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Chapter 2: Unnatrual Citizen.

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All the Pokemon I had stolen in the past I took with me to return to their owners. " am I supposed to find all the trainers I stole from back then?" I yelled. "Maybe I should buy 145 Pokeballs first..." I started to say, if I was going to do that, I would need to show my face in a department store, which is a horrible idea.

"No...what if they shun me?" I asked myself in fear, I was already almost there. "What if they want to destroy me and say that I need to die?" I tried imagining that, nothing showed up in my mind. "Okay...I'm here, I'd better go in," I took a deep breath and charged in therough the door.

"Team Rocket!!!" A girl shouted, I backed up, and spoke up to her. "No, I q-quit Team Rocket." I exclaimed. "You're just here to sell those Rocket Balls, right? You expect us to buy them?" A grounchy woman said.

"...No, I'm here to buy 145 Pokeballs..." I said softly. "...Like we should believe you." She said back, she looked like she was about to hit me.
"...That will be 199510 Poke please." The lady said to me, I took out my money and handed it to her.

The grouchy woman slapped me and grabbed a black ball out of my hand. "Stop! I'm giving that Pokemon back, give it back!" I hollered, I snatched the Pokemon from her. I took the Pokemon out of the black ball, a Scizor emerged. "Hey, miss that's my Scizor!" The boy screamed. "You want it back, right? I will give it back to you." I smiled, I handed him the Pokemon. The boy smiled greedily. "Thank you," he snached the Pokeball out of my hand and re-caught his Pokemon.

Many other people came to obtain their Pokemon, I smiled and tried saying sorry to anyone I had stolen from in the past. Most of them I could tell were greedy; they looked like they didn't even care if they got their own Pokemon back.
"Hey, you, you're giving Pokemon back? You remember Granbull right?" It was a young woman's voice she sounded like she could possibly be my age.

"Yes, I am, is this your Granbull?" I asked, I held up a Pokeball. "Yes! That is, thank you! I knew you would eventually come to your senses Team Rocket girl!" The young woman said, she was overly cheerful, which annoyed me a little.

"M-my name is Akari." I whispered. "Oh, so you quit Team Rocket, Akari?" She asked. "well yes, obviously." I said to her. "What's your name?" I asked her in a curious way. "Ikumi Yumi!" She smiled at me as she said it.

"I want to be a trainer now, can you help me?" I pleaded. "Yes, but we have to buy you some new clothing!" She pulled me out of the department store as fast as possible...

To be continued...
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