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Jenna thinks she has been replaced...

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Screams started reverberating around the room, but I wouldn't let go. I bit down harder and harder, digging my teeth into Ian's soft flesh. I wouldn't stop, couldn't stop. The anger, pain, and sorrow that I had felt in both lives fused together and made me go slightly insane. I wanted someone else to suffer for once. I wanted someone who wasn't me to feel the pain they had caused me.

Ian tried to get me to let go. He tried grabbing me, smacking me, and doing everything he could think of to get me to let go. When all that failed, he grabbed a pistol, grabbed my rear, and then slammed the point of the pistol up my hole. Panting, Ian hissed, "Let go our I'll shoot you here. Believe me, I will. You're nothing but a little fucking bitch after all."

Ian slammed the pistol up my hole further and I was forced to let go of him. Gasping, I tried to move in a way to get the pistol out of me, but Ian just kept shoving it up farther. Abruptly, Ian got off the bed and tied my wrists with some rope. Too scared that he would shoot, I didn't protest and stayed very still as he tied my wrists together above my head.

After tying the other end of the rope to the bedpost, Ian removed the pistol from my hole and whispered in my ear, "I was going to let you live. I was going to be kind to you. You brought all this down on yourself." Ian started slapping my backside as hard as he could until the flesh there was pink, raw, and tender. A little series of whimpers escaped my lips and I wanted to beg for mercy.

I bit my lip hard, trying to keep my screams to myself. Ian was right. I had brought this down on myself. Once Ian had gotten bored again, he flipped me onto my back so my whole front was visible to him. He tugged on my nipples painfully hard and sought the warmth between my legs to pinch my tender place. I looked up into his evil eyes and had the impulse to hurt him again.

Despite the fact that he had bound my hands, he had either forgotten to or not bothered to bind my feet. Giving him a dirty look, I raised my foot and kicked him hard in the chest. Ian gasped for breath and slammed his fist into the side of my face. My vision went fuzzy as I felt Ian pick me up and throw me against the nearest wall. I smashed into it and fell limply to the floor.

Ian's blurry figure walked up and down the room as he thought about what to do with me. My stomach twisted and churned within me and my body was very sore. Abruptly, Ian came over and stood in front of me. No mercy left for me, he grabbed one of my legs, yanked it out to an awkward angle and stomped his foot down on it. I let out a scream of agony.

There was a loud crack as Ian cracked the small bone into two. I screamed loudly, unable to stop as pain rolled in waves throughout my body. Ian fetched the gag from the bed and stuffed it in my mouth as I felt something warm trickle down my leg. I wondered what it was. I didn't think I had to pee, but I guessed it was hard to tell when someone was trying to torture you to death.

Looking down, I noticed a trickle of blood running down my leg. Oh fuck, so I had to start my womanly cycle right here and right now. It couldn't wait, could it? Hoping Ian wouldn't noticed, I tried to push my legs together. No wonder my stomach had felt so ill the last few days. Perhaps I was a bit young to start my cycle, but then again, I wasn't the typical twelve-year-old.

Unfortunately, Ian had noticed the blood running down my thigh. He squatted in front of me and yanked my legs apart as a little pool of blood formed beneath me. This was the worst kind of embarrassment there was in my opinion. Here I was, tied and bound, and Ian was exposing my intimate parts just to watch me bleed. I wished he would go to hell.

"Ah, you're bleeding, I see," Ian said, looking at the space between my thighs that he had just exposed. "Let's let everyone know, shall we?" Ian tugged my legs apart further to the point where it was getting very painful. Ian laughed at me and drawled, "You don't even have control over your own body, do you? I always knew you were weak. That's why you needed Cutler to save you. What are you going to do now that Cutler doesn't want a bitch with an ugly little body like yours, hm?"

Ian was taunting me, obviously trying to get a reaction out of me. To some extent, he was right. I had no control of the blood flowing out of me. I tried to hold it in, but it did no good. It continued to make a little puddle on the floor. At the mention of Cutler no longer wanting me, my will to live split in two and I pleaded, "Just kill me. Quickly."

I added the quickly part since I could certainly see Ian taking his time with it. Ian looked down at me and raised an eyebrow, asking, "Are you certain? Is that what you really want?" He looked between my legs again and kicked my special places, causing me to give a muffled cry and allowing another little puddle of blood to form on his shoe. Ian wrinkled his nose and kicked his shoe off.

