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Unneeded Knowedge

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Archie's dream is affecting him more than he thought, good and bad. On one hand, he got out of training early, but ont he other, he is now going to have to face Hera and the rest of the gods about ...

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer; see chapter 1

Warnings: Very, very mild references to sex, references to Hades being gay

Pairings: Probably still more hints at Neil/Theresa/Jay, and Archie/Atlanta

Authors Note: Wow, six chapters and over 32 reviews. You guys, thank you so much because I wouldn't have been able to do this without your support. It always makes my day when I see a new review waiting for me, and it really helps me believe my writing isn't as half as bad as it actually is ;) So thank you again, and I hope I don't disappoint you in any chapter coming soon.

Chapter 6: Unneeded Knowledge

{...} - thoughts


The dream, that dream. It was still bothering him; it was so -real-.

"Alright, we'll start off with five laps around the gym and then stretch and move onto agility exercises, so get moving Archie."

"Yes sir," Archie replied in a monotone voice, his thoughts were elsewhere on his strange dream/memory?

"Yes sir? What, no whining or complaining or trying to weasel your way out?" Ares was confused; surely the boy must be trying to plan some way to get out of training.

"No sir." Archie replied again.

Ares looked him over and noted that his student did seem tired and a little unkempt. Must've been up late doing... something. He chuckled as he remembered what a womanizer Achilles had been. Maybe Archie had finally gotten the guts to 'talk' to that red-head he liked so much?

"Well, run until you're feeling more awake and ready for the agility course, I really don't want to send you to Chiron right now," he mumbled the last bit to himself and proceeded to seat himself down on a bench to watch Archie run. He frowned slightly at the boys form though.

It wasn't that Archie was walking, or running all zigzagged, or dragging his feet, but the fact that he was running without any life in him. There was a difference when a runner was running, with his mind in his work, and when his mind was elsewhere. Archie's thoughts were definitely away from the track, far, far away.

Ares watched for some time, but then began feeling tired himself as he watched the mortal run. He needed something to wake him up, and a nice cup of ambrosia would hit the spot. Archie could handle himself until then. Ares got up and left to make himself a 'wake-up drink'.

His dreams... they had been so vivid, so real. Archie could still vaguely feel the pain of the two arrows in his heel and the hole burning in his chest from Apollo's flaming arrow. No, he didn't understand what the meaning of those dreams was, he wasn't a psychic like Theresa, but he understood they weren't just random thoughts he had created in his sleep.

They mean something, but what about his ancestor's death and some guy who was apparently close to his ancestor but was turned into a demon was important? And if it was so important, why hadn't he ever heard about this Tulais person before?

What had Hera said, of course! They had 'erased Tulais form the minds, tongue and pages of every mortal' so if they had done that, only one of the immortals who had been in that council would know. And that had been basically all of them, save for the big three, Zeus (who knew where he was now? The only place he could be in at the school would be as the janitor- but get real. The king of the immortals, now working as a janitor? Yeah right.) Poseidon, whom they had met and Archie didn't particularly like after he had dragged him all the way down to his underwater palace, and Hades, who Archie just did not like period. He never wanted to be stuck in a room alone with that god, just his personality and the way he spoke... Archie wondered how much longer his marriage to Persephone would last before Hades got bored and went to look for some other guy.... And then one or two other of the gods who had not been present. But Ares had been there, he could just ask his mentor.

But then again, no. Ares probably wouldn't remember, or lecture him on and on about the story. Chiron was still probably his best choice for getting a straight answer without much lecture.

Alright, so his mind was made up and he'd just go and politely ask Chiron if someone named Tulais had existed, and if he did then to give him a brief history on the guy. If not, Archie would just pretend he was a little out of it (which he was he admitted to himself) and just tell Chiron not to worry about it. Then he'd go to Persephone and talk about the dreams, not that he really cared about all the psychic and philosophy in them, but for the therapy because his stomach churned every time he thought about it and he didn't think he'd be able to talk to Hera without thinking of the way she had been so harsh on Tulais for a long time.


Man, he hoped Persephone and Chiron wouldn't get on him too badly if Tulais did exist. If he had been so bad for them to remove him from history, then maybe it would be a better idea to figure all this out himself and not tell the gods.


He could swear he could already hear them, constantly chasing after and checking in on him to make sure he was still sane and not having another vision...

