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"I'm Joshua."

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Serenity stepped off the plane into the terminal in the small Texan airport. She felt as light as a feather, though the heat was taxing. She knew she should probably take off her sweatshirt, but she didn’t want people asking questions already. She would rather them think she was chilly than think she was crazy. Her scars would cause panic, just like they did back in New York, and she wasn’t going to let them send her into hiding. So the sweatshirt remained on.

Serenity was amazed at the beauty of the place. Everyone was polite and looked you in the eye when they talked to you. People waved at perfect strangers, and people held doors for people who had their hands full. It amazed her how Texas and New York could be part of the same planet, let alone the same country.

When she found her way to the top of the hill and saw the orchard below her, she was sure she had stepped into a whole new world. The sunset was the most gorgeous thing she had ever seen as it lit the sky to a dim red-gold, and cast long shadows over the little farmhouse at the end of the road. Horses grazed carelessly in a meadow that had been added to the original orchard, and quaint rows of apple trees stretched for what seemed like forever. Serenity had read enough books on the subject to be able to name a few of her favorites- Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and the best- Honeycrisp. The thought of all the sweet apples made her mouth water, and Serenity took her small bag with all of her possessions and headed towards the adorable little house. As she neared it, she realized the house wasn’t small after all. It was fairly large, with a wrap-around porch and a swing. A well was in the front yard, and judging by the bucket sitting on the porch, it was used often. Serenity admired the front door for a moment before knocking strongly on it, determined to be timid no longer.

She waited for a short minute before she heard people moving around inside. She heard the latch flip and the door swung open. Serenity could not believe her eyes. She had thought the sunlight was beautiful before, but it had nothing on the boy that was standing in front of her. He had long black hair and pale blue eyes that sparkled with the smile on his face. He was tan and very tall, with toned arms that showed through his sleeveless shirt. He was wearing plain jeans and cowboy boots, but Serenity found this more attractive than if he had been wearing something dressy and nice. He wasn’t afraid to show who he really was, and she loved that.

Serenity bowed her head, her black hair hiding her face so the boy wouldn’t see her blush. She was smiling slightly as she spoke, staring at the ground.

“I-I’m Serenity,” she stuttered, and mentally chastised herself for not steadying her voice. “I’m supposed to see Mr. Delhi about working here this summer?”

Her last sentence came out in a question, and she felt more and more embarrassed by the second. She stood, feeling awkward, for a moment, before the boy spoke to her. She was most definitely not expecting the words that came out of his mouth.

“Well, howdy Serenity. It’s very nice to meet you. I’m Joshua, though you can just call me Josh, everyone does. Mr. Delhi is my Pop, and he’s just through this way, if you’d like to follow me. I’ll take your bag for ya, if y’d like.”

Serenity was stunned. She had never before encountered such hospitality in her life, and it made a tear come to her eye.

“Th-thank you,” she said, relinquishing her hold on her bag and placing the strap in Josh’s outstretched hand. The boy slung it carefully over his shoulder and put an arm around her shoulders, ushering her into the house. She felt herself blush deeper as he led her through the house. She stepped into the sitting room, with Josh leading her, and was met with yet another sight that made her heart soar. She now knew that this was going to be the best summer of her life.
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