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A Fire Still Burns

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Jay lay down across his bed. Tanned hands against his face, he closed his rich brown eyes, 'Maybe if I lay here long enough, maybe, just maybe, I'll wake up and she'll be here. I'll se her dazzling...

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I am so very happy right now... as such I will add another chapter to "Awake in a Dream". This shall be the ultimate episode for finding out what happened to Theresa. I decided to write this chapter before the dreaded homework and the three tests I have coming up... so I really will try to update as soon as possible.

I really hope this clears up any questions from the point that Theresa "died". This whole story is about to get really good. In the next chapters starting now until the end, the adventure will begin, romantic tension will rise, tears will jerk and a foe will rise. P.S. I really love the chapter title... do you? -Nuuoa Eclaire

"I'll go..." -Jay


"Atlanta showed you the sac?"
"Yes." Hera turned towards Chiron, "You know what that means?" Chiron snorted, "Our suspicions are confirmed." Hera looked down at Theresa's body, "We must tell the others... and hope with all our hearts, that someway they can defeat the power that once was, and is now... back."


Barely any light escaped the blocked windows. The Golden Fleece rug turned gray, the sailing posters were cheery and fun... yet the feel of the room turned it to an image of grief. A dark shadow crossed over a slightly dead figure... well his heart sure felt dead. The shadows began dancing gloomily around his tear-streaked face.

Jay lay down across his bed. Tanned hands against his face, he closed his rich brown eyes, 'Maybe if I lay here long enough, maybe, just maybe, I'll wake up and she'll be here. I'll se her dazzling smile, look into her radiant green eyes and then touch her soft skin... it would be warm... not cold.' He would be captivated by her presence and her hair would burn light red fire... like the desire and emotion in his heart.

'But her fire is out...' he dried away the drying tears covering his face, 'She'll never see the daylight again... I'll never be with her again...' Tears leaked out in a steady stream, 'She'll never know the way I feel...' Jay felt weak; he tossed out of bed and squinted at the bright red flashing clock lights. It was six a.m. in the morning, he had only had the occasional three hours sleep and most of it was filled with her.

In each dream she was there standing gracefully, beauty radiating from all around her and then she would cry out... and then he would remember what had happened yesterday morning... her figure became limp, her eyes closed, she screamed shattering Jays heart... and he couldn't do anything... she said sorry. 'What did you mean by sorry Theresa?' Jay grasped his swaying emotions, 'Why should you be sorry... you didn't do anything.'

He turned on the camera option on his PMR, as he brushed back his brown hair. An image appeared on the little screen. Theresa and Jay sat together, smiles beaming, they held up a large trophy. The pair had won the three-legged race during their weekend lakeside trip. A lake painted softly in the background, Theresa was happy, a look of pure beauty and innocent joy on her face... it was before the troubling sensations... and the last photo taken of her before the incident.

What was hard for Jay to understand was why did she even collapse in the first place? 'She had been perfectly fine, besides the beatings...' he grimaced with infuriating rage, 'so why did she collapse?' His thoughts fought for an answer, but being the descendent of Jason he was sure to find it.

Two loud knocks irrupted from the other side of the door, "Jay?" Jay sighed and lay back down on the floor... he wasn't getting up today.
"Jay, it's me Archie..." Jay closed his eyes and sighed.
"Come on I know you're in there... get up!" Jay remained silent.
"Jay if you don't get up right now, I'll tell the whole world that you like... never mind" Archie's voice went flat, as he rubbed the back of his bold purple hair, 'Stupid... why did I even have to almost say that? If anything happened to Atlanta... Theresa, my friend what happened to you?' Jay cringed and got up weakly, making sure his voice wouldn't crack he began to reply, "What... is... I-it?"

Archie smiled slightly, leaning against the doorpost, "Hera wishes to see us." Jay gritted his teeth, 'So this is it. I will finally know what happened to Th-' it hurt to much to say or think her name anymore, 'her.' He got up look briefly in the mirror at his diminished appearance; 'Lack of sleep and heartache will do that to a person.' He looked at his feet, as he dragged himself towards the door, and turning away from Archie's concerned gaze, walked... towards the only shed of hope he felt he had left.


"I wonder what Chiron and Hera want? What could be so important that they just had to get me out of bed this early?" Odie pushed his green glasses up his face and faced Neil, he was lightly finishing the morning touches of his golden locks, "Um... Neil..." Neil stopped and staggering almost dropped his mirror, "Right..." Neil whispered, "of course."

The group sat down, they really weren't trying to expect any thing good, or bad. Hera and Chiron entered the room, Hera's silver hair hung loose as she looked towards Chiron, he nodded his cole hazel eyes looked towards his horse feet.

