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A Vision Relived

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They had been fighting for a long time and the rising sun cast a warm soft pink glow over her features. The sun was blocked by her friends creating an eclipse behind her eyelids. She felt immense p...

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I have now been thrust back into the real world because I am no longer dreadfully sick As a result I apologize beforehand if the updating become slower and less consistent. I'm really happy that I got one more chance to write another chapter before Monday, so here it is. In this chapter expect the unexpected, a new character, evil annoying Cronos, old friends to reunite and more Jay and Theresa and Atlanta and Archie pairings. -Nuuoa Eclaire

"Prepare yourself Jay, for the ultimate downside of saving the world!" -Cronos (YAY! I love this quote!)

"Get down here you guys," Jay hollered into his portable radio, still not taking his chocolate eyes off the cackling Cronos, "and quick! Cronos has Theresa!"
"Jay do you honestly believe that you and the other five young heroes," he looked at the injured Theresa, "you not included my dear." Cronos drew out the words with a deep mocking tone, "Now were was I? ...Can possibly compete in defeating my army of highly trained shadow wolves." Howls erupted all around, sending shivers crawling up and down Jay's spine, 'Great now I really feel bad for yelling at Atlanta and Archie when they didn't get Theresa away from these... uh, shadow wolves.'

"Jay!" Neil's panicked voice erupted through his blue PMR, "The people, they aren't parting!" Jay frowned still not taking his eyes of the helpless Theresa, "Obliviously, why would they be with one-hundred shadow wolves moving around the school!"
"We're on our way, Cronos has Theresa! Oh yah, what Neil was trying to say is that everyone in the school is frozen solid!" Odie replied yanking the PMR out of Neil's hand.

And it was true, the very fabric of time stood still. The glistening sweat trickling down the partier's faces remained in place, the figures having the appearance of perfectly crafted wax figurines. The air had no new smell to fill your nostrils yet every motion smelt fresh with intoxicating beauty. Jay should have appreciated this once in a lifetime experience, but he was to worried about the only girl that he wanted to appreciate in his life.

"Frozen?" he shot a questioning glare in Cronos's direction, "You!"

"Yes, I am the God of time you fool!" A demonic sparkle entered Cronos's blood risen eyes, "So for the time being no one can stop me from killing you and the other descendents of the 'Great Greek hero's.' Cronos then smiled with his words at his vast legion of shadow wolves.

The shadow wolves were getting restless; they looked even more deadly as their eyes glowing a fiercer yellow by the minute, along with the amount of oozing saliva. Boar like fur stuck up creating the illusion of sickly dead black grass. They only had their master to follow and the only thing occupying their thoughts was the tender juice of the young muscular brunet boy standing right before them. Each and every single yellow eye on every two heads... except one green.

A lone shadow wolf stood alone flicking his shaggy unkempt tail on the ground, he did that when he was nervous. He was different from the other shadow wolves that was certain. His heads were unusually large, his body petit and each of his eyes were yellow... except one. He brought up his two heads and looked at the looks passing between his peers, communicating by eye contact. 'I can't wait for master to send us the word!' four yellow eyes would say, 'Yes' the other wolf's eyes would reply. The little shadow wolf would attempt to come into the conversation only to be shot down. No shadow wolf had a name, but in comfort they mocked him, wolfie, wolfie, a name of sheer low level.

Each of the four yellow eyes symbolized something in his clan: strength, knowledge, power and importance, that was all that mattered to any shadow wolf. His importance eye was the green shade; green meant useless and yellow empowering.

That wasn't the only difference he had, he didn't like to kill! He looked at life the way only he could, the fragility of it and each time one of his brothers would tear it away. 'I'm unimportant am I?' the voices mocked inside his head, he heard yells and footsteps rushing towards the scene, 'I'll show you just how important I can be!'


Theresa was perspiring viciously and was desperately pale from lack of blood. Her thoughts were meddled but she felt a strange and eerie calm at being able to see Jay again. She moved her green blossom eyes towards his and a spark vibrated through her soul. She couldn't smile she could only watch the longing to touch him being stronger than ever now... her heart was beating faster and her danger sense flaring, as he friends ran nearing Jay, their connection was broken.

"Step away from Theresa, right now Cronos!" Herry chanted joining the other prepared fighters, "Now why would I do that Herry? Oh, this is going to be fun..." snapping his fingers he yelled, "Kill them, kill them all." The wolves grunted and whooped as they began racing towards the group.

They separated into teams thinking rapidly of a plan to help Theresa. "Now!" yelled Jay, the Titans charged towards the shadows with equal rage... the fight begun.

Four large eyes loomed out of the shadows towards the first pair of Atlanta and Archie. The wolf howled and his eyes twinkled knowingly and evilly, "Have we meet?" Archie growled pushing back hid vivid purple hair, recalling the wolf that had attacked Atlanta and him at the park. Atlanta moved like lighting her bold fiery hair gleaming behind her, she twisted her bolas a mini tornado in the moonlit sky, only to fall forward causing her to clench. "Stupid dress..." she muttered looking at her newly torn mud ridden black dress, the wolf began moving forward curling into a pounce. Archie launched his chain whip just as the shadow nearly consumed Atlanta. A loud crack like dry brittle came from the wolfs back, it lay down in the dirt and drew a breath, no longer could it hunt like the wind and bring fear to others... this human would pay.
"Thanks Arch," Atlanta said pulling herself up. Archie was unconsciously speaking, "Anything for you Atlanta..." She ruffled his hair playfully, thinking it a joke, "Yah, I know." She turned to the other wolves, "Now let's kick some shadow wolf's butt."
"I'm right behind you..." 'Always...'

