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A Living Mirage

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The walls were decorated with blazing white orbs of light, it seemed to all that entered as if you were walking amongst the stars. The tables were all neatly arranged bearing the usual tangy punch ...

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Now on to the next installment in my story "Awake in a Dream". During this chapter I will try to respond to any confusion from the point were Theresa collapsed and will add some more Archie and Atlanta! YAY, they are made for each other! Grabs Atlanta and ties with unbreakable rope onto Archie. In this chapter it can get a little confusing... but bear with me. Thank you all my reviewers once again and now on with the magical o_o dance scene (I'm unstoppable!) - Nuuoa Eclaire

'It's like she's a mirage awoken from my wildest dreams... literally!'- Jay
The walls were decorated with blazing white orbs of light, it seemed to all that entered as if you were walking amongst the stars. The tables were all neatly arranged bearing the usual tangy punch and snack mix. A dark purple silk fabric hung from the widows, looking down upon the group of thrill seeking teens that swarmed New Olympia High. It was safe to say that the boring old gymnasium was newly transformed. The beats of music swayed causing the dancers to stomp down their feet to the rhythm like an African drum. Everyone was dancing, laughing and loving the dance. Even Odie had put away his virtual video game. Yes all wanted to be nowhere else, all except two boys that sat heads in hands on some worn out creaky conference chairs.

Jay and Archie sat, the group party in front of them gave them no pleasure what so ever. Jay sulked down deeper into the chair and loosened the tie on his dashing black suit, he was unwilling to admit that a deep part of him wished Theresa would show up... but how was that possible? Archie looked at his ankle nervously, he had pulled his sock over the gold platted brace that protected his week heel, which made him look uncomfortably goofy. He cleared his throat and began to fiddle with the tie that remained around his neck.
"That's it!" he proclaimed finally fed up at being in his uncomfortable navy jacket and tight tie, "I'm taking this stupid tie off, even if Atlanta doesn't..." Jay raised an eyebrow at the mention of their tomboy fiery friend, but continued to sulk lower into his chair, "I didn't hear anything." Jay zipped his lips.

Archie grinned sarcastically and ruffled his own purple hair, before ripping off his tie and squishing it beneath his shoes. "I have no idea, what you are talking about, but I've heard nothing about you and Theresa." Archie realized his mistake the minute the words left his mouth, Jay's chocolate eyes had already dulled excessively since Theresa went missing later that day and now they turned into a frown.

"That is no way to treat a perfectly good tie, now is it Archie?" Archie turned to face the voice with a harsh face that instantly vaporized, "Atlanta?" At this Jay most definitely raised an eyebrow. Atlanta stood before them her bold red hair pulled back by golden barrette, she wore a light black dress that moved perfectly with her every movement, her gray eyes twinkled and dance with the orbs of light and near by moonlight. The very fragment of time seemed to stop as Archie looked up at her beautiful lightface, completely touched up with the glow that spread around her.

"What's up Arch, you look like you've never seen a girl in a dress before?" she laughed and spun around playfully.
"Umm... yah it's just..."
"It's just he has never seen you in a dress before Atlanta." Odie smiled approaching them wearing a normal brown suit and bowtie, he had tried to comb down his Afro... without success. Atlanta and Archie shot him a threatening glance, "What you meant to say was that I normally don't wear dresses." Odie smiled knowingly, "What ever you say guys." Archie pounded his fists together when Atlanta turned away, looking straight into the boys light brown eyes he mouthed, 'You're gonna get it..." Odie rolled his eyes, but quickly scurried towards the amazingly strong Herry who was devouring the punch and snack mix.

Jay still sat slouching; Atlanta looked at him as the dance began to end and people all around shock the ground and hollered, 'He's still worried about Theresa... as are all of us.'
"You know guys... we can't have you sitting around here all night, come on get up and dance!"
"You're beginning to sound like Neil," grumbled Archie. Atlanta began to successfully pull up a struggling Archie off his seat, "That means you to Jay!" Jay just looked up and shrugged, "I really don't want to dance right now, ok?" She just frowned inwardly, 'He really doesn't seem to believe the Gods that Theresa will be ok.'

By this time Archie had managed to sneak away from Atlanta and remained super glued to his seat, "Sorry me neither, I have to left feet!" Seeing her friends determined faces, Atlanta sighed at the hopelessness of the situation and was swallowed whole by the group of dancers, just as a slower dance began to start. Archie's throat went dry as he saw Atlanta dancing with another guy, Jay watched and stood up, "I'm going to get some water."
"Suit yourself," growled Archie his eyes still glued to Atlanta.

