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Archie and Atlanta are... only close friends. They do seem to be getting closer though. But then suddenly, thrown into the mix is the demon wolf, Tulais, who one had his eyes set on Atalanta and a ...

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer: see chapter 1

Warnings: Possible cursing... mild blood, I don't think this chapter is too bad in terms of gore/sexual scenes/language

Pairings: Same as always, hints at Archie/Atlanta, Neil/Theresa and Jay/Theresa

Authors Note: Wow, I'm on a roll here! Pay attention to what goes on in chapter 5, 6, this chapter and up until we meet Tulais. There's some pretty big foreshadowing going on here, and kudos to anyone who might see it!

Chapter 7: Council


"It's T- Tulais! Archie know Hera, he knows about the demon!" Chiron cried in a panic.

Hera's old eyes widened profusely as she heard the news. She stepped back in alarm.

How could he know? Tulais had been erased from the history of mankind! Only the immortals knew about him- who told him? Someone was leaking information!

"Ares!" Hera called.

Only moments later did the god of war run in. He looked from his mother to Chiron and Archie standing in a pale, shaky group.

"What- what's going on?" he asked awkwardly, something didn't seem right. Hera never seemed this panicked and even Chiron looked afraid. Archie... just looked tired and sick, though he couldn't be sick, just tired, since he was immune to any type of illness.

"What did you tell him? After we all swore to secrecy? How could you break that code, Ares? I know you're a fool at points, but how dare you?" Hera said in a livid tone.

Ares took a step back, "What are you talking about? I'd never break any vow! Never!"

"Then how does he know? How does the boy know?" Hera yelled.

Archie was startled. Hera was shaking she was so angry. He'd never seen anyone like this before. What if she got so angry at him she did to him the same thing she had done to Tulais? Why did Tulais make her so angry? Why did his name even seem to inspire fear, or anger, among the gods?

"How does the boy know what?" Ares cried back. No one would raise their voice at him, not even his own mother.

"Tulais! You told him about Tulais!"

Ares only stared at Hera. And it was very apparent that he hadn't leaked any information.

Archie couldn't stand the silence, as short as it was, much longer, let alone another yelling contest between two gods again, so he cleared his throat weakly, "It- no one told me, H-Hera. I had a dream and..."

"A dream? What happened in you dream, boy?" Hera demanded, her gaze falling on him.

Archie, he hated how easily he gave into emotion right then, froze up on the spot. But Chiron, even as urgent as this time was, remembered his training as a healer.

"Hera, the boy was just in to see me for a serious case of fatigue. No doubt it was due to these dreams he says he's had, but let him sit down please. It won't do us any good if he faints before his story is complete."

Hera nodded, "Yes, I believe you are right. Ares, go fetch a small cup of ambrosia to help Archie clear his mind and get the rest of the gods in here immediately. Especially Persephone, I want her to help me understand the meaning of Archie's dreams," Hera commanded dejectedly. She then turned and clapped her hands, and a door opened in the air.

Archie's eyes widened as Chiron led him over and into the door, which had just appeared out of no where and wasn't connected to any wall or room as far as he could see. Hera opened the door and entered first, followed by Chiron who was once again dragging Archie.

Inside, the room was pitch black and not even the light from Hera's room gave any sense of light inside. Archie couldn't see anything at all.

Then, in the centre of the room (Archie assumed) a ring of light glowed from out of nothing. Archie felt his stomach drop as he realized that this was the exact same room he'd seen when Hera and the other gods had punished Tulais. Chiron had him sit in a hazy, mostly transparent chair that materialized out of nothingness as the light had, in the middle of the ring of light, just like Tulais had. He was shaking again, he realized, and just wanted to close his eyes and go to sleep. That's all this could be, just a dream he created when he didn't get enough sleep after having some crazy nightmare. That's all it was, so just treat it like that. Stay calm, answer questions and wait for your mind to conjure up some other crazy idea like a naked Neil dancing through the streets-

Archie sighed, sickened by his random train of thought.

Just think of something real. Like Atlanta. Think of Atlanta and just wake up. Atlanta has beautiful red hair...

(Soft and silky to the touch)

She had beautiful eyes...

(Gazing into his own with a look of pure love)

A well formed body...

(Pressed against his own)

Lovely pink lips...

(Taste so sweet)

"Archie! Don't you dare zone out now, boy!" Ares snapped. Archie jumped out of his... fantasy.