"Theresa is alive."

Hera proclaimed, her turquoise eyes were not filled with the expected joy.
A long silence followed before pure cries of joy burst for the gaping mouths of the young heroes. Odie did a victory dance, Neil began a group of "Oh yah's", Herry hollowed, Jay seemed frozen, 'She's alive.' His heart skipped a beat, Atlanta jumped tears of joy spurting from her diamond twilight eyes, she hugged Archie forcing air out of him, unconsciously hugging her back. An awkward silence followed between the two, Atlanta darted out of the embrace and twirled her vibrant red hair, "Well can we see her?"
The goddess faced the hopeful faces, she turned directly to Jay, "Yes... you... may." The teens looked confused. Why does she look so sad?

(I was going to end it here... but I'll make it twice as long. So even though this will take longer and you'll have to wait longer for an update... it will be worth it.)

Theresa lay down upon a small bed. She was mumbling to herself and tossing around. Red satin pillows lay gently under her head, light red hair sprayed out in all directions.

Her eyes were closed.

"I knew it!" Jay ran towards her, "I knew I couldn't give up hope." He touched her flushed cheek, "Hey Theresa, wake up it's me Jay."
"She can't hear you..."
"Huh?" Everyone turned to face Hera, who was currently stroking Theresa's back affectionately.
"I said she can't hear you." Tears brimmed in her eyes. Jay's smile turned upside down, "What do you mean..."
"Jay..." Hera started.
"NO! You said she was alive!" The goddess looked sadly towards him, "I wasn't trying to raise your hopes... it's just..." Jay's eyes blazed tears of fire, he spoke softly, "You said... she was alive and I believed you. But she must be she is moving and breathing and... I just know that she's alive... is she in a coma?"

Hera stood up and raised her head high, "No, it's the Scio Havarti."
"What did you say?" Herry breathed, the very name sent shivers up their spines.
"I will not say it again... but..."
Odie looked up, terror shone trough his glasses, Jay looked towards his mentor and then back to Theresa, 'No...'

Neil put up his hands in frustration, "She's alive, she's not alive, that thing you just said... well what is it?"

"Prepare yourself young hero's... this tale is not one to raise hopes. This tale is to inform of the real and absolute danger you will now face." Jay stepped away from Theresa his hands shaking, 'I've heard that name... but when? Where? Was it in one of the legends?'

"That golden sac..." Atlanta clenched.
"What!" Neil burst, "You had that freaky sac with you the whole time!" Atlanta turned her head down in shame, Archie dung his dark gray sapphire eyes into Neil's crisp blue and snarled. Hera turned to Chiron and nodded.
"The remnants of the beast are very powerful."
"Huh?" faces paled.

"Scio Havarti..." The group shivered at Chiron's words, "a beast so terrifying that just it's name sends humanity into a panicked state. Hera and Zeus had it sealed up along time ago... someone must have
"What does it do Chiron..." Atlanta stuttered.
"Trapping souls." His gaze settled on Theresa's trembling limp form, "Feeding fear..." he turned to the confused group in front of him, "To perish into an eternal slumber."

No more words were needed, Atlanta rushed to Theresa's side, "Wake up..." tears stung at her eyelids, "...wake up."
"Atlanta stop it!" snapped Jay, "She won't... no matter how much I...- you care for her!" he trembled and walked towards the door.
"Stop!" Herry blocked Jay's path, "So it is like an a coma?" Hera shock her head sadly, "No Herry, she is trapped in a nightmare... until she fades away forever, her soul locked away, wandering aimlessly through the dream, like a shadow of what was."
"So Elysian felids..."
"No Odie," Chiron looked away, "I'm afraid not."

"But there is a way to bring her back!" Hera stated, "I created a passage way to the land. It only has the ability to permit one and only once... but it is to dangerous."
"I'll go..."
"Jay..." the others turned towards him, he still stood frozen.
"I will go... I need to try. I just have to."
"Very well... but please don't expect anything." Jay faced her, a million stars of determination in his eyes, "I have to try. Besides, I'll fight no matter what, how hard can the monsters be when you're in l-... in less then a couple days"
"There's only one thing Jay... I don't know where the exit is... and time is most defiantly running out."


So I finally introduced the reason for the title! More Archie/Atlanta and a lot of Jay/Theresa. I hope you enjoyed that chapter and it was worth the wait, cough, I'm sorry it took so long... I really hate homework right now. But I can tell you that I will be able to update more frequently... YAY for weekends. - Nuuoa Eclaire
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