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Chapter Nine.

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Ray trudged back out of the room. We were still on the floor, and Gerard was still lying on top of me. After about five minutes of silence, with me and Gerard just lying sleepily, Mikey shifted awkwardly.

"I'm going to go spy on Ray," he announced in a whisper, getting up and skipping out of the room.

"Hey, Frank? When are you planning on seeing your grandmother?" Gerard asked softly. Shit. I know this sounds really bad, but I had forgotten about that.

"Um, I'm not sure. Tomorrow, maybe? If you can drive me there?" I asked hopefully, looking up at him.

"Sure, no problem, Frankie. You know what?" Gerard said, brushing my hair out of my eyes.


"You're really damn pretty," he whispered, staring into my eyes. I felt my face fill with warmth, and I couldn't help the small smile that found its way onto my face. Gerard smiled back at me and leaned down to kiss me. Our lips moved together slowly, and Gerard's tongue swiped over my lower lip, asking for entrance. I sighed into the kiss and opened my mouth, letting him in. My tongue rubbed against his gently. I drew my hand up, into his hair, and pulled him closer. He moaned contentedly, his hands running over my sides before slipping under the hem of my shirt, caressing my skin.

"Hey, you gu- EW!"

Gerard jumped off of me and helped me to my feet. We both looked at Mikey, smiling sheepishly. Mikey had a horrified look on his face, and Ray and the guy who I assumed to be Bobbert were standing behind him, giving the thumbs up sign behind his back.

"Just because I said no buttsex on the couch does not mean the floor is an option!" Mikey lectured, pointing an accusing finger at us.

"There's a difference between sex and making out, Mikey," Gerard stated, cocking an eyebrow.

"Yeah, but one thing totally leads to another! We certainly don't need Frank falling pregnant!" Mikey said, throwing his arms in the air. Wait, what? How the fuck was I going to fall pregnant?

"Mikey, M-pregs aren't real," Gerard told his brother.

"Psht. What the fuck is 'm-preg'?" Mikey asked, avoiding Gerard's gaze.

"Don't play stupid, I know you've been reading Rydon m-preg stories. I checked your browsing history the other day," Gerard smirked.

"That's just rude, Gerard. You have no manners," Mikey ranted before stomping out of the lounge.

Sometimes I worried about Mikey. This was definitely one of those times. Ray coughed and gestured towards the other guy.

"This is Bob," Ray announced. Oh. So his name wasn't as weird after all. Bummer.

"This here is Frankie," Gerard told Bob, wrapping an arm around me. I grinned at Bob and slipped my arm around Gerard's waist.

"Nice to meetcha, Frankie," Bob said to me, holding out his hand for me to shake. I slipped away from Gerard and stepped towards Bob.

"Nuh-uh, I'm a hugger," I told him, pushing his hand away and throwing my arms around him. He stiffened in shock for a moment before laughing slightly and hugging me back.

"It's nice to meet you to, Bob," I said as I let him go, making my way back to Gerard's side.

"Now, care to tell me what's going on between the two of you?" Gerard asked, raising his brows at Ray and Bob. He sat himself down on the chair and pulled me down with him, so I was sitting on his lap. I sent him a quick smile before looking back at the other two.

They seated themselves on the floor, and Bob took Ray's hand. "We're officially dating," Ray said, blushing a little.

Suddenly, Mikey ran through the doorway squealing like a fangirl. "Yes! I knew it! Aw, you guys are so adorable! Can I plan your wedding?" Mikey screamed, still running around like a chipmunk on crack.

Ray, Bob, Gerard and I all stared at Mikey in silence before he shifted uncomfortably and sat down heavily on the floor.

"Anyway, how did you meet Gerard?" Bob asked me, changing the subject stealthily.

"Uh, the homophobes I call my parents kicked me out of the house when I told them I was gay. So I was hitching. Gerard happened to pick me up," I said, sighing happily when I felt Gerard's lips graze the back of my neck.

"You guys! We should totally watch The Hills Have Eyes! Oh, and that totally just rhymed!" Mikey exclaimed before Bob could reply to me. He jumped up and scrambled around on a desk. He eventually found the disk and stuck it into the DVD player.

Gerard and I made ourselves comfortable on the floor, Gerard lying on his back and me curled up by his side, my head on his chest. His heartbeat was steady and calming.

The menu screen flicked on and Mikey selected play. Creepy music filled the silence as the movie started.

The movie consisted of Gerard gasping, me squealing, Ray and Bob snoring, and Mikey giggling like a psychopath every time somebody got killed.

When the movie ended I was shaking slightly, looking around the room suspiciously. I didn't want anything jumping out at is. If something did, I would get Mikey to fight it, though. He would probably scare it away.

"Don't worry, Frankie. I'll keep you safe tonight," Gerard whispered to me, pecked me on the lips, grabbing a pillow from the couch and propping it under his head. Mikey jumped up and announced he was going to check the house for any sign of deformed people. I wondered how he could still be so energetic. It was, like, two thirty in the morning.

I fell asleep like that, snuggled into Gerard's side, my head resting on his chest and my legs entangled with his.

Chapter niiiine. :'D
I love writing Mikey in this fic. He's my favourite character in it, and it's a frerard fic. Odd, right? XD
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