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Chapter Eleven

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"What the fuck is going on?" Bob demanded sleepily, looking around the room. Ray ran behind me and tried to hide there. It was pretty much a bad idea, because Ray is fucking tall, and I'm not. So, Mikey gave Ray an 'Are you serious?' look, before hitting him over the head with the stick.

"No! Mikey! My hair!" Ray yelled, shielding his afro instead of his face. Bob stared at both of them for a while before standing up and walking out of the lounge, grumbling to himself.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp sting on my arm. When I looked down at it, there was a thin red mark. Mikey had obviously hit me by mistake. Fucker.

"Mikey fucking Way! You hit Frankie!" Gerard yelled, letting go of his hold on me and tackling his brother to the ground. Ray scrambled out of the door, not looking back once. Wimp.

I returned my amused gaze to the Way brothers. Mikey was laying on the ground, on his back, while Gerard was straddling him, holding Mikey's stick in his hand.

"Mikey, how many times have I told you not to play with sticks? Huh? They hurt," Gerard told his brother. He sounded like he was speaking to a ten-year old. Mikey stayed silent, pouting slightly.

"Apologise," Gerard said, poking Mikey in the chest with the stick.

"M'sorry, Frankie. It was Ray's fault," Mikey mumbled, glaring at his brother the whole time. When Gerard got off of him, Mikey got up with dignity and flounced out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

"Sorry about that, Frankie. Mikey can be a bit much sometimes," Gerard said sheepishly, taking hold of my arm and examining it. It looked okay now, the red mark had disappeared.

"It's okay, seriously. He's a funny fucker," I told Gerard, giggling.

"Good," Gerard said, wrapping me in a hug. I slipped my arms around him, too, and he giggled when I slid my arms down so my hands were resting on his ass.

"As much as I would love to just stay here with you all day, we've gotta go see if we can find your grandmother," Gerard stated, but he didn't release me from the hug.

"I know," I said, and the words sounded slightly whiny, even to me. Gerard still didn't let me go.

"Gee. If we're gonna go now, you kind of have to let go of me," I told him, snickering. He reluctantly released me, and I took a step back.

"Okay, I'm gonna go shower quickly, and you should get dressed. Then we'll go," Gerard said, brushing my hair out of my eyes before walking to the door. As he turned the doorknob, I heard muffled whispering on the other side. When Gerard opened the door, Mikey, Ray and Bob all fell into the room. They all stood up quickly.

I raised my eyebrow at them, and Gerard just shook his head before walking away.

"We weren't eavesdropping. We were just chillin' by the door," Mikey told me, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Right. That totally makes sense," I said to him, grinning.

"Ray and I have to go," Bob said to Mikey and me. Mikey tutted.

"Fine. Leave us. Go and have buttsex up against Ray's wall," Mikey said, patting Ray and Bob on their shoulders and ushering them to the front door. Once they left, Mikey came back into the lounge.

"So, Franklin, you and my brother have a thing now, hmm?" Mikey asked, as I took a seat on one of the chairs.

"Um, yeah," I said, because, really? It wasn't obvious?

"Well, just so you know, Gerard is fragile, even if he doesn't seem it. Don't hurt him. If you hurt him, karma will bite you in the ass. And not in the good way. You'll fall off a cliff, into freezing water, get raped by a shark and then get eaten by the very same shark," Mikey warned. Then he smiled sweetly at me, tapped me on the nose and skipped out of the room.

I couldn't help but laugh at him. He was ridiculous. I got up with a sigh and made my way to the spare room. Just as I entered, another door in the room opened, and steam poured out of it. Gerard walked out of the steam, with nothing on but a white towel around his hips. And holy shit. Yes fucking please. I stared in silence at Gerard for about two minutes. Yes, I am aware of how lame I am. But you wouldn't remember how to speak either, if you saw Gerard Way in just a towel.

Eventually, Gerard cleared his throat and asked if I was okay.

"Uh, yeah. Of course. Why wouldn't I be?" I rambled, my face heating up. Gerard just giggled at me and dropped the towel. He dropped the fucking towel. The towel wasn't the only thing that dropped; my jaw did too.

And goddamn it, I was half-hard.

"I'm just gonna go... change in the bathroom," I told him, grabbing my backpack and holding it in front of my crotch, trying not to look suspicious.

"Sure, Frankie," he said to me, and something about the way he smiled at me told me he had noticed my problem.

I sidled into the bathroom and rested my back against the wall. I had to think of disgusting things. Like naked old ladies dancing to country music, or Mikey eating a rodent.

Eventually, I calmed down, and I pulled on a fresh pair of jeans and a Black Flags shirt. I then attempted to brush my hair, but it seemed like one fucking strand was determined to stick up no matter what I did with it.

I pouted as I walked out of the bathroom. Gerard was lying on the bed, his head propped up on pillows and his right leg bent. He was wearing black jeans and a Day Of The Dead shirt which had "Mikey was here" written on it in permanent marker. I grinned at him as I put my backpack down on the floor.

Gerard beckoned me closer, and I walked up to the side of the bed. I may have yelped when his hands snaked to my hips and he pulled me on top of him.

Author's Note: Yeeaah, another chappie up. ^^, So, I have an idea for a fic that I might write once I'm finished the Frerard A to Z, but I'm not sure about it. Gerard goes to a figure-drawing class, and Frank is the nude model. Yes or no? :/

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