Neil was screaming eyes closed; unbeknownst to him he was successfully combating the approaching shadow wolves with a tazer gun. Herry was ramming his way through his punch packing a wallop to the unaware enemies.
"Eat a knuckle sandwich two face!" a wolf jumped and bit down on Herry knuckles, "Not literally!" He demolished the poor beast and moved forward causing scattering wolves along the way.

"Come on Odie," Jay yelled over the howling and whimpering wolves, "we need to get to Theresa!"
"I think I'll stay here and umm..." Odie hesitated. Jay knew Odie didn't want this, he liked being in his virtual reality and not fighting his way towards even more impending doom. Jay looked into the green glasses of his African American friend and sighed, "Go help Neil and Herry." Odie left but mouthed the words be careful as jay moved towards a fresh batch of the wolves. He was getting closer to Theresa.

Neil's hair was messed, Herry suit was torn and slightly bloody, Odie was successfully covered in mud, Atlanta dress was beyond repair, Jay had grass stain and dirt on every inch of his clothes and Archie was umm... really a fright! If the wolves weren't scared at their fighting skills, it would be their appearance. They were approaching Cronos as the last of the shadow wolves were sent packing

The sight before them was not pretty; some wolves lay dead others injured and the rest petrified. 'I didn't want it to come to this... killing.' Jay thought bitterly. But as he and the other hero's crossed the plains that was once a harmless school ground, he felt a face calling on his tired limbs, powering his blows and electrifying his heart

Long flowing light red hair, luscious full satin lips, sparkling green eyes, soft pale complexion with high cheek bones, rosy red cheeks and a warming smile that would grace upon her lips as he brought Theresa back to the safety of his arms and told he cared for her. He wouldn't lay it on her in the moment but he would wait for tomorrow maybe the next week, but he would... 'I have to admit to myself that I lo- care for Theresa...' Nothing could possibly go wrong as Jay followed by the others approached an enraged God.

"You fools," he turned to the shadow wolves, "you have failed. And now I will do the thing I that I should have done in the first place!" Cronos raised his palms to the sky streaking it blood red, "Arithio Sepana!" he cried. The ground shock and the all stopped and looked towards the evil smile spreading on Cronos's face.
He clasped the struggling Theresa harder and clenched her jaw, he pulled out a single gold sac no longer then three inches. The sickening wind blew back his gray and black hair as he moved the sac towards Theresa's delicate mouth.
"Prepare yourself Jay, for the ultimate downside of saving the world!"
"No!" Jay yelled falling on his knees in anguish, the land began to swift and turned creating a large trench, separating the God and his defeated army from the others. Atlanta tried to throw her bolas over without success, they could only watch as he yanked at the sobbing Theresa, moving the small sac towards her last breath.

A howl erupt from the pack of tarnished wolves, a small shadow with two large heads and one green eye charged the God of time, causing him to momentarily fumble just enough for Theresa to nock out of his grip.
"Impudent fool," he began to choke the small shadow wolf, "perish!" Theresa looked at the small beast that had saved her.
"Come on Theresa," came the pleading voices on the other side, "jump!"

She punched the God square in the stomach before grabbing the poor wolf and running towards her shocked friends.
"Get them!" Cronos yelled at the pack of gazing wolves, but their looks seemed to say, 'Oh now look who needs the help of "fools"' Enraged he ran faster than any mortal and choked the shadow young wolf with the murky air pouring from the sac.

At first the shadow wolf just shivered and then he began to choke as it's eyes rolled to the back of his head and he cried out in a screech, causing everyone to tear up inside. Theresa struggled trying to find away to help, but it was to late as the wolf lay down his head one last time as a hero, 'I'm important...'

Cronos laughed breaking the sounds of silence and Theresa's sobs, the pack turned to Cronos, 'You have killed one of our own, now you must pay!' their eyes mocked.
"Quiet, or you'll be next... good bye Theresa... I won't be seeing you." And he entered through a portal in mid air, taking the remaining wolves with him. Time started again.

The gap was closed as she was embraced by the others and she heard excited voices coming from all directions, not evens Jay's voice could bring her from her thoughts, 'What did Cronos mean by "I won't be seeing you?"'

Suddenly she felt extremely weak, "Theresa?" Jay said seeing her begin to sway; she looked up into his fading brown orbs of eyes before closing them and falling to the ground. The fumes of the remains of the golden sac had filled her lungs as she had lain down to help the shadow wolf, and Cronos had noticed.

They had been fighting for a long time and the rising sun cast a warm soft pink glow over her features. The sun was blocked by her friends creating an eclipse behind her eyelids. She felt immense pain enter her very soul as she lay helplessly shriveled on the damp ground, she felt a horrifying pain her throat and an alluring toxin swell up her lungs. She began to gasp and choke as tears stung at her eyes, the pain was unbearable and her eyes rolled to the back of her head, as she let out a trembling scream, tearing at everyone's heart strings.

Jay grabbed her hand forcefully and tender loving warmth spread over her as she recalled all the wonders in her life.
"I'm sorry Jay," she muttered to herself, letting a tear fall down her cheek, "I l-love you..."
Theresa smiled.

"Theresa!" Jay's voice cracked with threatening tears, "Get up Theresa!"
But unlike the last time she remained on the ground.


Oh my Gosh so sad, (cries soo loudly) please rate after you're done tearing... -Nuuoa Eclaire

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