Ares roughly thrust a mug into Archie's hands and stormed off into the darkness, where he most likely took a seat in one of the 'inviso-chairs'. Without a word, the rest of the Olympians filed in, including Poseidon, who appeared to be floating for his lack of legs, and Hades, who was oddly silent and serious despite the last time Archie had seen him being all ditzy and 'blonde'.

But as Artemis entered the dark room, she leapt back in fright.

"Tulais?" she nearly screamed.

Aphrodite's, even for her usual ignorance of those around her, leaned over and grabbed Atemis's shoulder and said something that sounded slightly like 'No, it's Archie.' To the huntress.

Archie looked down guiltily to the mug Ares had given him. Inside, there was just barely a thin covering of golden liquid at the bottom of the mug.

{Ambrosia, the drink of the gods. Too much could kill a person, but a little like this could probably wake me up and help clear my head, probably what they want to happen so that I'll tell them what they want to know... but what is it that they're wanting to hear? What will they do to me if I say something wrong? What if Hera turns -me- into a demon?}

He shook his head and quickly drank the small amount of Ambrosia, welcoming the relieving warmth and the brief removal of his wandering, fearful thoughts.

"Alright Archie."

Hera's voice sounded do loud and commanding compared to the low din of voices he had gotten more accustomed to, he was startled again and looked up, but was unable to identify any of the familiar faces of the gods.

"Now we have heard that you have recently dreamed of the demon Tulais," there were shocked gasps from all around him, "now tell us what you saw, in as much detail as you can. This is important Archie, for no mortal should know of the demon because we erased him."

Archie took a deep breath, he wasn't quite sure where to begin, but it might as well start with the battle of Troy, where his dreams had started.

"It began when I found myself outside troy. How I knew it was Troy, I don't know..."


Atlanta yawned and stretched. That had to have been on of the most refreshing sleeps she'd had in a long, long time.

Swinging her legs out of bed, she accidentally knocked some pictures off her bedside stand. Sighing, she rubbed her sore hand, since her body wasn't ready for pain this early in the morning, and bent down to pick up the pictures. They were all of her and Archie, what a coincidence. Strips of four small photos they had got form a photo booth in the mall, with the two of them making weird faces, laughing, acting normal and smiling, and pretending to act 'cool' and looking all serious.

Another was where she and Archie had stood beside a large mural of the sky and some clouds and had gotten someone else to take the picture for them. She had an arm wrapped around his shoulders, and he had an arm wrapped around her waist. They were both smiling and giggling at something else that one of them had said.

The last picture was of Archie and her at the fair when it had come into town. He had played a game and tried to hard to get her a prize, in the end he'd managed to win her a small plush dog, while she had beaten him at the same game and won him some free passes to the circus that was coming into town fairly soon. He'd taken her out for a meal in return for the tickets (unfortunately he didn't have that much money and they'd just gone for a burger and fries and then snuck into a drive-in movie) but it wasn't a date, they had both agreed when the others had inquired about why they were spending so much time together. Archie was just her really, really, really good friend, better than a best friend, and he'd told her that she was an even better friend to him than he was to her.

Wait... was Archie... blushing in the photo? He was! It was hard to see, but there is was. Why was he blushing? She didn't really recall him acting all odd at the times they had gotten these pictures taken.

Atlanta sighed, Archie seemed to be so simple to understand, but then he did something that just confused you entirely.

She got up and slowly dressed up in her usual attire, and then headed downstairs, feeling much more awake now.

Strange... where was Athena? Usually the goddess would be starting to cook breakfast by now, or at least one of the others would be up.

She went to get some milk from the fridge, but a note taped onto the door caught her attention. She pulled it off and read it quickly.


Whomever gets this note must wake the other sup and go to the school immediately. Chiron and Hercules will meet you there and take care of you upon your arrival. I can't give you any more information here, but this is very important. Archie is already over, so hurry please.

Palls Athena

Atlanta set down the note, if the gods were requesting them this early, it was serious. She turned and ran to the stairs.

"Guys! Wake Up! There's Trouble!"


Alright! Some more Archie/Atlanta thoughts/memories, Archie's interview by the gods begins, and the others have to hurry and catch up or else they might be left in the dust with what's going to be happening soon.

I promise this story won't be so boring in another chapter or two! But I'm just trying to lead up to where the good part can start, so this means setting up the relationships, problems/dilemmas, and little things here and there that will work out later in the story.

Please review and tell me your thoughts!

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