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Atlanta and Herry get everyone to the school, where they find out some very odd things are happening for their ankle-braced buddy. Menawhile, Archie is trying to figure out why the prophecy that is...

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer: see chapter 1

Warnings: ...Nothing, just surprises for our heroes

Pairings: Same as always

Authors Note: Wow... 42 reviews... I just want to spend every waking moment working on this story, and I'm determined to make it good. Unfortunately, I'll be having a lot of soccer tournaments and tests in school to start studying for, so my update rate might drop noticeably. I'll try to keep it on a regular basis, since this story is just flowing (wow... I sound so... 'hippie-ish' kinda like Pan ;D) but yeah, this story is flowing. I can't wait to start working on it every day, and I'll be spending my free time in school working out an awesome plot that (hopefully) will have you guys interested up to yer eyeballs! And trust me, there are some major plot twists coming up and Archie will be meeting Tulais soon. VERY soon.

Chapter 8: Worry


Herry snorted quietly in his sleep, clutching his teddy bear. Suddenly, there was a loud 'wumph' as something big landed on his bed with a:

"Herry! Herry! Get up- we need to get to the school, now!"

Herry bolted upright and accidentally knocked Atlanta off his bed. She always did seem to do the strangest things, like when waking someone up you usually just prodded them, not jumped on and scared the pants off of them. Kinda like what Archie would do to them if he got the chance of them sleeping in, on a day when they were all going to go out hiking or camping. Archie had scared Neil so badly one time, the blonde had shot through the roof and hadn't spoken to anyone the whole morning and just sat and stared at his mirror.

"What's wrong Atlanta?" he asked.

"Athena left a note saying that something serious was happening and we have to get to the school right away!" she said quickly.

"Okay," he groaned tiredly, "okay, I'm up. Go wake up the others and I'll get the truck started." Waving her off, she jumped up from the floor and looked around.

"Man Herry, you really need to clean this place up and... a teddy? Wow, I never would've thought you'd be the one with the teddy!" she giggled slightly and then turned and raced out the door, where he heard her leap into Neil's room and awaken the model with a loud cry.


Once everyone was dressed and awake enough to move on their own, Atlanta and Herry herded them into the truck. They had no idea why Athena was making such a big deal of them having to get over there, but something did seem odd. A heavy layer of dark storm clouds had settled over New Olympia, just taunting the citizens to try and determine when it would release its load.

Which it did, slowly, in just little droplets here and there. Herry groaned and tried to drive, despite the large indents in the steering wheel of his truck. He muttered something about asking Hephaestus to make the steering wheel out of some sort of metal that wouldn't break under his mighty strength, too easily.

He pulled up to the school a short while later and everyone, more awake now, hopped out and dashed for the dryness of the school. They wandered down some of the halls, once passing by Mr. Suez who never talked or did anything but watch the kids go past (What a creep!) and mop the floors.

Still as cautious as ever, even if it was before school hours, they checked around to make sure no one was watching them. Jay took out his golden medallion, a 'J' engraved on the back, and slid it into the knob of the door to the Janitor's closet where the dial turned and then clicked into place. He removed his medallion and opened the door, placing the necklace back around his neck and then tucking it into his shirt. The others passed him and entered the small room.

"What happened to your face?" Theresa giggled as she passed him.

Confused, Jay traced his hand over his cheek and realized that there were impressions of his sword handle and pencil in his cheek! Face turning a bright hue of red, he quickly stepped inside the closet and closed the door behind him. Odie reached dup and turned on the light, and Neil, with a loud yawn stretched out and laid an arm around Theresa's shoulders. She coughed slightly and he pulled away, slowly.

The back wall slowly glowed with a bright blue color and once it had filled the entire wall, they passed through the portal one by one. It was s strange sensation, almost like waking through a wall of water. It had been noticed by the group that Archie just sped though the portal quickly, not pausing and going slowly like the others, and it had started when Neil had suggested the idea of the portal being like water. Yeesh, they could do without Archie's irrational fear sometimes.

Chiron and Hercules were waiting just inside.

"Follow me," the centaur said, and even though they were tired, they could tell he had been spooked by something. Both he and Hercules looked pale and were shaking slightly, and if the group had been more awake, hungry or wondering what the gods wanted, they might've figured out that something really, really bad was going on.


"And so I saw you throw Tulais from this... room, and then everyone, all the gods, turned and looked at ME. But I don't know how you could have because I didn't exist at that time, it was probably part of my nightmare, but I turned and ran, and I fell off the 'edge' as well. I was falling, and then I woke up."

