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A Note on the Story

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Just a quick note from me.

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Sorry this story has taken off with no explanation. I thought I'd leave a quick word before continuing, though I really need to work on Danger Days...

Well, first off, the girls. Delilah, the belle. Thorn, the beast. And Serenity, the servant. Three totally different personalities. Before anyone asks how I got my inspiration, let me explain. These girls are me. Or, at least, different aspects of me. Take Delilah- she's who I am when I'm not at home. She's the country girl, the one who's not scared to get her hands dirty. She's the one who believes in happy endings, finding the one you love, and having lots of kids in an environment like her Uncle Mulich's orchard. She believes in loyalty and honesty. This is myself when at my grandparents' house in the country- I love the fresh air and miles of safe haven to run and be free in. Then Thorn- this is me at home. At school. With my friends. Her dyed hair and rocker-chick ensemble gives me a bad-girl vibe. She knows there are lots of people who hate her, but she doesn't care about those people. She cares about the people she loves, and though she gets mixed up in bad things, she is all-around a good girl, once you get to know her. She just wants to be herself. She is defiance, in a word, as am I. And then Serenity. She is the abused, misunderstood, hidden girl. She has been beaten down and shoved into a world that doesn't seem to want her. She wants to be loved, to be held tight by someone who will make her feel like she is wanted. She is me as well. She is the side of me who was torn to pieces by the one I loved, just like she is torn apart by her father.

Mulich and Josh are much different characters, and I'll give a better explanation of them later (as soon as I understand where they came from myself! :)

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