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Chapter 9

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Another short chapter. Sorry, I've been kinda short on time. Hope you like it.

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Gerard's POV-

I looked with strange satisfaction down at the bleeding wounds that now resided on my forearm. Along with with multiple deep slashes, the word Frank was carved delicately across my pale skin.

Frankie has his scars, I thought. Now I have my own.

Two weeks had passed since Frank and Autumn had become a couple. I had stuck with Bob, and found out he had his uses. A fake ID and twenty different bottles of heaven were now stashed under the bed, thanks to him.

I grabbed a wad of tissues from the nearly empty box on my bed and pressed them to the gashes on my arm, reveling in the burn that came from the thin paper adhering itself to my bloody flesh. I took a hearty swig from the bottle of vodka on my dresser to help kill the pain, and tore the tissues out of my arm.

The instant scabs that the paper had formed came away with a sharp pain, and the blood that had been stinted by the flimsy barrier began to flow once again. I swung my arm away from my bedsheets and let the blood drip onto the black carpet. I watched, fascinated, as the lush fabric absorbed the crimson liquid, leaving no trace but a slight damp spot on the rug. My vision began to cloud over, whether from loss of blood or from the alcohol, I wasn't sure. I halfheartedly knotted a t-shirt around my oozing arm and, for the second time that week, passed out.


Frank's POV-
I greeted Autumn with a hug and a sweet kiss as I rushed into Chemistry. My heart gave a leap when I saw Gerard seated behind Autumn. It had been a month now since our breakup, and Gee was looking worse every day. He was hungover all the time, and had taken to wearing hoodies and long sleeves all the time to hide his wasting body.

I took my place beside Autumn with a stab of guilt. I was guilty for hurting Gerard; I was guilty for lying to Autumn, I DID care about her, but I didn't love her like I did Gee. I was the guilty one, and it cut me every day.

I barely participated throughout the class, which was not unusual, but Autumn obviously realized something was up. As soon as the bell rang, she seized me by the arm and yanked me out the door and towards the front entrance of the school.

"Where are we going?" I inquired as she led me down the stairs to her car.

"Away from here," she answered, throwing open the passenger door. I climbed in, and we sped off.

Hey, sorry it's SOOO short. I should be able to make longer chapters, but since the story's almost over (Yes, it's true), I thought I would just post what I had when I had it. The next chapter may be the last, and I promise it will be worthwhile!!


~Fallen Avenging Angel
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