepared tall and curvaceous redhead,
"I see," she turned to the heap of read and black that lay on the floor, "that you have taken out your feelings from yesterday out on that poor punching bag." Theresa was perplexed and stunned, she was expecting the immortal to have the very remnants around her create a large swirling vortex or gray and shriveled spring, which sucked out the feeling of comfort in her, only to have everything turn back to normal, as did her raging temper. 'But I'm in no position to handle that right now so I guess that she is learning to control her wild cat temper.'

"Now tell me how does it fell to be that destroyed bag?" Theresa bit her lip and looked towards a pair of clear azure eyes, "Umm... yah about that I..." Persephone let one long delicate finger grace the sputtering Theresa's lips, "Hush now, go have fun I'll see to it that the remains of your anger a long with that punching bag," she looked at it once more, "at put safely away."
"Thank you, Persephone I just well..." Theresa stumbled on her words, 'What am I going to say, "Yah Persephone, I was just battling my immense feelings for the leader of our group" no way!'
"Shh, now Theresa look I heard your friends Archie and Atlanta are out running in the park, go join them and don't wait up for me. I'm proud of you your being so strong... you'll be fine in no time."

Theresa turned and smiled a dazzling smile towards her mentor, running towards her room to change out of her smelly white tank.
'Yes,' thought Theresa, 'I believe I will.'


"Hurry up Arch! You slow poke you're going to miss all the fun!" exclaimed Atlanta as she sped through the gates leading to the local park, her small figure moved like lighting dogging every obstacle.
"Oh come off it Atlanta," the purple haired boy caught up his quick footed friend, "look you may have the ability to move like a little rabbit but I on the other hand am normal."
"Well I... wait did you just can me a furry little creature!" Archie smirked but Atlanta quickly noticed him breath heavily, "Well I may be a rabbit in your opinion, but a least I'm no out of breath!" Archie stammered dumbfounded and regaining composure looked at his intuitive companion, "I do not know what you are talking about?"
"It's ok to admit that you've been out done at something by a girl you know." She flicked her fire hair at his face playfully and gave him a mischievous wink with her bold twilight gray eyes before dashing off.

'God,' thought Archie, 'why does she have to be so beautiful.' He rolled his eyes and soon realized Atlanta wasn't there. After ten minutes of searching with no luck he almost wished he had a walking good luck charm like Neil with him, well almost.
"Atlanta!" he cried out in alarm, "Come on Atlanta were are you?" He was beginning to worry as he sulked down by a near by tree as he tampered with his gold ankle brace. The bark was getting his work suit all sappy, but he didn't care, he wanted to know where Atlanta was?

"Do you admit that a girl can be better than some things then you? Like I don't know hiding and running?" A voice sarcastically came from up behind him.
"Atlanta never ever do that to me again! I could have sworn you were taken up by giant harpies!" she laughed, pulled him up and ruffled his vivid purple hair, "Archie you goof, you have a pretty vivid imagination!" She soon dampened the smile that was on her face, "Arch, what's wrong?" He looked up into her sincere face, 'If only she knew how I felt about her.' But that was not the thing that was going to come out his mouth, he had tried to avoid this topic but it had been put off long enough.

"Atlanta," the sadness that emanated from his face was inevitable, "Do you think that Theresa will be alright?" She matched Archie's sullen mood, "I know Theresa will be ok, but that vision do you think it might come true..." "Atlanta," his voice roused "I think that what ever happens is inevitable, but we will be there and fight for our friends and loved ones." he look towards Atlanta with longing, "We our hero's! The world depends on us and I believe that with all my heart, look people will die but if we don't do something more will die, understand?"

Atlanta looked into his powerful dark gray sapphire eyes and she clung to him as her body trembled and she was about to burst. 'He really is amazing sometime, when he's not trying to be such a macho man.' She looked at him, "Archie, I um... need to tell you something important..." A loud noise erupted from behind a bush and before Atlanta could finish, a large wolf like creature with two heads jumped and knocked them both onto the dank hard grass.
Its yellow eyes blared with unrelenting anger and it's boar like shadow fur arose to make it seem to be a large rampaging porcupine.

"Oh, great!" Archie spat out gunk from his mouth and was about wipe it clean when the wolf thing barred his teeth growling menacingly.
"Don't move!" Atlanta ordered through gritted teeth, she was formulating a plan. "Now put your hand in my back pocket..."
"What!" Archie yelled the bold suggestion staining his thoughts. The shadow wolf was getting angry and really wanted to sink its teeth into the annoying purple-coated one.

"Shut up Archie! I have my bolas in my back pocket!" Semi-blushing Archie slowly moved his hand towards the weapon, Atlanta took no notice. The shadow wolf sprung at him as he gave Atlanta the bolas, trying to tear through his every limb.
"Hey tough guy over hear!" the shadow wolf faced Atlanta, but slowly backed away from Archie turning to face the bushes were it had originally come. The ground began to shake as the wolf looked at them with an evil and knowing expression.
"Ah, Atlanta!"
A whole pack engulfed the surrounding woods; they dripped oozing yellow saliva as they watched the teens hungrily. They had the prance of dancing shadows evilly blending together in the fast approaching mist.

"I guess this is the part where you think I'll begin to scream in terror... ha yah right!"
"Umm Atlanta now is not the time, look!" She turned her gaze from the shadow wolves to a high hill where they saw another pack approaching and they were dragging an unconscious bruised figure. The rest of the pack saw the ones on the hill and turning away from Archie and Atlanta ran up the hill, they had caught one.
"Oh, lord! It's Theresa!"

Dundundundun.... Oh no Theresa has been caught! I hope that you enjoyed this chapter it was fun writing some Archie and Atlanta! I can't wait till I write the next installment... Jay will never forgive himself for this! -Nuuoa Eclaire
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