"Wake Up, Boy!" Ares cried for the third time.

Archie jolted to a stop, and for the firs time, realized how dead tired his limbs were and how badly he was panting, his eyelids drooping with fatigue.

"Olympia above, boy! Have you been running this whole time? I -knew- something was going on inside your head. Go back to bed right now and don't leave until you're feeling fit again. Or better yet, go visit Chiron and get him to give you a quick look-over."

"Y-yes sir," Archie replied wearily. His feet felt like lead weights, like whenever he would try to get into the water before Atlanta had helped him in, but he managed to take a step. And then suddenly the floor came rushing at him.

Ares caught him swiftly, and held him up for a moment as he regained his bearings.

"Do you need me to carry you?" Ares asked, without the familiar 'I-don't-like-you-because-I'm-better-than-you' roughness in his voice. It just made Archie feel like he was sicker and hearing things, instead of just dreaming them now.

"But instead he replied, "No, no, I think I'll be alright. J-just take it easy."

He pushed away form Ares and managed to get to Chiron's room without any further delays. The centaur immediately had him lie down and drink some water mixed with some sort of herb that did something to relax his body, or something like that. And while the wise teacher was musing over some other medicines to give him, Archie decided that this time was as good as any to ask his question.

"Chiron... did a Tulais ever exist around the time as Achilles?"

Chiron dropped what he was carrying, which was a shock since Chiron was so well coordinated, and whirled around to face Archie.

"What did you say?" He asked fearfully.


Hera looked up form her desk and out into the gathering storm in the sky. That was strange, she hadn't thought of HIM for some time now.

It had been a long time since Tulais, and she had decided to not to think of him because she was ashamed of what she had done to him. She, and all the others, had reacted far too harshly upon the poor man, but they, the gods, had too much pride to go and apologize. She really had no idea where he could be right now though, hopefully he had left this world and just gone to Hades, whether he could go to Elysian Fields or not.

And yet, she couldn't help but fear that there was a good reason she was thinking of the demon now. This was just the calm before the storm she could feel it. Hera stared hard into the oncoming dark grey clouds, as if provoking them.

{What do you hide in your dark depths, what do you hold in store for us and our heroes?} She thought silently...


"What did you say?" Chiron demanded again, his usually strong, serious face pale and it seemed as if the immortal had just aged a thousand years in front of his eyes. Archie shuddered and couldn't help but feel he might've said something wrong as he literally felt the fear radiating from the centaur.

He swallowed to wet his throat and repeated, "D-did someone, who was later turned into a... a, something, named Tulais know my ancestor..."

Chiron sprang over and seized Archie by the shoulders, "Who told you? Who told you about that demon?"

"N-no one! I had a dream and..."

"A dream? Olympia above, this is far more serious than ever! What was in your dream, no, we have to see Hera, now!" Chiron, in that short period of time, had begun shaking and sweating, almost as much as Archie. Being grabbed by one of the calmest of the immortals he knew and then getting this reaction from such a simple question, man, this was really, really serious. It meant he was in big trouble too, he bet.

Wait, Hera? Now? After seeing what she had done to Tulais in his dream- memory? Oh no, he couldn't see her now. What if she did something like that to him? After all, Archie felt a little uncomfortable admitting to himself, he did look somewhat like Tulais, when he had been human, but more like Achilles, obviously, he assured himself.

"No, Chiron, it's okay. It was a vague dream, really, I don't need to see Hera, honest..."

Chiron paled, the boy was refusing to see Hera? Tulais must have spoken lies to him, possibly turned his thoughts to the gods! He roughly grabbed Archie by the arm and without another word, dragged him down the halls to Hera's office.


Hera whirled around as the door burst open. A pale and frightened Chiron, dragging an exhausted Archie, came bounding in.

"Chiron? What is going on, and at this hour? What are you doing with one of our heroes?" Hera demanded.

"It's T- Tulais. Archie knows Hera, he knows about the demon!"


Wow, this fast, a new chapter...

I have a whole bundle of ideas I want to get into this story, but I need to think this out clearly since right now is crucial in setting up the main plot and other things that, I hope, will make this story worthwhile.

In the next chapter or two, hopefully, we'll have Tulais meet Archie and the others (at this ungodly hour of 5 in the morning? What am I thinking?)

I'm sorry if the first part of the story seems all muddled up and weird, I wrote it at like 2 in the morning- no joke!

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