Jay moved past the hypnotic dancers, trying desperately to not think of dancing with Theresa, 'Why can't I just believe the others that everything will turn out fine... ever since that vision of hers..." "
"Hey watch it!" Jay faced the annoyed Neil, "I mean you almost made me spill tacky punch on my suit, and it's Egyptian cotton you know?" Jay just smiled as Neil sashayed back into the partiers, he loved a good party.

The halls seemed dark and barren as Jay began to move farther away from the gathering, his were the only foots steps to be heard. Clack, clack, and clack... suddenly out off nowhere a darting figure could be seen dashing around a corner, no sound was made. 'Could Cronos be causing trouble again?' Jay startled searched for a weapon, there by grabbing a near by janitors mop. He turned the corner and drooping the mop rubbed his eyes, he could not believe what stood in front of him.


She was imagining herself at the dance, Theresa imagined the music swaying through her ears, her dress, all her friends would come to greet her and then Jay would take her in his arms and lead her onto the dance floor. 'It would be incredible, but I'm just stuck in an dusty old prison cell...' She opened her sparkling green eyes just as she felt a soothing violet light begin to creep around her, none of her warning signs went off so it must have been fine. The images around her began to dissolve like vaporizing rain; she could hardly contain her joy.

She was at the dance; the dark halls crept around her as she began to move around towards the music. Then she stopped, 'Something's not right... how am I here?' Theresa looked at herself through the wet floor, no bruises could be seen on her slender form and she was wearing what she believed to be the most extraordinary gown.
"Did my powers let me do this?" Her feet made no noise as she moved amongst the halls, 'Am I really here?' she reached out unconsciously to lean on a locker... she fell through.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Theresa, "Am I dead?" 'No,' she thought, 'I couldn't be... Atropos would have come to take me to the Underworld.'

She felt a connection with herself in Cronos's dungeon, as she fluttered her eyes open back in reality. She panicked and closed her eyes once again; she remained back in the dungeon. 'Ok Theresa think! How did you get to the dance in the first place?' She calmed down and began to imagine herself at the dance, the dress and being in Jay's arms, the purple light worked its way up her once more.

She felt lighter than air as she awoke to the dance once more, her soul projection of itself was cast away from her body, 'I have to warn the others about Cronos!' was the first thing that crossed her mind. Dashing around the corner she heard footsteps, 'Great! Now what?" she tired to hide but it was useless the shadow raised it's weapon only to drop it.


"Theresa?" Jay breathed, she looked stunning. Her light red hair was pulled back into a bun that wisped loosely around her face, she was warring a flowing cream silk gown with a bow around her waist, her eyes lit up as she saw him.
"Jay!" He ran to embrace her in a hug but found himself falling right through, and out the door into the outside world, Theresa dashed after him.
"Ok Cronos!" he yelled assuming because he fell through that this was a sick twisted joke, "Where is Theresa?" Theresa smiled radiantly, "Hi, Jay... It's great to see you but I don't have much time. Cronos is coming to the school and he's going to hurt you all!" Jay looked at his friend with deep emotion, "Where are you... umm sorry but how could I run through you? And why are you in a dress" 'It's like she's a mirage awoken from my wildest dreams... literally!'

Theresa flushed, "My clairvoyance somehow enabled me to separate from my body, as for the dress..." Jay cleared his throat, "Are you alright Theresa?"
"You're not going to start with the damsel in distress thing again?" Jay laughed, "No I..." Theresa was beginning to sway, "Theresa?"

Theresa was blurring, she was lifting slightly in the air. The bruises were once again forming on her limbs, dirt clotted her body and the blood began to trickle down her wrists.
"Theresa you're all battered!" Theresa looked at herself, 'Oh Great! That means that Cronos...' "Look Jay, I really don't have time for this, Cronos is coming and he has this weird golden sack..."
"He did this to you." Jay held back his rage, 'I'll get him for this...'

Theresa was beginning to fade away and fast, "Jay warn the others he's..." and she was gone.
"Theresa!" A howl erupted from behind him, "Hello Jay!"

Cronos held Theresa's newly rejoined body and soul pressed against his scythe. Hundreds of shadow wolves eyed him hungrily gooping yellow saliva by the gallon, he slowly reached for his PMR...
So that's Chapter 6... It turned out better than expected, (Except the part were she's separated from her body... oh well) Enjoy! P.S. The next chapter is going to be really exiting!!! YAY I'm introducing a new character that I will dub wolfie (hint, hint). -Nuuoa Eclaire

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