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Archie's wierd dream keeps getting stranger... or is it even a dream? Could it be some long-forgotten information passed down by his ancestor Achilles, or has he finally just gone off the deep end?

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer: see chapter 1

Warnings: Death, some mildly disturbing scenes as in people turning into demons

Pairings: same as always

Chapter 5: Punishment


Archie was standing, bare footed, in warm sand under a cold, red moon. Men rushed about him in full armor, wielding weapons like swords, spears and daggers. They all charged into and through the now open gates of Troy. Screams of fear and confusion and pain ripped through the night. Archie paled as he felt, literally, drawn further into the dream and was suddenly standing in the middle of the city. He looked around in a panic as men ran past, women clutching children to their breast tried to escape the mayhem, but none could see him, feel him, and they all ran through him like he didn't exist. Which he didn't, in that time at least.

But it was one warrior in particular that caught his attention. A long, pale face with a straight, pointed nose and firm set lips. Red hair stuck out from under his helmet and he wore an amazing set of armor- obviously created by the gods. He seemed to be only in his early twenties, but his firm set grey-blue eyes were as cold and understanding in the battle as any aged warrior. He wielded a large spear, black as night was the blade, with a small red 'A' painted neatly at the tip. Archie's mouth felt dry as he recognized his ancestor.

"Achilles!" a voice suddenly cried from behind the fire to Achilles' left.

Achilles turned, but neither he nor Archie could make out the form of the person on the other side of the wall of flame blocking their view. But, to Archie's surprise, Achilles lowered his guard and smiled.

"Tulais? Is that you my friend? Have you returned, finally, after all these years? I was worried about you when I heard the gods had tried to punish you and-"

"Shut up, fool. I have no idea whom this Tulais is, but I am not him."

Leaping through the flames came a slim chestnut-haired boy, older than Achilles. He held a large bow in one hand and a quiver of arrows on his back.

"Paris!" Achilles spat and he pulled back into a defensive position, ashamed at calling his enemy his friend.

Paris? But- Paris killed Achilles, with Apollo's help, was he going to... no! Archie pulled back, he did not want to see his ancestor die! He turned, to try and pull away, but his feet were literally nailed to the spot. It was like watching a train wreck, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't pull away.

"No mortal can kill me, Paris, just surrender and I'll make your death quick and painless," Achilles commanded.

"Not after what you have done to my brother, brat! You dishonored him and held him outside of Hades for days before my father -begged- to return his body! You have humiliated us, and so it will be me who kills tonight!"

"How can you kill he who is immortal?" Achilles smirked confidently.

"By striking you in your ankle."

Fear seized Archie by the throat and he realized he was half looking through Achilles' eyes now as much as his own. He could feel the weight of the spear and shield on his arms and the armor on his shoulders. Somewhere in the back of both their minds, their heels were throbbing slightly.

Paris raised his bow with a sneer, and above him, in the form so that mortals could see him, appeared Apollo. He burned like the flame, but he too was wielding bow and arrow. Achilles froze up on the spot as he watched the god and mortal facing him, aiming.

The arrow flew true to its target and struck Achilles in the heel. Archie felt it as much as his ancestor did, and with a scream they both collapsed to the ground. He could feel the burning, poisoned arrowhead begin to infect his body. A white hot pain blinded him momentarily. There was another 'twang' of the bow and he felt another arrow join the first in his heel. Another wave of hot white pain shot through his body.

This was too much! Too much pain! Since his heel was his main weak point, having something to do with the fact that he only had pain nerves in that part of his body or something, Archie had forgotten about pain save for when he bumped his bare heel against the coffee table and little things like that.

But this huge amount of pain was just unbearable! His vision was fading, but to his shock and awe, he could see Achilles struggling back to his feet. Blood poured form his heel in a steady stream. The two arrows were in too deep to be pulled out again, and this was where he was going to die. At the hands of Apollo.

But what Archie realized, was that while Paris had fired the two arrows already, Apollo still had his aimed and ready to fire.
"Now for the prophecy to come true!" Apollo cried in a large, commanding voice that seemed to be everywhere.

The flaming arrow in his bow released and drove right through Achilles. Archie felt it tear himself apart as his ancestor died right there, he screamed louder than ever before. He wasn't sure if he was still screaming, but the burning city slowly gave way to darkness...


"Tulais you fell in love with a woman the moment you set eyes on her, but she would not love you back, so you continued hounding after her to love you."

Archie opened his eyes, but to his shock they were open. Everything was just black. But even though he couldn't see anyone, only hear them, the voice was so familiar it was frightening. It was Hera.

"Y-yes, but, you must understand that..."

"But since she wouldn't engage in any affairs with you, you came and tricked Artemis into revealing some of her powers for changing your shape. You -stole- her magic and used it for yourself, to try and impress Atalanta. And still she denied you, so you returned and fooled Artemis again and once more stole magic from her in order to charm her, but once more she refused you. So you chased her in nightmares and through the day, even begging her to court you. You chased her so much that she finally had to hide in the temple of Artemis and beg for safety from you. And Artemis, who was searching for you nearby, heard Atalanta and came to her rescue, so now here we are. You are in the judgment of the gods now, fool."

