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Aren't they cute and all

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The next morning mrs.Iero found Gerard and Frankie in franks crib she thought it was cute and took a picture. Then she heard mikey say something and she found out he was sleep taking. Then he started coughing until he threw up and started crying. So she picked him up and gave him a bath. He had then peed and it went in his eye which made him cry again. She cleaned his eye and said. "my my you sure have bad luck." then she cleaned him up and put his cute blue shirt with a bear on it on him with baby blue overalls. He had found sun glasses and put them on. She giggled a bit and let him continue playing with toys.

Later that morning Gerard and Frank had woke up this time neither one of them cried. So she picked all three of them up and bright them to the bathroom making sure mikey had toys to play with wile she put Gerard and Frank in the tub together. And then the three of them were in matching outfits. They all laughed at themselves.

She brought them down stairs and fed them breakfast it was 9:26 a.m. Then she brought them upstairs into a play room she made when she had Frankie. That was all three of their favorite rooms. "fwankie!"Mikey yelled accrossed the room. "NOOOOO!!!" Frankie yelled back. Waaaaaaaaa. Mikey started to cry as Frank tried not to listen.
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