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The Jigsaw Pieces

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The Jigsaw Pieces find Mickey

Category: Humor - Rating: R - Genres: Humor, Parody - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-05-29 - Updated: 2006-05-30 - 166 words

In came seven Jigsaw Pieces.

"Who the fuck cleaned the fucking place up!?" growled Fucky?

"Who made dinner? It's smelly!" sniffed Smelly.

"Maybe the bitch who did this is upstairs!" said Bitchy. They all followed Bastard Fuck up to their room. They found Mickey in Wanker's bed.

"Why the hell is there a wanker in my bed!?" asked Wanker. (For those of you who have no idea what the hell a Wanker is, it's the Australian word for Asshole)

Ass Face farted in her face. Mickey woke up. "Eww! What the fuck smells like McKenna!?" gasped Mickey?!

"That would have been the whorey Ass Face, you bitch!" said Whore Bitch.

"Whoa! You guys are Jigsaw Pieces!" laughed Mickey.

"No fuck!" scoffed Fucky!

"What's your name, bitch?" asked Bitchy?

"Mickey White," said Mickey.

"What are you doing in a forest like this, huh, you bastardfuck?" asked Bastard Fuck?

"The evil Queen McKenna brought me here!" said Mickey.

"Well, you wanker, you can stay with us!" said Wanker.
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