"Great goddess of the hearth, Hera, please understand me. I feel deeply in love with Atalanta the moment I set my mortal eyes upon her and I could not resist her. I know that deep down she loves me too, just give me another chance, please. I will return that which I have stolen to the wonderful Artemis, but please heed my plea this once!" a male voice begged.

Archie was surprised, it did not sound like the type of voice who would beg. The voice was strong a deep, very masculine and handsome and strong. He didn't doubt that this man must have had many women lay with him, but it seemed that the one woman he had really wanted was the one he wasn't able to love.

"Never, I will not take back the forms you have taken form me, not after they were used by a mortal who dishonors one who resembles me so closely! I do not trust him Hera, we should punish him now!" Archie recognized Artemis's strong, almost male voice.

"I agree with Artemis. This mortal cannot be allowed to go free after thieving forms the gods like he has, not once but twice! He must be punished!" Athena cried.

Suddenly, a light fell in a ring around the council. The faces of the gods were still hidden, but Archie was barely able to distinguish them one form another. In the centre of the ring stood a young man, around the age of Achilles, or at least the age he had been in when he had died.

The man had a short, trimmed beard and dark hair that Archie was shocked to see was tinged purple- almost the same color as his hair. His nose was large and slightly hooked and his lips were thin while his body was lean with muscle. Archie was strangely reminded of himself by looking at this man. He was nowhere near as beautiful/handsome as Achilles (as Archie had been teased about countless times) but definitely not all too appalling as some men were.

Then it struck Archie, Tulais was the name Achilles had mistakenly called Paris. He had called Tulais a dear friend, but surely the great warrior wouldn't be friends with a thief who stole even form the gods? And if they were such close friends, why hadn't he ever heard of this Tulais person?

"I beg of the immortals, far superior than I, a lowly, foolish mortal, to take pity on me; I was foolish and acted the same..."

"Silence, Tulais," Hera commanded again, "we have come to a decision, and you will keep your forms you stole form Artemis. But you will never be able to become human again. May you take the form of the wolf, the first and your favorite of the stolen bodies from Artemis, and may it be that your hair is the color of your fur so that all who see you will know that you are a cursed animal. And keep the horns of the goat, the second form you stole. So that you can be forever reminded of your mistake. Be gone now, and be cursed forever more for this is my final curse to you Tulais, I will erase you form the minds of every mortal and off every tongue and story. Only Achilles and the immortals will remember you, but even your friend will stop speaking of you because he will feel foolish to be speaking of someone who does not exist. And now, be gone, because I make you immortal so that you may suffer your mistakes, and so that you may remember yourself and be pained form the beast you are to become!"

Archie gasped in shock as suddenly the man, Tulais, fell to the ground and began clawing at his flesh as he began howling and screaming in pain. His skin began to peel away in its place was long, shaggy fur the same color as his, almost the same as Archie's, hair. Tulais's size doubled as he screamed and tore off his human coating, and his screams slowly turned to snarls and howls of rage and pain. His face bulged out and his teeth became long fangs.

And then, in one final act of cruelty, Hera seized Tulais by the ruff on his neck and cast him out of the ring of light, and somehow Archie could just tell she had now cast him from the skies and hurtling to the earth below as he screamed and cried in rage, pain and fear.

Archie felt sick, he couldn't believe what he had just seen. But why would he be dreaming of something he had never heard of? Why was he thinking about Achilles' death? Why, why, why?

And then Hera turned, -all- the gods turned and looked straight at him, Their eyes focused on him, they could see him! They knew he was there and what he had seen. The gods advanced on him, to hurl him out of the skies like they had Tulais, but Archie turned and ran, but he ran too far into the darkness and fell off the edge of the gods' realm. He was falling now...




"Ah!" Archie bolted upright as he fell out of bed. Man, what a strange dream... He shuddered as he recalled all that had happened. He'd go talk to Chiron later. But not Hera... the way she had coldly hurt Tulais, whether he was real or not, scared him more than he'd like to admit, because he could believe she had/could do such a thing.

He looked over his shoulder at his alarm clock and sighed, it was time to get up for training, fun. He forced himself up, got dressed, and headed down for another few hours of 'excitement' with his 'favorite' mentor, Ares.


Yay! Don't you love me? Two chapters in a 24 hour time-period! I had a major inspirational burst halfway through the fourth chapter, and this one just flowed out so fast I had spelling errors left and write- err, right!

Well, we half found out that Tulais fell in love with Atalanta (Atlanta's ancestor) while (as we already know0 on a quest to try and find a way to make Achilles, his best friend, immortal. And so after hounding after Atalanta for so long, he was punished quite severely, I must say.

I know that Tulais didn't actually exist in Greek mythology, but that is why this is called a fan fiction, and so I've tried to fit it in best could without changing the original myths too much.

Oh, and one final thing, Achilles died some time after Tulais became a demon. I know it seems like they happened around the same time, but Achilles did die later.

Review and rate please and thank you!

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