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Chapter 3

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Notes: I do not own Criminal Minds or any of its characters. For ranger_zenchi, Help Japan Auction.

Glancing at each other, Rossi, Reid, and Hotch dashed off towards the tech room. Morgan, Seaver, and Prentiss were all staring at Garcia (who apparently was the one who had screamed).

"What happened? What's wrong?" Hotch asked.

"I don't know!" Morgan said and Prentiss and Seaver just held up their hands. "What's wrong Baby Girl?"

"M-m-my extra pair of glasses is missing!"

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay, where was it last?" Hotch replied in a slightly annoyed tone.

"It was right there!" Penelope gestured to one of her desks. "And then when I turned around it was gone!"

"Well, it has to be here somewhere." Morgan placed a hand on Garcia's shoulder.

"No!" She snapped, agitated that they weren't listening. "I mean, it was right there only a moment ago and now it's gone!"

"We're not going to find it unless we look." Morgan soothed. "I'm sure it'll turn up."

"But what if it was taken by the kl-kl-kleptomaniac?" Penelope replied, whispering the last word.

The team exchanged glances. "If it was then we'll find it, too." Prentiss assured her.

Penelope looked slightly mollified. "Will you guys help me look?"
"Of course." Seaver answered immediately, and then glanced at the team who each nodded.

The team started searching but, because of the small size of the room, not all of them could fit comfortably in there; it wasn't too long before Rossi, Reid, and Hotch returned to their places back in the Bull Pen.

"Okay," Hotch sighed. "I think people will get suspicious if we're all just sitting around. So Reid, you can read or take notes; Rossi, you can bring some paperwork down here and I'll look over it."

"How come he gets the easy job?" Rossi complained.

"Because I happen to know that he's got all his paperwork done while you're a chronic procrastinator." Hotch smirked.

Rossi held up his hands, "No need to get personal!" and he headed up stairs. He had only been gone five minutes when his office door slammed open and he came storming out to the edge of the railing. "OKAY!" He shouted, causing everyone in the Bull Pen to look up. "WHO TOOK IT?"
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