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Not Looking for Theresa

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A ghastly moldy burnt smell filled Theresa's nostrils as she awoke to a horrible throbbing in her head. 'Ugh, what? Where am I?' she tried to move her lean arms to rub her eyes, but she felt them...

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I still have a lot of free time on my hands so once again I give you an updated chapter in "Awake in a Dream". It's really starting to get good now... I really don't know if in chapter 4 I left you with a cliffhanger because I update so much. But I really don't like reading cliffhangers and then waiting a week, so I'll save you the pain and anxiety. Once again, your updating and sick author - Nuuoa Eclaire

"So you're saying that we should go have fun while... Theresa's been caught and locked away, by some freakish mutant wolves! It's not that I'm against a party but..."- Neil
"We have to go and find her!" Jay slammed his clenched fists down on the chestnut table, causing the debris placed neatly on the table to fall to the ground. Chiron looked at the tall muscular boy before him, his chocolate eyes were giving off dangerous sparks and his breathing was turning ragged as he tried to keep under control.
"Jay we will find her, they really couldn't have gone far." Atlanta the fiery redhead replied, she rubbed her arm and stretched, she was still very sore from the fight with the shadow wolves.
"What do you know, Atlanta?" Jay snapped, "You didn't even try to help her when you had the chance." She stared at their leader angry appearing in her gray twilight eyes, she held back trying not to make the situation worse.
"Don't you go dishing out your anger out on Atlanta and I," Archie stood gritting his teeth, "we would have tried, but there just so happened to be a pack of one hundred freaking wolves stopping us!"

"Jay you're scaring us, calm down! Look the Gods have an idea were Theresa is and they said that they don't think those wolves are man-eaters." Neil was meet by a vicious glare blaring into his ocean spray eyes, "I can't believe you Neil! Theresa's missing and you're trying to tell me to calm down!" The others placed themselves on the floor; their thoughts were meddled with confusion.

"We will do what we can to find Theresa." Hera looked at the desperate faces of the solemn Titans, they were not going to like what they're about to hear. She rubbed her temples and gently placed her snow silver hair back in a bun.
"We don't want you all to worry, but until we know what exactly we are dealing with... we want you all to remain here."
"What!" the teenagers all yelled in unison, "Stay here? But why? We..." they all began to protest waving their hands about and losing their temper.
"Quite!" Chiron pounded the floor with his hooves, causing the chattering to stop and the great Greek hero's decedents to inwardly question the God's temper. Hera sighed, "Until we really know what we are dealing with I want you all to remain here. We will do what we can, until then go relax, have fun and maybe even attend the anniversary ball."

"So you're saying that we should go have fun while... Theresa's been caught and locked away, by some freakish mutant wolves! It's not that I'm against a party but..." Neil stopped, the teenagers all looked at Hera and began to leave, there was no use protesting, so he went up to join him.
"No," Jay stopped; the others looked at him waiting for the worst, "that reason is not good enough!" he yelled.
"Jay..." the Goddess looked at him through troubled light eyes. Jay held back tears that threatened to leak, "We can't just leave Theresa! Why won't you let us help her?"
"That will be quite enough! You have forgotten your place!" everyone stopped, they had never seen Hera like this, "Now everyone will stay here at the school and dorms at all times! Do I make myself clear?" Hera was beginning to turn away.
"Perfectly..." Jay turned and crashed through the other bewildered young hero's and made way for the doors, quickly followed by the others.

"Jay," Atlanta said comfortingly placing a hand on his shoulder, "you know that those wolves don't stand a chance against Theresa and her martial arts skills."
"Yah, they won't know what hit 'em!" Archie chimed punching his fists together for effect. Jay looked at his friends and smiled faintly, "I know, I just made myself promise that I wouldn't let anything happen to her that all." Herry came up and patted him on the back, causing him to lose his balance and fall slightly forward, "Well that was a stupid thing to promise." Jay looked confused, but just moved ahead 'Maybe everything will be fine after all.'

"Are they gone Chiron?" The centaur looked at Hera and rubbed his long braided gray beard, "Yes, I believe so..."
"Hera?" he looked showing a new emotion in his hazel eyes, "Do you think Theresa and the vision could mean...?" She sighed and put a hand to her heart, "I really truly hope not old friend, and truly I don't."


A ghastly moldy burnt smell filled Theresa's nostrils as she awoke to a horrible throbbing in her head. 'Ugh, what? Where am I?' she tried to move her lean arms to rub her eyes, but she felt them jerk back to the ground with an echoing clang. She shot open her blood shot sparkling green eyes, freezing metal chains clotted with her dry blood could be seen clasped around her arms as she squinted her eyes in the pit blackness that surrounded her. She turned her head around trying to make out the area around her, the excruciatingly hard and cold stones underneath her and the tiny fragment of light emanating through the tiny barred window above made it obvious, she was in a dungeon.

"Oh this is just great!" she exclaimed sarcastically, even in this odd situation. She tried to move but found that every inch of her body was sore; a squeak could be heard across the room.
'I only hope that there are not rats in here.' She saw a pair of beady red eyes on the other side of her prison, 'Great!' She painfully picked herself up off the floor, 'Now if I could only remember what happened...' she was frightened, 'I remember... umm... I was heading for the park, trying to find Atlanta and Archie when... ten two-headed wolves jumped me! I tried to get way and I injured four but there were to many, and then... '

"Get of me! Jay! Atlanta! Herry, anyone?" Theresa began to whimper as she was dragged across the park grounds. An extremely large wolf like thing (hear by dubbed shadow wolf) growled at her but moved off along with the rest to let an approaching Cronos speak with her, "So I see you've meet some of my shadow wolves Theresa. Aren't they just wonderful? Sure a little hard to get close to but a wonderful hunter non the less." Theresa scowled, "Such attitude Theresa," he took out a small golden sac from his suit pocket, "let's fix that shall we..." Warning signs went off as he began to move the sac closer to her mouth, 'I need to get away...' Suddenly a wolf approached the God of time and growled, Cronos looked at the demons bright yellow eyes, "Yes I think that's a much better idea..." he then whacked Theresa across the head, and everything went dark.

"So I see that our prisoner has finally decided to wake up Agnon." Theresa opened her eyes and meet a pair of maroon blood colored eyes, Cronos stood before her wearing a black business suit and an evil grin.
"You know Agnon," he turned to the large dopey giant, "I think," he kicked Theresa square in the stomach causing her to clench her teeth in pain, "that it's time we paid the other young hero's a visit." The giant's laugh rumbled the cell, he yanked Theresa up by the throat breaking the chains around her wrist and causing blood to rip out of her body.
"No Agnon!" the giant grumbled, "I want her to stay alive, but not with us remember? We don't need to her at this point in our plan, leave her to rot... for now." The giant grinned showing all his pointy yellow teeth, and dropped Theresa to the ground, she began to gasp for air.
"Now let us go." The god summoned his henchman and left.

Theresa ripped off a part of her coral tank top to stop excessive amount of blood that was flowing out her wrists. 'I need to find some way to warn the others... but how?' Feeling weak she slowly began to drag herself into a corner, 'Can't fall asleep now need to help Jay and tell him..." A bright violet light began to work its way up her body as she unknowingly breathed in its power She had no idea that when she would wake up she would have the solution to her problem.
So that's about it for now, see you all real soon. Now I leave you with these questions: "What's that purple light?" "What will happen to Theresa?" and I'll update real soon! -Nuuoa Eclaire
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