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How cute

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"Fwankie." A small mikey yelled. "wet me in!" he yelled. He was too small to reach the door. "I can't." Frankie yelled back. Waaaaaa mikey cried. Then frank started crying because he had wet himself. "what now!" mrs.Iero yelled while coming up the stairs to Frankie and mikeys room. While coming up the stairs she had said."why did Donna way die." When she saw mikey he was screaming and crying saying."I'll make my unicorn huwt you.""Mikey!"she yelled. Sowwy he cried explaining how he wanted in three year old franks room.

As she opened the door mikey ran in and tripped over franks toy truck. "OWIE!!!" mikey cried. So she picked him up and put him in his bed. She craddled him softly. He stuck his thumb in his mouth and fell asleep. Then she walked over to frank and changed his dipper. Then he passed out.

Later that day it was time for Gerard to come home so she got the stroller and put sleepy mikey and frankie in it leaving one spot left for him. Then mikey and frank started crying like they knew what they wanted which was Gerard. "we want geward!"they said at the same time.

As they went up to his bus stop he soon arrived a couple of minuets later when mikey had said. "I made a poopie." she hurried up and put Gerard in and raced home pushing the stroller. As
soon as they got there she had changed his dipper.

Later that night Frankie was screaming."what is it Frankie I'm tiwerd!" a cranky Gerard yelled at Frankie. "I want you" he said. Okay he replied. As he climbed into franks crib. "I wove you." he told Frank as he hugged him he passed out and frank did the same. "I wove you too gewawd." Frank had told him back. So Gerard kissed franks forehead.
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