"Strange," Hera muttered. Her brow furrowed as she thought back to that day, remembering how for a brief moment she had felt someone, other than a god, watching her. Watching the punishment. But how could that be possible? Archie wasn't psychic like Theresa! He couldn't see visions...

"The Prophecy..." Hera whispered fearfully.

Archie looked up at her, what did 'Seven teenage descendants of famous heroes will save the world' have to do with a man who was changed into a demon thousands of years ago? Wait how had it gone again? Archie thought quietly to himself and didn't notice the rest of the gods fidget nervously as they recalled what the Oracle had prophesized for their downfall.

Right! This was how the prophecy had gone:

'So many years later,
Offspring of seven heroes well known,
Must fight together,
To protect the heir to the throne.'

The 'heir to the throne' was Zeus, of course, And the seven 'offspring' heroes was Archie and the gang. It was so simple, it was kind of stupid, and why would this be making Hera so upset?

"You may leave, now, Archie," Hera commanded, still hidden in the shadows of nothingness. He heard her clap her hands and a door opened beside him, quickly he stood up and then nearly fell back into the chair with a wave of dizziness, but eagerly stepped out of the dark room and into the light...



The six of them were full, awake and very intent on finding out what was happening now. Chiron and Hercules had them seated in a circle in Chiron's study. The centaur was shifting nervously from hoof to hoof, and the demi-god was oddly interested with the holes in his socks.

"So why are we here in the first place?" Jay questioned, to get the conversation moving.

"It is because of Archie," Chiron replied, Hercules seemingly just 'had' to 'go' and he quickly left the elder to explain everything himself.

"What did Archie do that has us all here?" Theresa asked.

"Is he okay?" Atlanta blurted out. She didn't want her best friend hurt, not unless she knew when, who and how. Not unless she could go hunt them down and hurt them afterwards.

"He should be fine, as long as he is agreeable with Hera and the rest of the immortal council..."

"Immortal Council? Like- they're judging him?" Odie gasped.

Chiron nodded, "Somehow Archie connected with an event that happened thousands of years ago, that the gods erased form mortal history and therefore he should know nothing of it. It is a serous thing if the demon, T-Tulais, has somehow connected to Archie."

"Why? Who is this demon? What happened that made the gods erase a part of history?" Jay demanded, not liking where this was going. Like any good leader, and friend, he was worried about his comrade.

"Because, in a brief explanation, Tulais tricked and stole from the gods after he swore to them that he would not stop journeying until he had made his best friend immortal. But along his travels he met the beautiful and wild Atalanta, and fell deeply in love with her. So he tricked Artemis, twice, into giving him two forms of beasts from her and tried to use them to woo Atalanta into loving him..."

"Ouch, babes have never really gone for that sort of thing though. What a loser," Neil commented lazily. Chiron ignored the interruption and cleared his throat before continuing.

"But Atalanta had finally had enough, and one day while he was chasing after her, she fled into a temple of Hera and begged for help form the gods. The gods, angered already by Tulais's thievery, took him to the council of gods where he became a demon, and then they erased him form the history of mankind."

"They killed him?" Herry finally spoke up.

"No, they erased him from the minds of every mortal, and he later became feared as an unnamed demon, but one of the fiercest to ever exist- still exist, I believe." Chiron finished, "so if he has somehow connected with Archie and shown Archie the council where he became a demon, it could mean he would be coming to New Olympia very soon and you young heroes will have to fight him. And, knowing now the history he has had with some of your ancestors, I do not believe you want to meet him."

"Wait, Chiron, you mentioned this Tulais had a best friend, we already know he's connected to Atlanta's ancestor, Atalanta, but who was his best friend?" Theresa said, looking at Atlanta.

Chiron sighed, "His best friend was none other than the mighty Achilles."

Atlanta jumped up, "B-but that would mean he- he would know Archie's weakness! What if he goes after Archie?"


Dun dun dun, another update!

Tulais should show up in the next chapter, I'm almost positive of it. I didn't want him to be in this one since this chapter would've gotten too long anyways.

I have been wondering though, what do you guys think of the chapter length I'm using? Could/should it go longer?

Okay, so Archie is out of the Immortal Council, the others have been filled in that Tulais and Achilles were best friends and other things about Tulais, I will do a short story of Tulais's background, so that we can know him a bit better, so I'm sorry if you're feeling confused right now.

And you got to see my revised version of the prophecy. I mean, come on, prophecy's only sound cool when they rhyme. If I had a prophecy as: 'Seven teenage descendants of Greek heroes will save the earth'- I'd feel bad for myself. SO yeah, if my prophecy should say something like 'the seven will need to defeat Cronus', well, that doesn't really rhyme, and this is all part of my master plan!

Yeah, that's about it for now....

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