"Please," I mumbled through my gag, wishing Ian would just get a move on. Ian finally gave in. He fetched a knife and returned to my side. He pushed me onto my back and held the knife to my throat. His fingers came down to rub me in the most annoying way until I wasn't sure if it was blood spurting out of me or something else. Ian laughed at the way he was dominating my body and pressed the knife against my throat, asking, "Any last words before I send you back to hell?"

Just as Ian was saying all this, I heard the click of the lock and the creak of the door opening. Too intent to bother to listening to the door, Ian pushed it closer against my throat and asked, "Well?" Sighing, I looked down at the ground and shook my head. At that moment, the door burst open and a small figure slipped inside. They drew a shiny silver pistol from their pocket and shot Ian right in the back. Ian immediately slumped against me and gasped with the pain.

"Look here," he slurred, eyes glazing. "So your Cutler came to save you after all. Too bad I can kill you anyways." When Cutler had shot Ian, he had dropped the knife. As Ian brought his hands to my throat and started to squeeze, I grabbed the knife and slit his throat. Blood gushed from Ian's body and his hands fell from my throat limply.

Cutler kicked Ian's corpse off of me and picked me up. Ignoring the fact that I was covered in blood, he pressed me against his chest and looked over my naked, bloody body. Frowning, Cutler chastised me, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? I believe I asked you to tell me what was going on at least five times. Do tell me, were you trying to get yourself killed?"

I made no answer and looked at the ground miserably. Cutler looked at the sticky blood covering his hands and whispered, "Bloody hell, are you hurt? You're bleeding all over." Embarrassed, I ignored the bleeding part and just said, "I think he snapped one of the bones in my leg. I can't seem to walk. My body hurts too, but I don't think anything else is broken."

"Where's the blood coming from then?" Cutler pressed, frowning slightly. Blushing bright red, I mumbled, " know..." Cutler watched me stutter and then noticed that all the blood was coming from between my legs. He ripped part of the sheet on Ian's bed and pushed it up between my legs to save me the embarrassment of bleeding all over.

"Thanks," I mumbled, eyes glazing from the pain in my leg. Cutler wrapped his arms around me tightly and retreated out of the room. He walked down to the hall and put me on the bed in our cabin. I cried out with pain when he sat me down, feeling my leg throbbing quick painfully. Cutler sighed and put a wet washcloth against my forehead.

"Sleep," he directed me. "Tomorrow, we'll be at Port Birch and we can get you help there." I nodded and let myself fade off into the dark embraces of sleep. I slept all night and all through the next day until late afternoon. Cutler eventually shook my shoulders to wake me up. I blinked and stirred, already feeling the annoying pain from my leg.

"We are to be at Port Birch within the hour," Cutler informed me. "We have to get you look semi-decent." Cutler picked me up and sat me down by his bag as he set me down on the floor. He went to fetch my clothes and I couldn't help but look into his bag. It was wide open and was just begging for my eyes. The edge of a picture frame was peaking out of it.

Seeing that Cutler was busy looking for some decent clothes for me, I pulled the picture frame out of the bag and peered at the woman inside it. She had whitish-blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and perfect pink lips. I stared at her intently until Cutler noticed me and asked sharply, "Jenna, don't you believe you should ask me before you go through my belongings?"

He scared me and I dropped the picture frame in alarm. It smashed onto the floor and broke into a dozen little pieces. Cutler cursed and went to pick up the picture, glaring at me as he said, "I should never have brought you on this voyage. All you've done is caused trouble. Firstly, you cause a large mess in Ian's cabin, you go through my personal things, and then you cheat me out of my promotion. You and I know full well I'll never get it now from this voyage."

More angry than I had seen him before, Cutler stared at the picture in one hand and reached out to slap my cheek with the other. My breath caught in my throat as I flinched from the bit of pain. Never before had Cutler intentionally hurt me. It was more proof to what Ian had said. Cutler was over me and was onto Jane. This was proof of it.

Cutler tucked the picture into his pocket and seemed to calm down slightly. He looked over at my quivering figure in the corner and looked guilty. He gently reached up and stroked my cheek, murmuring, "I apologize. That was very uncalled for. Can you forgive me?" I couldn't, but I decided to fake it. I nodded slightly and avoided his eyes on purpose.

