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A Cry For Help

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"Gerard answered back in hysterics, I couldn’t understand a word he was saying."

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No more writers block! lol :D


Frankie please pick up... please I need you. I begged in my mind as I called his house for the fifth time. I knew he was home because it was about ten o’clock at night. No answer once again. Tears burned in my eyes as I slumped down onto my bed and sighed. I looked around my messy room, my best artwork was torn, ripped and all over the floor. My cigarette box was falling out of my torn schoolbag. I sighed and turned my gaze to the bedside table, there lay the blood stained blade.

I bit my lip as I grasped onto my wrist. Deciding wether or not I should slice my skin open and relieve the pain. I had ended up in the hospital the last time I cut and almost died from blood loss. I decided that I wouldn’t go too deep.

I shakily grabbed the blade, almost dropping it because my hand was shaking so hard. Deep down inside me I knew that this wasn’t the way to go, but I couldn’t help it. It was the only way I could relieve myself, the cancer sticks just weren’t enough.

I bit my lip hard as I sliced through the half healed cut. Blood poured from it instantly as it reopened. Tears rolled down my eyes. Why was this happening to me?


I sighed as the telephone rang for the fifth time. I knew it was Gerard. Who else would call me? I lay on my bed and pressed my face into a pillow, I screamed into it. I was so frustrated and sad and I just wished that Gerard wouldn’t fuck with me like this.

My mood suddenly changed and I found myself laughing. Laughing so hard I almost fell off the bed. I remembered the look on that fucker’s face as I knocked him unconscious. The blood pouring from his nose was the sight of victory. Hell, if I could take him down then anyone could!

The phone rang again. I sighed and decided to pick up the phone. “Hello?”

Gerard answered back in hysterics, I couldn’t understand a word he was saying.

“Gerard stop crying, calm down. What’s wrong, sweetie?” I asked him, changing my tone so he didn’t feel bad.

“Please....” More crying. “Come... now... please Frankie.” He hiccuped.

I started to panic but tried to keep my tone calm. “Okay Gee, I’ll be right there.”

I snuck out of the apartment and started to Gerard’s house. Stopping for a second and breaking into a run. There was a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something really bad happened. I ran as fast as I could through the cold night.

All of the lights at his house were out so I ran down the stairs that lead to the basement. I pulled it open and ran into Gerard’s room. I screamed. Gerard looked up with me, blood stained his tears and his whole wrist. Blood dripped down onto the hardwood floor. I rushed to his desk and grabbed the tissue box, tearing all of the tissues out and running over to him. I tried to dab up his blood as he cringed and sobbed.

“I’m sorry Frankie...” Gerard said through tears.

“It’s okay Gerard... its okay.” I responded and dabbed up the blood.

Fuck, it kept bleeding. What did he do to himself? As I dabbed up the last of the blood I saw the cut. I gasped, carved into his arm was my name.
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