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Chapter Six.

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About half an hour into the Westlife CD, Mikey turned the radio down and adjusted the rear-view mirror so he could see us. "Frank, we're gonna take you to our place first so you can sleep properly for a night or two before you go searching for your grandma okay?" Mikey asked me, and I nodded sleepily at him.

"Now, time for Mikey's House Rules, and Gerard, this applies to you too, seeing as you're going to be staying with me as well. Rule number one; nobody touches the coffee machine unless I am in the room, because, seriously, it's my baby. Rule number two; you guys will clean up after yourselves, because I don't want my place getting messy," Mikey lectured.

"Mikey, your place already looks like a shithole," Ray interrupted, grinning at him.

"Shut up, Ray. I'm talking, and it's rude to interrupt people. Don't make me kick you out of the car. So, anyway, rule number three; and this rule just applies to Frank, because I know Gerard likes to sleep just as much as me, do not wake me up, under any circumstances, before ten. And finally, rule number four; there will be no buttsex on the couch. None. Whatsoever. I don't care how horny you guys are, you can walk the fourteen steps to the spare room. And if I do catch you to going at it like rabbits on my couch, I will feed you to Bob," Mikey announced seriously.

Gerard stared at his brother for a moment before stating, "Bob is always on my side during arguments, and you know it, so I'd like to see you try to make him eat me." He didn't even deny that we'd have sex. I sent Gerard a panicked look, but he was too busy smirking at Mikey to notice.

"Fine, you make a good point there. But I'd like a warning if anything is about to happen, so I can at least go to Ray's place or something. Poor Frankie. He looks like he just saw the Queen of England's boobs," Mikey stated, grinning at me.

"Ew. Really, Mikey? We really don't need to know about your weird fantasies," I shot back, sticking my tongue out.

"Now, I'm sure that the queen is a very attractive women, but she just isn't my type," Mikey said indignantly, he was smiling though.

Gerard was full-out giggling at us now. "You're definitely gonna fit in, Frankie," he whispered to me, smiling. I smiled back at me, and my stomach did flip-flops.

After another painful half hour of Mikey belting out Westlife songs, we pulled into a driveway and got out of the car. "Jeez, Mikes, you changed the place," Gerard said, staring up at it.

"Eh, I just thought it would look better painted purple, you know?" Mikey said excitedly, opening the door. We all walked in, and Ray got us Cokes from the fridge. I noticed it was stocked with a lot of red bull, which was not a good thing, because if Mikey was this hyped up now, he'd be horrifying on red bull. We all went to the lounge. Ray and Mikey sat on two chairs, leaving one chair, and me and Gerard standing. "We can share!" Gerard exclaimed as if he had the answer to world peace and jumped onto the chair, patting his lap.

I rolled my eyes and sat down on him, noticing Ray and Mikey wiggling their eyebrows at each other. "What?" I asked, making a face at them.

"It's been a while since Gerard has acted like this around someone, Frankie-dear. You should feel special," Mikey winked at me and chugged his coke, and Ray nodded in agreement. I turned to look at Gerard, who was tomato-red, and smiled at him. It made me happy to know that.

Ray stared intently at Gerard and Gerard shrugged at him. "So, are you going to tell us why you're back here?" Ray asked bluntly. "Uh, not that it's a bad thing or anything, you just weren't due back for two months."

Gerard shifted for a second and avoided eye contact. "Quinn just isn't who he used to be. He's changed a lot, tried to make me have vodka," Gerard said quietly.

"Oh, shit! You didn't, right?" Mikey asked, seeming solemn, which was weird for him.

"Of course I didn't. I wouldn't. I'm not stupid. I just knew I had to get out of there, so I did," Gerard told Mikey. I was confused, and feeling pretty out of the loop, but it seemed like a private matter, so I didn't ask what it was about, it just wasn't right.

Mikey just nodded at Gerard and turned on the TV, before popping a power puff girls DVD in.

"Micheal James Way!"

"Yes, Gerard Arthur Way?"

"You had the power puff girls on DVD, but you insisted on watching a marathon on TV?"

"It just seemed better that way, okay? Like, more real and stuff."

"I cannot believe we're related."

"I love you too, oh-lovely brother of mine."
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