Cutler tilted my head up and pressed his lips to mine, kneading and rubbing mine. I didn't respond or join in the kiss. If Cutler wanted Jane, I was going to let him have her and forget me. In order to do that, I had to break off all my sexual longings for him. Cutler looked at me in surprise when I didn't kiss him back, but he didn't say anything.

Cutler gently slipped clothes over my body and did the buttons on my jacket. He gave me a funny look and asked, "I assume you can't walk?" Not wanting him to have to bother more than was necessary with me, I shrugged and replied, "You can just leave me here. I'll be fine." Cutler shook his head at me and replied, "Don't be ridiculous. I'll just have to carry you, that's all."

Picking me up, Cutler brought me to the stairs and walked up to the upper deck. Mind kind of woozy, I just buried my face in his neck as he spoke a few words to the crew before getting off of the ship. I did notice that he didn't offer any explanation as to why he was carrying me around though. I didn't care. I already felt bad; Cutler wasn't going to get his promotion because of me.

Once we were on land, Cutler looked at the sunset and asked me, "Do you want to go straight to the doctor and have your leg treated or would you prefer to go to an inn for the night?" Pretty much falling asleep as it was, I murmured, "The inn, definitely." Cutler nodded and hoisted me over his shoulder as we went in search of an inn for the night.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt tears filling my eyes. I loved Cutler so damn much and yet, it was very obvious that Jane was my replacement. I didn't think I could bear it, but I had to. The tears fell from my eyes silently and dripped onto Cutler's coat. Luckily, Cutler couldn't feel the tears through the heavy coat, vest, and shirt.

Abruptly, Cutler stopped in front of a building and stiffened. Too tired to look at whatever he was looking at, I asked in a tired voice, "What are you staring at?" Cutler pressed his arms tighter to me and said, "I see there are signs about you up. They read that you're missing and that anyone who turns you in can receive a large sum of money."

"You're not going to turn me in, are you?" I asked Cutler nervously, fingernails digging into his shoulder. Cutler gave me a funny look and replied, "Of course not. I would really think you would know better by now." I nodded and hid my head in his shoulder all the way too the inn, not wanting people to get a very good look at me. I didn't want to be dragged back home.

After a long time, Cutler finally found an inn for us to stay at. He kicked the door open and talked to the woman standing by the door. They exchanged shillings and Cutler brought me to a room at the far right of the hall. He pushed it open, set me on the bed, and then went back to lock the door. Sighing, Cutler dumped his bag on the floor and closed his eyes.

"Are you alright?" I asked Cutler, feeling a bit concerned. Cutler merely shrugged and replied, "I am just thinking about other ways to get the promotion I was expecting." Once again, I felt quite guilty. I looked at the floor and murmured, "Oh. Well, I am quite sorry for that. I didn't mean to make you lose that promotion. You can just dump me off somewhere if you want."

"You do know I wouldn't do that," Cutler replied, stripping off his coat and then his vest. I tried not to watch him remove his breeches, but I couldn't resist. My eyes quickly focused on the intimate part between his thighs. Cutler climbed wearily onto the bed and turned to me. He unbuttoned my coat and started undressing me since I would have a hard time with it because of my leg. I stiffened and tried not to pay attention to what he was doing. I couldn't love him anymore. He was Jane's, not mine.

A few minutes later, I sat next to Cutler, continuing to remind myself that he was off limits. Cutler gave me an odd look and asked, "What's wrong with you?" I avoided his eye and replied, "Wrong with me? Nothing is wrong with me at all. I kind of take offense to you saying that." I stared straight ahead of me, trying to resist looking at Cutler's body.

"Honestly, Jenna, do tell me what's going on. You're usually jumping all over me and now you won't even look at me," Cutler protested. I turned and finally decided to tell him the truth. Trying not to break down here, I murmured, "You don't belong to me anymore. You're Jane's. You love Jane more than me. I know you do. Stop denying it."

At my words, Cutler looked very shocked. Finally, he said without admitting or denying anything, "I do wonder how you know of Jane." Deciding that I might as well tell him, I shrugged and explained, "Ian told me about her. I can't say I wasn't suspicious after I say that picture of her anyways. It was clear from your eyes that you loved her."

"I didn't bed her if that's what you're asking," Cutler murmured, avoiding my gaze as well. I frowned and replied, "That's not what I'm asking. I'm just saying that if you want her, who am I to stop you?"
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