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Ruining the Moment

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Archie realized he was very close to Atlanta. He could smell her fresh cinnamon scent and feel her soft skin brush against his hands. They just sat and looked into each-others eyes, waiting for... ...

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"Don't ruin the moment..." -Atlanta


It had been an absolutely beautiful day in New Olympia. The weather had been sunny, cheerful and fresh, a slight wind embracing tired bodies with a warming breeze. It had been the perfect day to go outside and just enjoy one of the best weathers imaginable.

Yet seven different dark shut out gloomy rooms was where the heroic teenagers spent it. Not getting out for anything, Herry had no food, Archie didn't go to see Atlanta, Odie didn't get his video games, Neil didn't attempt to pout sexily into his mirror and Jay didn't even move off the bed... only Atlanta had made her way out at the very end of the day.

Climbing out her widow Atlanta made her way to the roof, making sure not to let go of the item in her hand. She ignored the large scrape that had formed on her knee, she ignored the sheer level of height she was free climbing and of course she would ignore the trembling in her bones as she thought of her best friends unmoving body, as she plopped down on the sandy cold stones of the roof.

It had taken them a while to realize that Theresa wasn't ok. They were all to excited that they had won and that they had her back. Jay had been the first to notice Theresa begin to sway and then they heard her scream... it was unlike anything! A scream like that belonged in the very depths of the Underworld, to be shut away forever. The group had immediately stopped, Jay had fallen and grabbed her hand, she had barely managed to say sorry before her words became a mumble that they couldn't understand. They had immediately taken Theresa to see the Gods, Herry carried Theresa and the rest of them spent a long time trying to get Jay to move out of his daze... when he did he had made his way to his room.

Theresa lay so peacefully in Chiron's study, her sparkling green eyes were still closed and Atlanta was afraid to touch her... what if she was cold? What if this wasn't a nightmare... what if her best friends soul was actually laying on the soft green grass chatting with their ancestors? But even if any of them had wanted to see Theresa, they all would eventually, the Gods refused to let them in until they figured it out. 'For Gods they really aren't that helpful...' she had convinced herself.

Atlanta just wanted to sit out her troubles on the roof and it was a perfect time, she loved sunsets. She would stay up there as long as it took. If the others were worried it didn't matter, she wouldn't allow herself to break down and cry... not in front of everyone.

The setting sun turned her hair into raging fire, and projected a sparkling glow, turning her tears into falling gems. Her twilight eyes were puffy and red from crying the whole day.
"It was only this morning." Her normally playful and precocious attitude had vanished as she sighed to herself. Her tears began to flow in a steady stream; no noise could be heard except the last of the people scurrying into their houses below.

But then a rock shuttered towards her feet and she turned with a face stained with tears towards her new adversary. Archie rubbed the back of his head uncomfortably, "H-h-ii Atlanta..." She shrugged her shoulders in defeat and moved back down to a spot on the ledge, letting her feet hang off.
"I don't really feel like dealing with this right now Archie... leave me alone." Archie moved back his vibrant purple hair in concentration, "I came her to cool down and think... you?" She looked up at him with a slightly sarcastic smile painted on her lips, "I came here to be alone."

He sat down next to her; "You could have done that in your room." Atlanta sighed and leaned her head against his strong shoulder, "You know me well, almost to well..."
"Well what can you expect," Archie smirked, "I've known you for a while now and I lov-..." he shot straight up, a little voice repeated in his head, 'Nice job, there's absolutely no way to cover that one up! You completely ruined your chance!'
Atlanta shock her head, "I'm sorry, what Archie? I didn't catch that." she looked into his avoiding sapphire gray eyes. 'She's so beautiful... no stop, ok trying again now... she looks so sad... because of Theresa.'

"I'm thinking about it to." Atlanta's eyes began to get teary again, "Atlanta," he brought her face up to meet his eyes, "Theresa will be fine, If she was... not still with us then it would have been obvious and the Gods wouldn't be spending hours trying to understand..."

Archie realized he was very close to Atlanta. He could smell her fresh cinnamon scent and feel her soft skin brush against his hands. They just sat and looked into each-others eyes, waiting for... something. Atlanta felt something tug at her heart, a faint unheard beating deep inside her very essence, "Um... we should go back down stairs." Archie breathed.
"Don't ruin the moment..." Atlanta replied never leaving his gaze, 'What am I doing! I can't like Archie... can I?'

He was very close now and they scarcely blinked, he moved closer, she moved closer, 'Wait this is selfish, my friend is probably dead now and all I can think of is Archie... since when did that happen?' She swung her legs and moved off the ledge breaking the connection and closing the door on her feelings, "I'm going to bed..."
"Yah," Archie moved slowly while Atlanta darted ahead. 'Great going,' her inner voice spoke, 'you ruined the moment.'

Atlanta looked at the item clasped tightly onto her hand, a small golden sack, the one thing that had caused everything she had gone through. Jay and the others would want a look at it... especially the Gods. She nimbly climbed down the wall back to her dorm, laughing at Archie stumbling down, 'I think I'll deal with this tomorrow.


Yes it was a little short but I really wanted to update. Next chapter I will tell you everything you need to know about Theresa... stay tuned!- Nuuoa Eclaire
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