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Chapter 8

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Mikey finds out what's going on, and Frank seems to have MOVED on.

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Frank's POV
   Mikey studied me with a disapproving look as I recounted the events of the previous afternoon, leaving out the fact that what I'd told Gee was a lie. When I was finished I looked up at him, my heart aching from all that wounds I had ripped back open.

   "Well," Mikey said, uncrossing his arms and clearing his throat, "I disapprove of you using my brother, but it's none of my business. However, it IS my business if he starts drinking again. The last time, he tore Mom apart. He finally sobered up a few months before we moved here and he met you. And at least before, we could get him to talk. Now he's so shattered inside that I don't think anyone can help him by you. Once again, not my business. But I would try to talk to him if I were you."

   I swallowed, tears clogging my throat. "Mikey, do you hate me?" I asked, a bit scared of the answer.

   Mikey sighed and slowly shook his head. "No, Frank, I don't hate you."

   I threw my arms around his neck, the scalding tears pouring down my cheeks and soaking his shirt. "I never wanted this to happen!" I cried as he held me. "I didn't want things to go this far!"

   Mikey sat patiently, murmuring condolences and stroking my hair as I cried and clutched him. Slowly my sobs subsided, and I released him. He looked at me with wise eyes.

Mikey's POV-
   Frank's eyes were wet and bloodshot from all the tears, and he looked somber as he gazed at me. The look in his eyes wasn't only guilt, it was pain and love.

   I heard the front door slam, and Frank spun expectantly in his chair, his eyes full of hope. But Gee did not come into the kitchen, instead heading up the stairs to his bedroom if his footsteps were anything to go by. When Frank turned back to me, he seemed forlorn. Then it hit me.

   "Frank, you weren't just using Gerard. You still love him, don't you?"

   Frankie flinched and reluctantly nodded.

   "Then why did you break up with him? Why did you lie to him?" I asked quietly, making sure that Gerard wasn't listening. Frank swallowed, his eyes once again brimming with tears.

   "Every time I fall in love, someone ends up hurt. I got Gee put in jail. He could've DIED because of me. So I decided to separate myself from him, to keep him from getting hurt. He'll find someone else soon, and the he'll be safe. And then I'll be alone, unable to hurt anyone ever again."

   I was taken aback by his words. He broke up with Gee to PROTECT him? If so, his plan had backfired. Gee was more hurt now than he'd ever been.

   "Frankie, you couldn't have hurt Gee by staying with him. Making him think you never cared, that's what hurt him. I can't make decisions for you, but I'd tell him the truth."

   Frank sighed, tears escaping down his cheeks despite his attempts at keeping them in. 

   "He deserves better than me," he whispered.


Gerard's POV-
   I walked far behind Mikey and Frank on the way to school, reluctant to be near the person who had cut me so badly. The two were deep in conversation, and I thought I could make out my name. Sure enough, Mikey turned and glades at me quickly as we stepped onto the school grounds. I sped up slightly and fell into step behind the two, who instantly fell silent.

   "I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk about me," I stated as we mounted the steps, then pushed past them and breezed through the doors.
In History, my third class of the day, I ignored my usual seat near Frank and sat in the front row, bringing murmurs and stares from most of the class. In Chemistry, Autumn plopped down next to Frank. I gladly sat behind them, resigned to take in the view of Frank's back and butt. However, my seat made it fairly easy to overhear a conversation that made me die even more inside.

   "Autumn, would you go out with me?"

   I clutched my pen tightly.

   "Of course, Frankie! But I thought you and Gee were..."

   "Not anymore," he cut her off. "I know I've told you I don't like girls, but I like YOU, Autumn. You're special to me, and I want you to be my first girlfriend."

   I felt something wet on my arm and realized I was crying. In the middle of Chemistry. Over Frankie. Who had moved on. And didn't love me.

   I stood up abruptly, asked Mr. Unger for a hall pass, and made my way down the hall to the bathroom. I closed the door to the stall, and immediately threw up.
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